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Jhfly – thoughts, feelings, concerns EP


Confidential OG says:

Gigawax not giveaway lmao I’m high

Anthony Martinez says:

You’re a bum bro. Begging for money on snap every time you’re dry. Get a job.

Robillions says:

you’re a bitch for blocking me on snap

Ku Sh says:

Quinn, Mac, Sammy, Shane, Johnny Hotbox

Jorge Duarte says:


karma leglass says:

looks like yall joining the groovment…thats awesome.

Dylan Harmon says:

Well I know another thing on my bucket list have a smoke sesh with groovymac

Nate Jacobs says:

What smoke shop in Dallas did you work at

samuel bingham says:

Fuck yea, dabbinmac710

Gabriel Eguia says:

You kive in dallas bro?

King rootoo says:

Great vid

bob smith says:

if you don’t do something with that thick ass welding torch lol

Samuel Carley says:

Ya boy wasn’t in the groov today lmao no torch, ufo and that glass bruh

BDubs Gaming101 says:

KEEP THE VIDEOS COMIN!!They dope,one a day!

Luke Alswin says:

Can you put flower in it???

Eve Diaz says:

Crush <3

Third High Productions says:

come through to my dispensary i’ll dab you out fat

Void H1z1 says:

Bro do vlogs

maddashometown says:

Thats crazy you had to make another channel groovy!! I am a long time subscriber… all that hard work… you a true hustler!

Felix Rosario says:

just came from your snap…you back on ur simp shit smh

Syfi Gibson says:

mac man what’s good bro

Dimes slimes says:

good vid

Tony Soto says:

Dam pass some homie

Anderson Guadagno says:

Bro, what happened to Girl Scout Cookies? That was like, your favorite strain!

Romen Roque says:

I love your vids bro

710Globskis says:

been there & done that with a jar for a carb cap, youre not alone my friend

Jimmy Bag of Doobies says:

Pop a xan

Scooter Hangbird says:

bro if you started to do some fortnite streaming thatd be dope, u obvi a beast at the game and i think itd be live if you were chillin with the community smoking up while getting some dubs. just a thought, stay groovy, groovy.

NoworriesmZ says:

you want me to make you some art for your bathroom lmao?

sketchy vlogs says:


Arron Talbot says:

Love your vids keep it up

Nate one says:

Your new videos seem a little better i didn’t really like your old ones it didn’t seem like you were being yourself. It seems like you settled into your videos

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