Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

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Max reviews the Grasshopper vaporizer, possibly the most discreet dry herb vaporizer on the market right now.

If you’re after a stealthy and effective vaporizer, then the Grasshopper is for you. Its extremely small size, stealthy pen design and awesome vapour production makes the Grasshopper vaporizer a standout in the industry.

Watch our review for a full breakdown of the Grasshopper’s pros and cons.

At Australian Vaporizers we care about quality and want you to make the most informed decision possible. Please keep in mind that all reviews are based purely on our personal opinions and anecdotal experiences, as well as those of the many customers we interact with on a daily basis.

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jerrold mcdowell says:

I love mine best portable period

theedmanHD says:

the ticking sound is how it got its name

Gilbert Blanco says:

I hope the titanium chasis version helps out with cooling. Great content guys!

Daniel Hathaway says:

the best way to keep it cool is to shut it off half way through the drag.. I am very happy with my grasshopper

KB CHEF says:

What’s the price?

Tyler Mestek says:

My dude you only loaded three stems

Wayne Sanford says:

where to boy in ontario canada

Bombay Sapphire says:

please review the davinci iq!!!!!! and keep up the great work

MASS Aquariums says:

I’m liking it for an on the go Vape. What’s your thoughts or what do you recommend for just sitting at home watching TV Vaporizer

Eric Shim says:

keep up the good work man you are the future brother

AznKILLER says:

Turns of after 15 seconds . Sounds fun rofl nty

Steve Blount says:

Cue the grawss hawpahhh

omgmmm3 says:

Mouthpiece can be disassembled. you can use tweezers (with a tapered or angled edge) to twist it out (it’s screwed in). However, it is difficult to do and also difficult to put back in. I’ve been doing iso soaks on my mouthpiece for about 9 months now (no need to take it apart or replace it IMHO). I’ve had 4 heaters (body’s) break on me but having said that I didn’t know you were supposed to turn it off after each draw (they only advised their customers a week ago via email). their customer service is great though. It’s a great device but my batteries are starting to get worse after time… and now they just released the GHB2 (i guess version 2).

theinternetsurfingguitarist says:

How does it compare to the arizer air?

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