Atman Owar Wax Vaporizer Pen Unboxing Usage and Review: Blazin’ Gear Reviews

Atman Owar Wax Vaporizer Pen Unboxing, Usage and Review with marijuana concentrate. Learn more or purchase the ATMAN OWAR at Save 10% on everything in the Wizard Puff online head shop with the code: “CANNABASICS”:

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iSpoofzZ says:

I’m a huge fan Matt & Jr! You guys are fucking awesome! Hope to see you guys around some time in LA. ❤️

Ruby Marijuana says:

Thank you so much for your video, its awesome!

Mike Ledebrink says:

looks like a good on the go vape

Lawrence Kassab says:

I bought a device that’s basically a rip-off of the OWAR called Evolve Plus. $40 from Amazon and my local Smoke Shop. Same cool compartment that holds the wax but it also as the silicone on the top part of the compartment. But it only has one heat setting. It works better than my $100 wax pens I own. I love it.

Ammar AA says:

Dear Ruffhouse studio
Can you show us how to smoke hash without using tobacco , vape , buds Please
I can’t Handel nicotine :,(

pOOTERgOBLiN says:

Ceramic or Quarts Coil? And why?

J Sargent says:


High Altitude says:

whats up ruffhouse! cool new toy! who gets to keep it, matt or jr?

Holly Webster says:

I haven’t tried wax yet does it smell like weed I’m trying to find something I can use at work and no one will know

Scot H says:

cool vid Matt. Your Shatter is looking a little dark though. what’s up with that?

MWYANT19 says:

are there any of these that dont require a friggin magic code/number of clicks/taps to operate?

HappySuperSales says:

that looks like it would be a fucking mess after a few uses

KingBarley says:

Atman Junior review?

Kareca Avel says:

looks good but coils sux, ceramic rules!!! cool feature the bottom storage, should have a system like the Puffco Plus called the dart for taking wax from the bottom storage then would be a fully portable…

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