All About My Wax Pen

Hey guys! Here’s a video of me talking about my wax pen! The battery I use is by Delta9 and my cartridge is by Brass Knuckles! I’ve been totally OBSESSING over them and have barely smoked any tree lately lol I hope you enjoy 🙂 thanks for watching! Stay High. Stay Rad. Have A Groovy Day.

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Eskeetit Gang says:

$50?? We get CaliGold (94% Concentrate) 1g, for $30 in Miami. Lol

Joseph Castillo says:

faded lol

Malcolm Mccants says:

Your hella hot how old r u?

angie g says:

your makeupp looks so good girl

Mason Muir says:

U couldn’t have made the video 4:20

Tyreek Murillo says:

vaping is good when u live in an illegal state cause it’s so discreet

KK Jr says:

I just got the dr dabber light. It’s the best wax pen in my opinion.

LearsI ViruViru says:

where do you buy it???

anh vu mai says:

Hi, can i get your email address ?

Mark Juarez says:

damn you’re so beautiful :*

KrAzE Gaming says:

That cart hit likes a tank I️ hit sky walker on that shit and was high as shit… u gotta hit it till it blinks doe

Son Of A Shroom says:

Eagle 20. Bad pesticides. Do more research

Clips TV says:

I fell in love with her at first sight we can talk no

Tyreek Murillo says:

cute cat

Charlie S says:

what is the name of the pen

Alex Roque says:

I found a brand new one the floor

Nick HoppHopp says:

Toke it until it blinks

iDuff Pandaz says:

chill bill in the beginning tho

Valerie Gomez says:

55 for a gram ?! I pay 45 for mine.

Guillermo Cabello says:

Try nug run strawberry banana and a full gram can last u 1 2 week or even just a day depends how much u smoke don’t share tho be greedy my 70 dollar gram finished in a day CU’s I shared

Piggy is coolz says:

She’s listening to some throw backs

Jiggy HD says:

What a coincident. I’m smoking a blue dream heavy hitter rn lmao

BUMBOYZ Hq says:

Some take actual wax and some use wax juice or liquid rigt? Sum 1 help me i want one

Erik Ramirez says:

I’ll fuck

Amber Gray says:

yesss girl slay!!

Jack Rabbit Slim says:

where can i buy the liquid wax ur using online…

benji wilson says:

how quick do you go through a gram of wax with a pen? A friend told me a gram every 2 weeks and another friend told me 3 or 4 days? any tips on how to make it last? ALSO $50 for a gram of wax sounds crazy! i spend $30 a g and it puts me on my ass!

Mark Stites says:

Goddamn she hot

420BlzEiTFgT says:

You’re beautiful, where are you from

That guy says:

brace knuckles are no good. it has some chemicals in it. get absolute xtracts, they use CO2 for the process which is better for your health. Brass knuckles contain Eagle20.

Lexi Dawn says:

Does it smell at all like weed? Cuz I’m looking for something on the down low that I can smoke anywhere

Aguilarillo Aguilar says:

Done smoke brass knuckles anymore. Check out the page cleanmedsornomeds on Instagram.

alex cathey says:

I like your hair blonde!!! I love your videos and u seem chill asf❤❤❤

no man's land83 Olea says:

cheers if you had a all white cat you would be twins or your inner catlol

JustSuck ItPls says:

holy shit your intro music just tripped me out

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