Dank vapes, Supreme, Exotic & Mario cartridges quick review

What’s Going On!
My name is Leer & I will be verbally reviewing a small collection of DankVapes, Supreme, Exotic Carts and Mario Carts.

UPDATE 9/19/18

**Supreme Carts are not made by Supreme Clothing brand** (should be obvious)

**I dont recommend purchasing anything online. Please beware of scammers**

** All these carts are based in Los Angeles!**
25-30$ max 30$ is a reasonable price for any of these carts. Wholesale prices vary.
*SMOKE AT YOUR OWN RISK* try them and move on 💯
just a consumer

Email me leerg420@gmail.com

It’s 420 somewhere 🔥💩💀🏆🤫👀💪😤😤


Cisco Villanueva says:

Buy a ccell,brass ,or match lol those smack

LavishLee804 says:

What’s your email? Or contact info ?

David says:

Dank capes and exotic carts are terrible, they both tested positive for pesticides and don’t have near the THC they claim…plus there are way too many fakes out there

Ray Cash says:

50-60 a gram for dank vapes ? Where I get em for no more than 20-25 lemme make a quick flip

Juan Ayala says:

Mario’s go for $35-40

Bigg bans Beats says:

I buy all my carts for $20

Mini Rican says:

Add me onna book @Mini Rican

Michael Velasquez says:

Bro these carts are TRASH. DONT USE THEM. SUPREME CART IS MAYBE 10% BUD AND JUST 90% FILLERS AND NICOTINE. It’s not a weed high it’s a nicotine high buzz. Its really bad for you. Good carts dont show the actual wick. If you see the wick in the oil those carts are cheap and have 99% fillers. Stay away

Nick MÆ-B says:

I pay $20 for full grams follow them on snap @thegasstation420

Dennis Kistner says:

I sure hope my Supreme carts are ok,they seem like it. My guy is trust worthy& there are testers before I get to so it.Other people willing to be the guinea pig

ybnfatboi says:

They 15 here in Nebraska at my local dispensary:)

Tooo Easyyy says:

I’m glad I live in Cali

Hunter Hayes says:

Texas has all of those everywhere but exotic and Mario carts if they don’t have the holographic package then they are fake. I’m not saying it is fake THC but it is not actually made and tested by labs.

ToastedGoat says:

yo reply to this. I live in so cal and can get you all these carts for 30-35 each plus good deals like 80$ an ounce

James Decker says:

Bruh i get brass knuckles for 40 in an illegal state and this man is getting hot dog water for 60??


CaMPaTibLePsn - Crimson Tide- clash of clans says:

I get dank carts for 30 to 40

Dennis Kistner says:

Blueberry Supreme -Baltimore MD 94%thc .84%cbd. 1grm-$50 A fucking deal-If you find em ,buy em all.

max perez says:

Them hoes go for 20-25 out here in TX

Juvencio Laurean says:

Dabb me out

Sarang Aliani says:

you literally smoking shit

cody gibson says:

popular = flooded on black market and full of fakes.

Rae burke says:

my dp sells supremes for 20 san diego

Alex22 says:

Mario and Exotic carts are 40 a gram or 2 for 70 my boy will do in Erie Pa on the streets but I don’t like um no testing to back up there claims of THC % lots of fakes from China , Vape meds carts are way better

MbmYT says:

I wish I could know if my supreme cart actually had thc n non rat poison

TakeYoGrandmaForRansom says:

Bro Just Know YoshiCleanMeds is the Best in the West

mrbossandbeast says:

your smoking boof

tizzlebizzle1234 says:

Throw everything but the danks out

Shane Miller says:

What’s ye email bro.

FBI says:

Where fruity pebbles at?

Sean says:

These carts hit like a flashbang from cod4. Don’t smoke em

Owen Weingarten says:

First off those carts are full of toxic pesticides that are terrible for you, second of all, I can get Bulk (min 20) for $10 each. I can get a single for 15. I live in Oakland. With $60 you should be buying Select Oil, Winberry, Jetty, Pure One. Trust me.

xDeEz_NuTz_02 X says:

$35 from Chicago

sup bruh says:

I get tko box of 10 for 190

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