I attempt to destroy this half gram cartridge. Shout out to LAKUSH for this awesome product.

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Jayy Lovely says:

Anybody from the bay area in the comments? And go to flavor i would say is OG premium its indica. Stativa wise skywalker will have u stoned as hell.


I’m 13 and I went to go get my friend cuz he had a wax pen and we got faded off 3 hits each and we proceeded to pour the rest of the wax onto my friends nug and we made a moonrock and we ate a lot of popcorn and cornflakes

Enrique Garcia says:

What battery brand is that??

Mr Slumperz says:

How much was the cartridge and do they ship cause I need me a cartridge rn. I mostly fuck wit heavy hitter carts. Try Diablo OG

Mikey Angelo says:

I got some gelato and jilly bean

demonicsonic says:

Does dabs feel like how your tolerance was first time trying weed basically? I’ve seen people trip out

Kill Shit says:

I woulda killed it no problem

Alexis Herrera says:

I have those head phones, they dope af

Press Play says:

I used the exotic carts they make me cough like a muthafucker potent

GamePlayNHD says:

High off of 2 hits lol

NatureBoyVision says:

Massachusetts strong gas type shit here

Genix 2greedy says:

hahahahahaha youre one funny ass motherfucker !!!!!!!!!!

Andre'a Kirkpatrick says:

I’m from Illinois and I don’t vape put I have smoked weed before it wasn’t the regular one…lol

edc cutting edge says:

Yoooooo I got the same head phones

Jesus Rodriguez says:

I smoked 99% thc and I didn’t get high till the cartridge was almost done you weak

The Purple Robloxian says:

i have a full gram supreme melon og – indica 96% thc, and supreme sunset sherbert – hybrid 98% thc.

HI213SAVAGE says:

I my want some

HI213SAVAGE says:

Yo what e juice is that again

Erik Garcia says:

Is that rice gum

Miracles_1_world says:

On god I be high asf just laughing

Skipboso4 says:

“This is an award winning strain, it’s L. O. G. “ lmaooooo that’s pronounced log

Uchiha Sad Boys says:

I finish mine either 4 or 5 days

Kevin Flores says:

From El Monte fan, usually kicking it around SGV hmu to kick it !!!

Christian says:

10:09 has me dead lmaoo

Andrew Gonzz says:

What exactly is the pen name

Mr.Incognito AKA Ya Boii In SiliconValley says:

After the 14th hit ur boy was on mute

Derrick J says:

Skywalker O.G

survival pup says:

Wee boy thinking he is a gangster….its oil m8

alex2500ify says:

I havent try vaping vefore I mean I have Vape nicotine no this, I have to get one soon.

White Boi Kriss says:

My last cartridge was 1 gram of 91% THC grape flavor

dragon10168 says:

From Minnesota smokin those good Cali carts

Geni Varaku says:

Since when do kids think they doing a big thing with this?

enriquez Damian says:

N brass knuckles

_ Xds4325 _ says:

I took a 91 %

enriquez Damian says:

My favorite carts are lak flight farm n stiiizy

carlotta kirkpatrick says:


Hunter Deignan says:

i took 30 hits off of a 1g 91% thc cartridge and zeroed all the hits

Aidchade says:

supreme carts are poppin in chicago rn

WorldWideGamingX says:

I would have died

Chance Newman says:

Anyone else high as shit watching this

GABE says:

You look baked.

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