Heavy Hitters Cold Filtered Cartridge Unboxing & Review //Heavy Hitters Quattro

Heavy Hitters Cold Filtered Cartridge Unboxing & Review //Heavy Hitters Quattro

Overall good vape cartridge.

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Ages 18+


duded94 says:

I like the late night vibes those dabs look good as hell

Smack Goofs says:

Can you order them online and get them delivered to you, or do you have to go get them at a dispensary?

thatassdoe 9 says:

You from San Gabriel Valley ?

iSmokeHerbs710 says:

f you enjoyed the video and would like to help out the channel, feel free to check this out

Jimmy johns says:

Try rove ape dank feels so good at the beach and in the sun I Remember that cart feeling good in the sun for some reason lol

Robert hamilton says:

can we purchase this vape oil anywhere online?

deadmanw@lk1ng says:

That set up is slick and sweet bro. Good vid

Jadazhe Polar says:

do a select cartridge review. dey got 90 thc and hit da hardest

Landon Losey says:

damn you look retarded

XX FunNation XX says:

And i had to sub you cool af

Manaen Brown says:

What battery is that

Shawn Fahoum says:

Stizzy way better than heavy hitters, them bitches put terpines and shit

Ronald Glasper says:

Get wedding cake. It really taste like cake

Victor Gonzalez says:

Where can I get that battery?

Dick Long says:

Did someone say peanut butter? Love ur shit.

Derrod Walker says:

How muxh is your batteries

Chase Kilaba says:

What were you smoking in the beginning

The Bloop Sound says:

You can smooth drop your cartridge on the floor and break it too.

ChArLiE BeAtZ says:

I was blazing with you on a similar pen.
..then it died..

Señor Pickle says:

Can somebody please tell me what cold cartridge mean? Will it hit you harder or not as hard? What specifically is different

IamEmpress S says:

Wudup OG!
You gotta Roll a Joint for us Now!

Anthony Yazzie says:

U chill asf dude

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love your video

TheOmega099 says:

I’m high right now off of The Heavy Hitters Malibu OG and Northern Lights both of them great definitely recommend you pick them up at your local dispensary

Eastbound Santino says:

I rock with this chinito foo he’s chill as fuck

Mr. SparkzAlot 420 says:


Hunter Dorsey says:

Improve the lighting bro

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