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The Dr. Dabber Switch is the first vaporizer to bring induction technology to the market. Induction provides for some unique advantages, the first one you’ll notice is the insane heat up time, around 5 seconds! The Switch is physically large and has a battery to match, lasting around 150 hits per charge. The device works for both concentrate and flower with it’s ceramic coated induction cups, and provides a great experience for concentrate and a unique experience for dry herb. This device is going to be ideal for someone who likes to smoke and dab, but how will it work for vaporizer purists? Join me as I share my first impressions on this new and unique device.

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Danny Rodriguez says:

Very nice review… I’m waiting for my preorder and you got me 10x more exited!!! thank you sir.
On a side note I would really like to see Boost Black Edition dab vs A Switch dab I know they are way differnt but i would really like to see the difference.

Fr0z0rz says:

Wow, this looks great and is probably the vape I’ve been looking for. Nice review as always, man!

lets drift944 says:

Looks like a solid rig! I have the dr. Dabber boost for on the go dabs it rips.

Big Mofo says:

5:19 Put your dabber/carb cap/eye poker on top.

Helius Nyx says:

Looking forward to this technology at a lower price point and with a more standard joint (meaning, BYOGlass) someday. It looks like an interesting unit, especially for concentrates (pass on the charcoal briquette AVB herb mode) but still kinda seems like a tech demo to me. That being said, great review Pete…it really does show the product fully and honestly and as a customer that helps me make an informed decision.

Nasty Gary says:

The sticky brick can produce similar avb if you leave the torch in one spot.

Antonio Lugo says:


ACCcontrols says:

You can move the rocker switch between oil off leaf without stopping in the off position. That is actually the preferred method. But either way works the same. In fact if you end up in the off position as long as the LED’s intensity is dimming down the switch is still technically on and if you rock the switch to either leaf or oil the unit stays on and changes mode to the new rocker switch position. So just flip the rocker switch to the new mode you want and proceed. No need to stop in the OFF position.

Jacob Leoppky says:

Would you do a video on the sublimatior? Maybe compare it to the Elev8r.

mikokuijn says:

I reckon this performs just as well with dry herb as the Loto Lux.

ACCcontrols says:

Excellent review by the way! The best non-biased and thorough review yet!

davidsonnow says:

2 points – a unit this big should be plug in only. Also, like you say put a screen with a digital temp readout

B Rad says:

I absolutely love my Puffco Peak but this looks tempting to have as a desktop vape!

Joe Livingthegoodlife says:

This will be my new best friend!

Dank Memes says:

extremely appealing. this is going to be my next and hopefully last vape purchase

AndreNickatlna says:

11:20 I call BS man, that looks burnt to me, you don’t need ash for something to be partially burned. The herb looks completely black…

Taylor says:

Really love how detailed this thing is.

8bitmagic says:

Damn thats way better than I expected.. If I didn’t own a VapexHale I’d be looking at this hard. Bit to big to have as a portable, tempted by the ghost though.

Tony P says:

Great Review Pete, this Vape looks Amazing

Ken Jacobsen says:

Massive dabs? Well yeah!

john STEPP says:

Feel like your better off getting a vapexhale instead if you want both herb and oil

Bast says:

Whoa, that thing is sweet!!

Sergeant Goat says:

No app control? I feel like an app would have been adequate replacement for not having a screen. Kinda like how the pax uses an app and I personally enjoy opening an app and seeing all kinds of options. Gimmicky sure but it’s nice adds a little something too it you know

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