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Izzi Aliriza says:

dr dabber is the worst company ever. After going back and forth emailing them for months! They Sent me replacements that never arrived. Then, after sending another glass attachment for my boost, it broke instantly. They make money off you buying replacement parts. Don’t fall for the low temp hype, they sell cheap vapes that break easy. Their customer service is the worst in the world. Buy a different vape. There are plenty of better options out there.

Steve Joseph says:

can you load pre filled cbd oil cartridges into this?

Yobro Bro says:

Do you know if the dr dabbed light can be used with the Percs?

scott T says:

It’s not vapour its smoke lol

Dixie Normis says:

You’re a Faggot just tell us if it’s good for shatter

Michael Macapagal says:

i have a question about this product…..can i use it for dabs im making the switch but dont know what kind of vape would be best is there a difference between dabs and wax?… what kind of vape would be best thanks for the help

Gufberg says:

Can this vape standard brown hash?

iTzxKevx :-D says:

what do you mean each atomizer only last about 1 or 2 months? they break after awhile ?????

J Goose says:

when you bubble that water i want to just fucking punch you in the face

Simon Cleopater says:

does this vape eliquids with a vegatable glycerol base?

nathanjyk says:

u move ur hands to much

Michael Park says:

Can this be used with oils?

davidislike23 says:

can you use this with shatter? ?

jo klip says:

so you never load it in the review or attach the actual attachments so we can see them being used……brilliant!

Predator00063 says:

How good does it handle waxes, ie Dabs? Was it just oils and vape juice in the video?

Beautiful Swimmers says:

Great video! Was wondering if the Dr. Dabber works well w/ crumble? That’s all I can seem to find around here. If not, what’s the best vape pen for crumble? Thanks!

Cam Par says:

can you vape cbd oil or does it have to be cbd e liquid mix?

Sean til dawn says:

fiber glass wick? Fuck that shit…..ceramic or quartz is the shit now.

CS:GO ICEY says:

Can you change the E-Juice? Because I want to change mine into watermelon flavor with 0 nicotine.

Daniel Kiselev says:

dr dabber or kandy pens galaxy?

Isreal4realz says:

so u gotta buy a new one every 1-2 months if you use this regularly… ?

preferredduck1 says:

has anyone uesed this or the dabber aura to use a viscous oil?

Will Pearce says:

Would you recommend this over the Dr.Dabber Light?

Dayton Richard says:

Where can I find the atomizer you used for the Recycler attachment?

K’uuts Wakax says:

super chill pen

SecretPowers says:

No Pros and Cons, no rating, no tips and tricks, what kind of review is this? You’re just showing how it works and nothing else.

valleycat 6275 says:

Good, informative video, but….STOP moving your hands so much…made me dizzy…

dmob420 says:

if the wax is touching the coils then its not a vaporizer. If it combust then its not a vapor

I Scare Pitbulls says:

How do you smoke THC oil in this? Can I attach oil cartridges to this?

bradley kelley says:

can u vape with these pens

Michael Dorflinger says:


Shaquille Lightbourne says:

Can you use the Dr. Dabber for Home-Made Bud E-Liquid Juice made with of VG?

Miguel Perez says:

what do you recommend for oils?


can i buy a tank attachment for this and use it as a wax pen and e liquid vape?

Isreal4realz says:

where did u get the pouch

J Goose says:

i fucming hate the stupid name , dr , fucking dr ….fuck you and the sound of the water bubbling to i dispise that sound die , just die

Lucas_Brainz says:

How much of a smell does this produce? Like if I hit it in a bathroom, would the next person smell it?

Deaf_Tone_Mushroom says:

so this can be used for cbd oil? i have a joyetech mini mod for ref. ejuice but im looking for something for cbd oil. been leaning on this or a vape bright thrive cartridge

Stephen King says:

This or micro g pen?

Sean V says:

whats better the puffco pro or this?

Shattered DnB says:

How do you compare vaping wax or oils in the Dr Dabber vs doing the same on the Mighty?

Raven Reeves says:

How does this compare to the Puffco Pro?

Joseph Carbajal says:

cool video

Jack Mehoff says:


Ganja Joey says:

best review I’ve seen yet

Iam Pyre says:

I want big clouds!

Freedamon says:

If u watch this with the sound off… its dumb as hell

GlockWiseSB says:

In all seriousness though – what’s with the hand gestures?

no i am not says:

I don’t think this guy is a real stoner.

Robert Jeffery says:

Hey Mate, great review! Helped us out a lot, cheers!

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