96.12% THC WAX CIGAR! – La Habana De Cuba NO.96 Unboxing & Review

96.12% THC WAX CIGAR! – La Habana De Cuba NO.96 Unboxing & Review by Barewoods

Easy to use. Extremely potent wax cigar. NOT FOR BEGINNERS 😂

A classic design with a modern finish, developed for the highest level of stimulation and elegance. La Habana De Cuba No.96 is an all-in-one disposable vape pen, with 1 full gram of wax, lab tested at 96% THC. Manufactured with the most advanced ceramic heating technology and filtration system to provide the most pure taste possible. La Habana De Cuba No.96 is by far the most discrete vape pen on the market and you can take it with you almost anywhere. Lasts up to 300 puffs. The Original WAX CIGAR™

PROP 215
AGES 18+


Bare Industry says:

Thank you guys for the awesome review! You had us rolling! We would like to get this video so we can shorten it and add it to our social media. Can we discuss further? Barecentral@gmail.com

Billy Rawlins says:

How long did this last you?

Alfredo Sanchez says:

you go to ucsd?

Josue Bautista says:


sheetsqui says:

Nothing beats Select Oil

Valentino Sassorossi says:

You guys are dope cool channel

Gamer Bros101 says:

Yes I’ve had stronger

a_Tree_of_Sorts says:

how long did it last?

MrMIKESTER1122 says:

these 2 knuckleheads have the most Punchable faces

Chuck Nicefield says:

Not available in canada yet… that suck

messy runs says:

Cartel oil is 92%dankies

Walker A says:

Thought this was crazy rich Asians

Shab C says:

Y’all go to ucsd? Me too lmfao

Josue Bautista says:


Sir Tokes says:

Does the cubana contain tobacoo if it does then no way I would buy it but if it doesn’t I would buy it

Kenneth Daniel says:

Pause! 6:34

Frank Gee says:


Jimmy John says:

I got a supreme cart that was 98%, it was probably fake cause the supreme carts are kinda sus. But it got me completely fucked so idk.

Kenny Rodriguez says:

ive done 97 % of carts.

Justin Amezcua says:

Gotta try the stiiizy pen

mj192001 says:

So we’re gonna ignore all the gay stuff he was saying

joe :] says:

nigga vsop 98.4%

KrAzE Gaming says:

I’ve done 98%

Kirubel Girma says:

Ayy, if you in the UCSD area we gotta link up!

Ugly Guy says:

I picked this up recently and it was really good but I was wondering did it make you feel weird afterwards? Like anxiety or anything

jorden reece says:

Omg you guys live in SD,

Lil Yinny says:

6:35 *cough* *cough* w o h

Orr Hersh says:

im hitting mine while watching this

Martin Talab says:

I would love to be in a review with you guys! I’m from the Pasadena area.

Milton Ortiz says:

Can’t find them on instagram

Mondrmay001 says:

need some water? he pulled out a whole gallon lmfaooo

juan lopez says:

yooo!!! you guys should try moonrock clear

adventures with Angelina C says:

Delta 9 natural Indica cartridge is 96% THC

Treavor Bates says:

Highest Percent cartridge i’ve ever had was a golden extracts dab cartridge 7.25 of a gram, and it was SkyWalker OG at 93.99%, so basically 94%.

Andrew Ramirez says:

Have you guys tried the barewoods cigars like made by them personally

White Midas says:

That shit mustve been as fresh as possible, plus free cork lmao

Victor Padilla says:


Alonso Castillo says:

Orange crush cartel 92% THC next review video

Jonathan Lara says:

How much is it worth .??

sid smith says:

I ate cats & Dogs in Asia

Asuh Dude says:

You guys now look really Asian

NickEBeats says:

Those look dope

CountlessPWNZ says:

thc percentage isnt everything, terpenes matter.

Russellwoot72 says:

Hey like, do you know any other words like maybe other than like, like fuck man.

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