Hello buds!

Thank you for watching this review. I am actually really excited about Farm to Vape! I have so many empty cartridges that I will be able to fill up now! I definitely recommend this for people who like to vape their wax – the flavor it adds is boommmbbb and it is a super easy process.

Check out Farm to Vape:

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AJI DJI says:

modern day cartridge trap game in full session

Will Roderick says:

mac got dat booty hehe so nice, wish she could sit on me face

Mackenzie Wright says:

I feel like with this you could also add cbd to it if your wax is lacking in that… so you could get your meds to the perfect dosage for you

Andrew Allen says:

your almost at 200k subscribers wooo!!

yoli moon says:

I like how you said your room smelled like strawberries…u can easily fool others into thinking you’re hitting something legal in public when you’re in an illegal state. And i like how u kept one gram to dab… I’m a fan of both.

DrPsychOOooOo says:

I bet it gets 2 hot and the thc is gone… proof me wrong

GeneralBoo says:

Your dog is stoned AF.

phaggot says:

R u pregnant

Rob CLtv says:

Good shit! Clearly we’re thinking a like lately, we’re working on a similar tutorial over at Cannabis Lifestyle TV. Stay lifted guys✌

Olivia M says:

Did u and Aron break up??

dicksinyourbutt says:

If you dont want flavor use the same process with food grade propylene glycol (pg)

Cabo San Lucas Antifa says:

The Thinner tastes like frickin Meth. So pissed

Astrid Juarez says:

I was just looking up videos on this earlier today, LOVE YA MACDIZZLE

Roberto says:

I love your videos mac!!!

Ruby Moorman says:

With all due respect, not good for any animals be around THC, unfortunately I learned the hard way… Great video & toke that smoke, smiles…

Shelby Close says:

Could you try out the instant blunt roller???

Park Rubi says:

Your dog is so freakin cute~♡

Rail Usypov says:

ого какая красавиться девушка мичты выходи за меня))))

Alexa Panetti says:

what vape/pen was Mac using?

Frisch Regen says:

how do you keep your eyes not red¿?

chocolatewheelchair says:

Why would anyone do this if they already had stable concentrates, Mac? I don’t get it.

Colton Price says:

Is there anyway to do this without the kit?!

Laquise Stanley says:

I wanna try this sounds really cool. Love ya Mac ❤

Chickenphiley LP says:


Izzy Torres says:

right when I needed this… god has given me this video…. amen

Alexia Rose says:

What vape pen are you using?

Mercedes Henesy Benz Otheirmeyer says:

Have u heard somethin truffle butter called “How Many Times”?

paul hayes says:

10/10 ! 🙂

colin joe says:

ohh my glob …. gotta try

auston mccullough says:

That’s dope, stay lit mac

That One Hippie Chick says:


Joshua Menard says:

Buy them where they come together.

Gilbert Gutierrez says:

What if i dont want a vape flavor???

kyle says:

You are too gorgeous;)!

Joshua Menard says:

Damn, I know your house is always happy. You can come visit me anytime.

Kimberly Lindner says:

What kind of pen are you using?

Chelsea Wehrly says:

wow that was super easy!

High Country Stoner says:

That’s pretty cool Mac

tutie says:

wish there was a place that would ship wax to a non-legal state….hint hint 🙂

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