*HOW TO SPOT A fake/bad CARTRIDGE* (king Pen review)

Hey guys I just wanted to make this video so I can warn you about my experience and I dont want that to happen to you when comes to cartridges and what people can put in there so just want everyone to be careful and take caution.
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mik yyy says:

What’s even more sad is the bum ass mfs who sell you this shit. That’s the black market for you.

Paramvir Sidhu says:

Lool thicker is stronger u dumb bitch

mike awtrey says:

Damn girl u FINE…!!!!

LittleAsianBoy8 says:

ur kingpen fake asl

Andrew T says:

fake. my kp oil is much clearer and the bubble moves kinda quick but i think kp is really ass. try stiiizy theyre the best

Tyler Robertson says:

That is shatter mixed with gmo oil or somethin like that that’s all I’ve seen some like that they just didnt mix them right that’s all

Kylie Hughes says:

the fake companies don’t have the correct stuff to make the oil thinner so all the fake carts are gonna have thick oil. Could be filled with pesticides due to the fact that they don’t have to be lab tested. Could be anything really. Do notttt smoke dat shit

Ethos TV says:

i pay 10 for the real versions of those and 30 for any other full g cart fuck your dealers

Swervo-K says:

its honey the gave you a honey cart

Maurivio P8 says:

It’s butane and coconut oil

Luis Garcia says:

Fuck all this synthetic new generation crap. Just smoke herb like a normal human being.

Jesus Dominguez says:

The one you got was a half gram cartridge and whoever sold it to you cutt that hoe if your bottle wasn’t sealed it ain’t real smh

Josh T says:

They put to much wax in it

Jay O says:

That’s a obvious fake they come in boxes

Nate Dog Vapes says:

Hey was sup mane dropping some love mane keep doing your thing mane much love and respect mane aloha!

Orlan Garwood says:

Kingpen carts have their logo on the glass

Joe Shmoe says:

in florida we always be smoking them fake shits lmao

emmyliano ocha says:

bro i litterly smoked almost a whole cart of this and it didnt even get me high it would give a bad headache and it was just trash

KaMpLeX MaFiA Zombie says:

Hold up u said $50 fucking dollars whoever sold that shit to you fucked you over so hard I can get 2 real king pens for 40 bucks

Vexhie says:

Im sorry but the girls are always getting fucked over

Josiah Yanes says:

Lighter makes your life easier

Justinツ says:

We got the same pens

BGE Shang says:

Damn girl 50

Londale says:


Corey B says:

My guess is they didn’t winterize it.

ruben flores says:

Looks good to me.

LittleAsianBoy8 says:

someone melted shatter lmao

Braydon says:

Just use a refillable pen buy a gram of shatter save ur money and lungs

Gamer 411 says:

That is not kingpen its liquified home made shatter

J Mute says:

Don’t buy from the streets, only at your local dispensary, because everybody sticks a bunch of crap into “making it better” and who knows what it is

D says:

Its like distillate from bho. Its worse when it moves fast actual. But it doesnt look right, i think the reason it looks like that is theres pgvg in there and it vapes unevenly. Thats a weird fake. The fakes ive seen are actually passable but still its not a real kingpen. But its in a sealed box with a tube AND a very convincing logo. But when i had the old real half grams i noticed the strain was always on the mouthpiece tip. Now its just a fancy card-style King logo on the cart. Mine is the opposite and moves too fast

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