Best new portable wax vaporizer for 2016

This is a full In-depth review including cloud demonstrations of the 5 hottest vaporizers on the market. In this video, I review the Source Orb, Ghost, Galaxy, Puffco, and OG Four 2.0 wax vaporizers. In the end of the video I tell which vape I prefer and my reasons for saying so (if you wish to skip the in-depth breakdown/cloud production of each device feel free to do so, I wrap it up pretty nicely in the last 5 minutes).

Galaxy by Kandypens [To get out of the store for around $80 like I mentioned, use the promotional code “NEWUSER20” when you check out] :

Puffco Pro:

OG Four 2.0:

Source ORB:



bravo328 says:

what glasses are you wearing? there nice

richswain1965 says:

Wanted uhhh to uhhh watch ummm this uhhh video ummm but uhhh I uhhh couldn’t ummm take uhhhh all ummm the uhhhhs

Ryan Houston says:

How ripped were you by the end of the video

SOURCEvapes says:

Hi Hyphy SF!

Great review, but we’d like to clarify some incorrect information from your review:

– Our Quartz atomizers are fully made of Quartz, including the atomizer cup, and there is no ceramic in any of our Quartz atomizers (except for Quartz SOURCE terra) since we first launched them back in June 2015.
– Our variable voltage with 8 different settings is incredibly easy to use for any user to choose their desired temperature and intensity. This is an upgrade on our original SOURCE orb v1, released in 2014, with 3 settings.
– The air vents at bottom of the SOURCE orb 3 help deliver the biggest and smoothest hits possible in a vaporizer pen, with very minimal effort.
– Our SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit which you mentioned for $79.95 includes a total of 7 atomizers, including the Quartz Double Coil atomizer you mentioned, as well as 2 more Double Coil atomizers, 1 more Quartz atomizer, and SOURCE terra ceramic donut.

If you’re looking for something with a slimmer more discreet profile, we recommend also checking out our SOURCE orb slim, which includes both a Quartz Double Coil and a Quartz SOURCE terra atomizer, a variable temp battery with 8 different settings, and a carrying case, for only $49.95! SOURCE orb slim also comes with a 5 setting Variable Airflow System for prime airflow control.

Christian Kulhanek says:

lots of good info too many umms a little bit of editing would speed up and make you look as knowledgeable as you are and overall video would be much more entertaining

Jenine Edwards says:

I was debating on getting the source or the Galaxy. Thanks for making this video. I chose the kandypens I am so excited to try the all Quartz atomizer. Plus I can’t wait to see it with the glass mouthpiece.

noah beach says:

what do you think of the source orb XL

alex herrera says:

thanks for the vid man i dont know how you made it through 30 minutes of puffing on wax and still be able to talk haha this was the only review i could find of the OG four 2.0 and youve convinced me to go with the galaxy instead

Ryan Houston says:

i dont understand the dislikes on this video, i just ordered the og four 2.0 and you made me feel a lot better about my decision. You gave a lot of info but you also put the skip to 20 minutes if they didnt want to hear the long review.

Christian Kulhanek says:

dude edit your videos they would be good

Ricknstein says:

Sun Glasses inside? Savage.

Drewdownkali says:

how does the yocan plus stand up to these?

Marc Ribaudo says:

I own the Source Orb 2 and I would get serious clouds if turned up to the highest settings 4.2. Battery crapped out after a few months and the company was a PITA because of a missing battery charger adapter which took over a month to resolve. Dabba Dabba Doo Peeps.

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