Dr. Dabber Aurora Review

Check out our review of the latest wax pen innovation from Dr. Dabber: the Aurora!

*EDIT* Dr. Dabber recently changed the name of this device from ‘Aura’ to ‘Aurora’. Hope that helps alleviate any confusion.

READ OUR REVIEW HERE: http://www.vaporizer-review.com/dr-dabber-aura-review

GET THE AURORA HERE: http://www.vapornation.com/dr-dabber-aurora-vaporizer.html?acc=vaporizer

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Diocletian says:

You seem like a tool.

andrew Vallely says:

Magnets near batteries ? Not sure it’s a great combination technically

Mailman 87 says:

which one this or the kandy pen galaxy?


whwn u say b varelful on loading it dont let it touch the coil isnt it going to melt on the coil as well when its melting and seeping thru the quarts ?

David Poole says:

love the kpen galaxy how does this compare? and how does it compare performance-wise to the ghost?

Jonathan Ferguson says:

is this a knock off of the aurora? cant find a dr dabber aura but gound a dr dabber aurora

Trap Daily says:

how do you know when the bitch is charged? on mine if you twist it a certain way it will go red indicating charging im assuming? mine started blinking red and green after leaving it for a while? does this mean it’s good because the second i move it or twist it to take it off the charger, or just to move it, it goes red again.

Bob Smith says:

i notice a lot of people in the comments complaining about the battery not lasting. I didn’t think these were for heavy use. I thought they were an on the go convenience thing no?

Brandon Carlson says:


Chubbywubbybob Gomez says:

if its a review why do i gotta look up the temps?

redlostsouls says:

dont buy its a waste of money

Julia Kolosa says:

Do u have to sign for it?

Cindy Buster says:

Flash by Dabado is way better.. fully magnetic whole 9.. Bigger rips!

Tim Toolman says:

Who is this douche bag trying to be?

Jarrett Maier says:

This dr dabber does not last long

William Jernigan says:

No doubt.. I live in New orleans.. you do the same if you in town

Itzia Boyar says:

I want to give this to my hubs for bday, do you recommend this or the Ghost? I’ve heard good things of both I’m confused :/

Medicine Man says:

Thought it was the ‘Aurora’ not Aura

pandacat17 says:

how exactly do you load it up without the wax falling onto the coil? about to get one and am very confused about this

thanks for the help

Cold Forged says:

my battery won’t charge. Anyone else have that?

SweatyBallsSuck says:

THANK YOU for annotating the times for certain topics

Dakota Mathews says:

Do all three different atomizers combust wax equally efficiently?

Viraldrome says:

What are the different tyes of extract that go better with each type of atomizer on this dr dabber, i just ordered one. My stuff looks less like ear wax more like solid sheets of shatter, so which atomizer do i use? What about old school really liquid oil type oil? I tried some in the kandy donut atomizer and wasnt impressed. So what even is the dount designed for? halp

Charlie Vercher says:

I found that there are spots on mine where the atomizer burns hotter. If I line up the dual quartz one with the button it hits every time but if I don’t then it doesn’t. I only smoke shatter so I don’t know if this affects that or what. Anyone else have this problem? Good review, just wished I’d see you use some different products to show which atomizer to use in each situation.

graphicartdude says:

I don’t have access to dab. I’m looking for a vape pen for cbd fluid. Any recommendations? I’m tired of my Evod leaking all over. I’d like something sleek, compact, easy to clean, simple to use, variable heat settings, and no leak. Thanks for any suggestions.

Tommy Salami says:

Can the magnet fuck your phone up if it’s in the same pocket

Randy Bongson says:

Fucking hell, I’ve been to 3 different review videos for the Dr.Dabber Aura and on every one it’s the same god damn skeptical shit in the comment section. Just because we’re high as fuck doesn’t mean we HAVE to be paranoid and assume the guy is lying to us because he got paid or wants to sell the product. The whole world isn’t a conspiracy, maybe it’s just a good product? Or maybe you should just start search for “Dr.Dabber SUCKS!” reviews because this shit is getting a little ridiculous.

Dove Paradise says:

“Read the manual for the 3 different Temps” he says lol.
I wouldn’t be watching the review for information if I had the product and manual silly.

Jeffrey Ursino says:

This pen failed on me within three weeks. Maybe I got a beet unit but mine sucked man.

J says:

Nice, straightforward review! Subscribed!

William Jernigan says:

man I smoked some shit earlier.. made me choke so damn hard had snot coming out my nose.. I use the taste buds.

jordan stevens says:

3:39 “i like to put things in the box”….mee too brotha…mee too.

Super Swipin' says:

its not a waste of money. im smoking mine now because i cant sleep and my family wont wake up from the loud aroma i get when smoking bud. this dr dabber pen knocks my ass right back to bed and i have extremely high tolerance to marijuana. smoke about 3.5 grams of grade AAA bubba kush daily and the pen does me perfect. buy 1

axeattack100 says:

on the casting couch

John Doe Metro says:

I have one that needs a new coil, is it possible to order just the coil?

Stan Daniels says:

Sold when he said the box has “slide off technology”

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