How to Use A G Pen – by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and Grenco Science present a how-to video to show you how to use your Snoop Dogg Double G Series Herbal tank pen
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Goddess Usako says:

If I had watched this with him explaining how to use it, I would have bought one a long time ago. I’ve had multiple smoke shop workers totally jack up the explanation and not say it was for dry herb vaping

low spec says:

WOW immana buy this


I was looking for a japanese g-pen, a drawing tool, and I ended up here, WTF? XD lol

GABOO T says:


Gladson Batista says:

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427 613 says:

I thought it was all about the zig-zag smoke

amusedaaron123 says:

snoop a g lol

rachid dublo says:

Hey snoop you should try to vape cannabis concentrate
you can find it here:

bang bang says:

Shitty ass G pen

Hyper Thermo says:

“dry herbs” im pretty sure thats weed lmao

Ben German says:

Does the smoke that comes out of the pen smell like weed though ?

Gabriel Lajara says:

I thout this was a regular pen

lunaticz0r says:

fuck the GPEN. bought one and it didnt work, couldnt refund either cus the shop was fucking far away

SpiderPig150 says:

Upmost respect for snoop but this product is rubbish

Val Kush says:

Love snoop & all but will all respect isn’t really worth it doesn’t work that well

Graciela Rivera says:

Fuck yeah steelers for life

antonio vargas says:

Bro leave it to snoop to give me the answers I want to hear

Madd Dogg Reviews says:

and thesee nuts got me dead lmfao

Randy Martolph says:


hustle hard my g says:

Ive heard this is no vape…. what vape would you guys recommend for microdosing

Zlatko Borisov says:

snop sed red bat it was blu

davey blair says:

Snoop shame on u this is shit

Frederick Röders says:

I like Snoop, but dont buy this. These G pens are known for combusting your material and melting some of the plastic parts.
A vape is not supposed to combust your weed, and certainly not melt or offgass any of its parts..

S A V A G E says:

snoop D O DOUBLE G

L Holley says:

G pen is cheaply made. won’t hit properly. ONLY use twice before throwing it away. I spent more time trying to get the pen to light. the wire and coil sucks!!

Sergio Gomez says:

Idk if there’s a problem with mine but this shit doesn’t work the bud gets stuck all the time and I have to scrape it plus the battery only goes for about 20 minutes after a 3 hour charge I deeply regret buying this crap I rather go back to rolling joints and blunts

Tony Mind says:

I was just loading herb as snoop dog told me… Same color… Same color. Same flavor.. Just pure herb making me happy 😀

Ms Iam Everythang says:

I’m just here for the comments

Emrys Jay says:

please nobody buy their products they NOT safe.

Abimael Hernandez says:

Could I put an oil cartridge instead of the weed holding thing? Asking for a friend…. lmaoo

Starla Velda says:

Instructions from the Avasva site are perfect for beginners.

Blinding 'Light says:

so is it just for dry herb? or can you put concentrates in it?

india madison says:

I brought this g pen but I was wondering can I load this pen with a e liquid vaporizer

Woo Woo says:

This seems like so much to do lol

Meister Kaos says:

895 suburban white moms who want to speak to the manager disliked this video.

IshaBoyTV says:

As long as its not on an open flame them its not combustion. It may be on a heating coil, but its not as hot as an open flame. So its heating at a lower temperature and retaining the thc without the carcinogens from burning it on fire. I got that info from a video in the suggested videos. The discovery channel vid that says vaping vs smoking

Captain Ron says:

Snoop Dogg’s the best! “You should wait 30 seconds but…. fuck it… just do what you want”.. Gotta love it…. Don’t ever stop Dogg….

Kevin Pearson says:

If you guys want a quality vape use pax 3. Buy off geek for like 60 some odd bucks and enjoy a real vapor product…

Tony Mind says:

I thought it was a piece of crapp, but I realized you need to do exactly as snoop says. Charge it, load it half way up.. Blend it smooth. Press 5 times. Heat herb(because it’s not burning before oxygen gets in through tiny holes), tiny holes are for economy. When you feel hit release button but keep inhaling.. Congrats you have 5hits total. Stir it up and do the last two. If you pull too hard you get annoyed.. Don’t make the coil wet. Also make sure screws are not touching to short circuit it… Happy vapin 🙂

Bill Bander says:

Complete garbage don’t buy it.

Rita Ribs says:

Snoop Dogg knows how to license his name and mack it out. True pimp, born Cordozar Calvin Broadus name was not pimpable, but Snoop Dogg was actually called Snoopy as a child by his parents, hence….SNOOP. He has licensed his name to products, produced porn under various aliases, hosted games shows, Musician, Actor, Television producer, Film Producer, Rapper, Film Score Composer, Screenwriter, Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Voice Actor, and done over 10 albums since 1997. Said to be worth 135 million, more or less, name should be Mack Daddy, for the millions he has generated, not only for himself, but many others! Giddy up!

JaH Chlastafari says:

izi money bitch ^^

News Vev says:

You can vape weeeeeed!!!!

Ben German says:

Does the smoke that comes out of the pen smell like weed though ?

John McLachlan says:

I found the pen awesome and feel like I’ve wasted heaps of good weed smoking it. As for smoking chrome, I think the third degree burns you’d get when you got the chrome hot enough to smoke infinitely worse than the clinical effects 😛

davey blair says:

How come bruthas always look like they shoot Heroin after smoking?

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