Brass Knuckles Gorilla Glue Vape Cartridge Review

Brass Knuckles is our most requested review! Here it is! Will it live up to the hype?

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Bigboyplays says:

RIP battery

RlfX97 says:

Try Maui Wowie by Brassknuckles taste like red panda lol.

Walter Halchak says:


carlos garcia says:

Bro thats not a g big ass gap

Nick Fiscina says:

Great flavor

Bruno Long says:

Try dankvapes my friend


$52? WTF??? I get them for 40

Towels Thomson says:

Can I drink this oil


THE BEST.. PERIOD.. Lol.. Funny how you got straight BLOWN right in front of our eyes in like 30 seconds.. My OOZE PEN draws great… Perfect.. One 1g cartridge lasted me 3days as my only smoke & pulled nice.. No complaints here.

Robitussin says:

I bought 4 brass knuckles all shite waste the extra on HeavyHitters

Bobby Bell says:

Brass Knuckles needs to be burned at a slightly higher heat. Between 3.8 and 4.0

Ninja Sushi says:

Good review. I am a caugher too. *Grrr!!!* Sometimes I’m one of those caugher/gaggers. Try Purestar!! Purestar are hella damn good.

Steve Kane says:

Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed,(OG kush, Sour diesel, Girlscout cookies and few strains available) get me on snap @skane109, Fb Steve Kane, #6126010589

yaboy says:

52$ !!! Wtff i can get em for 30

Vania Rouleau says:

Great review.

Master Money says:

This guy still lives in a BEDROOM. wow just wow.

El chicano says:

Where could I get the battery for delivery to smoke the cartridge

Brody Swanie says:

Osrs these carts need to be build better they are hard to get to work and they break all easy

Brad c says:

that thing was half full.. bubble was way bigger than the BN I get

Kriss Daigle says:

i get 2 for 80.

Beau Magana says:

Worse cartridges ever

Stoners Cabin says:

I’m going to do a video soon about the Gelato brass knuckles I’d love if you tuned in! Great video

Ninja Sushi says:

*Bonus tip!* Take a small lighter-torch to the cart and give it a little heat. It will melt the wax down and let you hit that last bit of the cart.

ViTaL Swyft says:

This is fake it doesn’t have the CA hazard sign thing

John Apple says:

Hey @weat when it’s a hard draw , all you have to do is loosen your cartridge for more airflow cause it’s to tight , which prevents you from having that big draw you need ! @weeats reviews

Edwin Calderon says:

What kind of vape pen are you using?

carlos garcia says:

This nigga dont kown how to smoke

Julian Ramos says:

Oml inhale

Henry Padilla says:

Is that thin enough to put in a hive 2.0?

John Apple says:


Touzy Official says:

Agreed. Im on my second brassknuckles cartridge and they were increasingly both hard to draw from as the oil decreased.

Jose Urdiano says:

I get thoes for 20

John K says:

You should take your neckbeard ugly troll hick Looking shilling ass and kill yourself. You continue to defend shit products

D R says:

Why dont you use an actual mod that has variable voltage and a larger internal or replaceable battery

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