FlowerMate Hybrid X Vaporizer (Dry Herb, Wax & eCig Tanks): Blazin’ Gear Review

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Welcome to Blazin’ Gear Reviews, today we are reviewing the new Hybrid X from Flowermate with Dry Herb, Wax and 510 ecig and mod tank compatibility.

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Noah Vandermost says:

Where can I buy this?

Mika Tarkela says:

I didnt get any vapor at 215c so I guess I need to go full on..

Mars Ishmukhametov says:

я тебя панимаю

Karl Enero says:

Please do a review on the flowermate v7.0s !!!


currently ripped at this moment

Mika Tarkela says:

Is the highest temperature still good to go with herbs? So it doesn’t burn anything?

Tyler Johnson says:

I like that. All the attachments lol

Thomas Syxe says:

looks great, indeed though the pods look like they could be cucumbersome, as for the wax, maybe you put too much ? I guess it would be hard to clean anyway..

badnews says:

1:52 “because no one here is a flaming homosexual”

Alyssa Maxwell says:

what oil did you use for the dank tank, can I use any CBD oil?

Wavy Vaporizers says:

I think the DUO by Vapedynamics is way better except the DUO max watts are 50 but it does nickel and titanium temperature controlled vaping as well as regular mod vaping along with the dry herb part. check my review on the DUO stay wavy ya

steamuser123 says:

stop over exposing the lighting

roger d says:

baked ruffly in my house lol

Tyler Randall says:

Question, how do you switch to Fahrenheit. Mine came defaulted in Celsius?


And I need one

Hector says:

the design of this is ridiculous. im sure it works just great but most people carry there vapes around in their pockets when their not using them and with tanks on both ends that seems like itd break pretty easily. what they should do is make a universal fitting that can accustom both the ecig tanks and herbal tanks and remove the double sided fittings.. just a thought

Thomas Claeys says:

How big is the battery? And how long does it last?

Rover der Waldläufer says:

too bad these 510 threaded cartridges with thc liquid arent sold in germany. in other words, we need legalisation over here. help us!


can i buy a vaporizer like this without having to worry about buying extra stuff every couple of months or so? like batteries or stuff like that

OG Fan says:

I might copp


Sup Matt n J.R. …great review. ..nice looking versatile fuggen pen…thx
Keep it lit n positive

Peace n Puff.

james bunt says:

if I buy one of these would it ship to Australia?

elementmanga says:

Wish I could get my vape I ordered from you guys about a month ago, all they did was take my money, highly disappointed

Caterina Esposito says:

Does anyone know if this vaporizer can be used with hash? In case of positive answer, is there any hash strongly reccomended to be used with the FlowerMate Hybrid?

Joshua McGuire says:

Awesome review as always bud! If someone had some questions about cannabis and various other elements added to it or with it could they hit you up?

Trevor R says:

been waiting for something like this forever

Brett Jolly says:

Sticking with my pax 2 but nice video

Marcelo Bastos says:

where u buy the hybrid X all I see is the normal hybrid!

Astrum Stellar says:

The way it combusted the dry herb was fantastic I wouldn’t use it for wax though like you said yourself

Live Soul says:

Eleaf istick power 100w does and looks the same, seventy bucks.

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