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This is a review on the Ego G Vape Pen. This is a rock solid unit with a lot to love. Definitely one of the best values in the Vape Pen market.

1:11 Comparable Models
2:30 Components Of Unit
6:11 Heat Up Time
6:44 How To Use
9:17 Battery Life
10:45 Reliability Of Coil
12:41 Quality Of Vapour
13:08 Taste
14:55 Smell
15:53 Size Of Toke
18:54 Efficiancy
20:15 Overall Built
21:28 Final Thoughts

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You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Scout999 says:

Very helpful information . Just what I needed to complete my christmas shopping, Merry Christmas Old business and loan.

qqq says:

how do i clean the ceramic cup?

TS66 says:

would this work with hash?

Nasty Nate14 says:

Just your standard average meth pipe

Michael Murphy says:

Very informative and well put together presentation. Thank you.

Nikki Lewis says:

I just bought one today . And it dose not work at all . And I’m heated. 50$ for junk .complete junk. They better not say I can’t return it

Jordan Rodarte says:

my pen doesnt have any suction going through, ive made sure the air way was clean, battery is charged i cannot seem to inhale my smoke

Avian Tettis says:

i just brought this, can i use dry herb at all with this unit?,

Sean Nielson says:

it’s called the atomizer base

Domonique Golden says:

Hi, Is this the Ego T vape pen because I cannot find the Ego G vape pen anywhere. I want to buy it for my fiancé because she really wants it but I can’t find it.

MicrosoulV3 says:

can you smoke pressed keif in this? and if not, what do you recommend?

Gab3 S0lan0 says:

That little piece is just called a Base. The is a mouthpiece, a coil, a globe chamber, and a base. The base is what you did not know the name of

Akisha Hunt says:

Good review

ahmed hassan says:

great review!! very helpful

Mystic Blue says:

my question is how to fill it my older sister doesnt know how to fill hers ;-;

Nlivegold Live says:

does this have air flow? when you inhale?

Sorapis420 says:

180,000 tokes… I just don’t think that’s gonna be enough :p Lol soooo kidding

Dammy Sanni says:

Can I use candle wax

George Povey says:

could this work with bubble hash?


that.. ohhh that’s called a dinglehopper.. haha

Dawson Curry says:

Its called a atomizer and you should get a Dr Dabber and do review on that. Dr Dabber has never let me down ever and coils last over 3 months even with daily use. If i were u, i would consider buying a Dr Dabber i will never smoke off a different vaporizer ever again!

greg rod says:

My experience is not charging

Stephen Londa says:

Can rick simpson oil be vaped with that one too?

SilverLambda says:

It’s called a vape but I doesen’t actually have the health benefits of a real vape right? I mean it’s not vapor it’s just dab heating up and turning in to smoke. Please tell me if Im wrong, I just to get things straight haha

Melvin Mejia says:

Awesome video answered exactly what i wanted to know about the product

Kenzie Dawson says:

this has to be one of the best reviews on this globe. definitely worth 23:32 minutes of my time. I have the globe. it’s awesome

Captain Cartman says:

Ok so I have a Ego-T vape pen. Only had it for a few months now. Dunno If my coil is bad or not but when I try to vape… I press the button down and it doesn’t light up… after a few seconds it will blink blue 3 times.

When my atomizer is connected without the coil, I press the button and it stays blue like it normally would. When I screw the coil on it doesn’t work.

Is my coil done?


Rayan Khan says:

Haha Sneaky Pete reminds me of that time Steve was talking about Sneakypete on sourcefed

ratkarkass says:

does smoking like this get you stoned?

Flyin Mikey says:

OK, Wow..I’m comment 420… I’m tripping out because I got a similar one and it has tiny fibers building up inside the globe. Hold it up to the light and look close for tiny fibers(look clear). Mine has them everywhere and it’s almost new, less than 2 points of crumble through it. It has not been in my pocket or gotten dirty either. My lungs are probably jacked now and I feel like I need to keep clearing my throat/irritation. The 2 coils have some sort of fibers inside and I think they are breaking/burning apart. What are the fibers? I’m new to vaping and feel like I just killed myself by inhaling fibers. Most likely not reversible damage which leads to scaring, major problems and death.

Lord Smack says:

can I vape e-juice with this???

W4RD1N8ER says:

I bought a Stag vape pen exactly like that one identicle but it works good I have had it for two or more years now.

kskashe says:

that battery unit is good for the money but if you drop it hard enough or a few times, its toast. if i dropped mine, the head got loose after a while and would always pop off with the wires coming out dangling between the hanging parts. it would still work and i could just snug it back on, its actually not fastened by anything if it was like the model i had (these black or colored generic tube batteries are all almost the same). I got away with dropping it more than a few times, and the head unit i’d use was always plastic disposable cartridges so that would be fine. but finally i dropped it once too many and it could take it no more. Aspire is pricey but makes good, clean equipment

J R says:

looks like a meth pipe

The Exesplooshiner says:

these vapes look awesome. dont really get the whole making weed less natural with solvent the whole solvent extraction thing tho. might wanna give it a go

alphavortex1 says:

lol @ plastic wrap on volcano… now that’s thinking resale.

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