Evolve Dual Quartz Vaporizer Review

We review the Evolve by YoCan, a vaporizer for concentrates with a dual quartz atomizer for fatter and tastier tokes. Does the Evolve get you as high as the hype says? Find out in our review.

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devblazed says:

6:57 im dead! lol

Miles Cornwall says:

Good review man much love from Idaho, I want the vape because I normally use a G 420 C but the coils cost $25-40 bucks!! Shits expensive and not including the concentrate!!

Jericho Cornett says:

Don’t have one


this dude is crazy.. this pen rips for 40 $ @ a smoke shop

Nicholas Ibarra says:


Ian Cornell says:

find a adjustable battery

MrSiimC says:

Is the whole video sponsored by Evolve or just the beginning segment with small black vape?

Dr Gonzo says:

I just got this thing and it works fine, its for shatter and distillate not hash. It does need to be refilled more than I would like but for a taking hits and playing xbox it works great at the price. Just my opinion.

Spencer Sal says:

then use it with the ceramic coil.

nicki p says:

Hes adorible

alfonso Campos says:

woaaaaah ! WPD YOUR DOPE!

Aaron Wong says:

Huge hit to start it off i see haha.
I would like a new vape because by rig just broke

Heugh Jassman says:

The nyx is freaking amazing though. Been using it for a while and its perfect at 20w. Suck that the pens are a miss. What would you recommend? Something in pen form for concentrates only. Any price. Thanks

alvarado3435 says:

Would love to get in on the vape game.

Jesse Halley says:

I could definitely use this vape, I like the design and dual atomizer, plus it looks pretty sweet, a friend of mine got one and it actually hit like a champ. I use an e-go p.o.s. and this would definetly be an upgrade

Ganja Native says:

that comment displayed on the video was at 4 minutes and 20 seconds…Illuminati

Christopher Frederick says:

yo man you still full knowledge thanks I hope you pick me mangas I need a vape pen mine just broke

TakeAGnarBar says:

Everyone who touches this thing hates it lol 😛

Roberto Torres says:

Can you use a cartridge with just the battery

sandman says:

can I charge it by hooking it up to the computer, I got a green light on the charger no lights on the pen,  and its not heating up yet or turning on, how do I know its fully charged?

hmm mmm says:

I want this because I have a bunch of delicious oil but no way to use

HazyDazyStoner says:

I need it because all vapes matter bra. Luv ur show bra. I vape bra.

Andrew says:

You’re not using it correctly and you’re not even supposed to smoke hash with it. The reason why it’s blinking red is because it’s too hot. Only supposed to pack 1-3 decent size hits at a time. Yeah it might be tedious, but bro this thing milks if you know how to use it properly. Shit if I didn’t know how to use something correctly and thought I did, I would give it a 1/10 too. The people at my local smoke shop use it and these are guys that got that $$$

Patrick Rigol says:

Fucking fagget

jimmy truong says:

idk can i have pleeeee

Doug Davis says:

bought a pretty blue one. Thought I was just stupid, but then realized even with proper use, it’s not very handy. Use tiny dabs, about 3 “adult” hits and it’s gone. I found dab oil worked better in it – right from the syringe onto the coil(s) – great terp hit. Not so great for my favorite honeycomb/crumble type concentrates- Either turned to “caramel” after first heat, I had to swab out and reapply.

John Blaze says:

i need a vape for vegas to puff in tha casinos would u recomend prefill cartridges or tha yocan evolve? im a daily dabber with a high tolerence.

j en says:

that thing is a piece of crap.

waste of time and money. gets super hot and almost nothing comes out. why waste good money on dabs on a device like this which this review critiques perfectly.

got hi as fuck but it took 10 pulls to get smoke if at all.

AVOID at all costs.

happily my dispensary was kind enough to refund my $

for the cost of this pen i can be high for a week on my pipe and flowers and half a Q and waste nothing

Aprili Wiggins says:

I have asthma And i’m not able to use cigars. I need an alternative. Send it to me so I could see if its FOR me. Thx

Martin Rodriguez says:

I want the vape because the San Antonio SPURS are gunna win the 2016 NBA champion ship and I’ll take this pen down town with me when they win a puff big ol clouds

Mr Magoo says:

lol, its for wax not hash. and your video is very pretentious

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