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What’s Up BammerLand?? Are you new to the cannabis life? Have you heard of Cartridge Pens but have no idea about them? Well, in this video we answer 10 of the most popular questions about dab pens.

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sophia gut says:

hey ty for this video it was v helpful… what kind of dabpen is it ? like whats its name ?

Soccer LifeTV says:

Does it get your eyes red ?

Supreme Jay says:

What pen is that link please

zukodama666 says:

if I inject one of these whole marijuanas will I od?

Lyrical Godd says:

So if anyone knows and can help.
What’s the difference between getting your High regular just roll your blunt etc compared to the cartridge Is it a different ?

Adrian Ortiz says:

50 to 120 to a full gram foh i get em for 35

moriah Grace says:

Oregon is the best. $30 1 gram cartridges 94% THC

güččī_gøøn says:

You can cop a 1 gram cart in Chicago for $35. Most you pay is $45.

King Jalen says:

Make a video of you putting the oil on a joint

tutorial671 says:

tfw when you realize you chief a full gram every other day.

Cole says:

I got my full gram for 40 kingpin

nick leary says:

Damn i get full gram carts for 50 bucks

TTV Homicide says:

Can marijuana or dab pens hurt u in any way? And nice video btw

Jc Dubb says:

Is there a place I can get these online?

Lakitu_Gaming says:

Love watching this while I take a shit

Tj Bozich says:

Half grams last me 3 days

Ryan says:

Did he just say 60-120 for a full gram? Bet this guy buys $50 eighths too

Karan Peo says:

I heard that it’s made with some sketch ass poison shit? Is that true?

J. Breezy says:

Middle one at 1:30 looks like a bad cart

Osvaldo Valdovinos says:

60 or 100 for a full g… what state r u in thats hella expensive

Deyluis J. Estremera says:

I pay $28 for full grams lol

I Gaming says:

I’m only here because 8 graders were smoking them on my bus

Princeton Mason says:

How many watts can you hit one with out burning it??

Awsome Waffles says:

What happens if I use my pen then but it away while my cart is still attached to my battery and it is in a cold place.

Nessie Bud says:

*if you live in a illegal area, please don’t buy half gram carts, those are the most dangerous. I would only recommend Dank Carts & rove.

Saai says:

What do you think of the counterfeit cartridges being sold in illegal states? That could possibly carry pesticides and are sold for much cheaper

phuck phuck says:

Does it have a smell?

Yea Okay So What says:

I get a gram for 40

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