Best Vape Pens for 510 Oil Cartridges: Cannabasics #102

Welcome to Cannabasics, today we look at the best vape pens to use for 510 thread THC or CBD Oil Cartridges. Use the code Ruff2 for free gift:

With the growing popularity of 510 thread cartridges it may be challenging to decide which is the best type of device to use. Let’s look at 5 common types of vaporizer pens to use for 510 thread thc or cbd cannabis oil cartridges.

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aetherflow says:

Someone gave me a yocan evolve-c. it works great for prefilled cartridges, and wasnt bad when i tried the concentrate cartridge, a little messy, but whatever… however, when I tried filling the oil cartridge with a blueberry melon refill syringe, the taste was just horrible. The only way I can describe it is, like the inside of a pumpkin that just got scooped out.. I went and got another prefilled cartridge, a completely different strain and it tastes exactly the same. Other prefilled cartridges before have tasted great, but everytime I put the eliquid syringe in the oil tank it just tastes terrible, the flower version is amazing.. Is it just a bad cartridge? Something in their mixture I’m tasting? Am I using the wrong gear? What gives?

Rudy Flores says:

Theirs a yihi sx mini mi class it’s perty dope.

Dylan Carter says:

You really only talked about the battery, think the title should reflect that. Was interested in the carts. Great quality!


Twist and mods are the only way to go.. if it’s too stealthy, ya lose the dArn thing

TrabbitOnProduction says:

when your average white dad smokes weed

Ryan Crocker says:

Rokin Mini is the best one out there

Mr Robbking says:

Have you ever played a jury-member in bones?

Jay D. says:

Ooze compact is the best one, it’s been a year and only problem I have is that sometimes it won’t hit very hard but all you have to do is charge it

smell your maw says:

Can a pout crack in it

Michael Morrow says:

Nothing about this shows “best” all you did was describe the different types.

Bruce the Imp says:

I fr thought this shit said Cannibadict

Jonny M says:

Which brand do you recommend?

Manuel Garcia says:

Can a pout cyanide in it

Farrukh R says:

Wulf Duo.

Kyle Mitchell says:

I JUST googled for this

Anjle Dube says:

Matt glad to see you back I have a question again since I lost a lot of stuff what is the name of that metal screens again thank you please be patient with me what happens when you have a brain trauma I fell 11 feet from the roof of my mother’s house doing much much better but still lot of broken bones trying to heal not healed taking longer than I thought thank you

DREY DxPE says:

2:35 looks like a vision spinner 2

Asoka Mano says:

I am curious how good can a vape pen for only $20 be ? I imagine it won’t last long.

Nathan Ledford says:

What kind of pens will an ex5 cartridge work on?

NaDe Eclipse says:

From what I’ve hit (about 20-30 different carts not just oil carts) every cart has tasted like battery acid, I have no idea why, but is it supposed to taste like that? I still get high, but have any carts y’all have used tasted like a battery or anything along the lines of that. (Illegal State)

Nick Tank says:

Does that compact mod support thick carts. I tend to see 1g carts not fitting in most mods because the hole isn’t big enough

jaytee268 says:

yocan uni for the winzzzzzzz

Chase Lyman says:

All of them work fine. Anything with screen and a button that goes to at least 10 watts.

Asoka Mano says:

I am some’what new to smoking weed, what exactly do marijuana cartridges do, and how is it different from me vaping my marijuana? Are they really marijuana or are they synthetic marijuana? Sorry if sounds like stupid questions like I said I am a newbie.

LadyGanjah says:

Personally ccell works fantastic for me

Rene Maldonado says:

Ccell palm is the best battery.

Ayzoh says:

Another con about the compact battery is sometimes the cart is too fat and won’t slide in, so you can’t can’t use it

Huh says:

hey so I just ordered the steam cloud vape, with the varied voltage. Put in the code and now I’m wondering what it’ll come with.

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