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Vapesterdam reviews the Yocan Magneto and gets you the full scoop on this magnificent magnetic wax pen. To find out more about the Yocan Magneto wax pen, check out the review here: http://vapesterdam.com/review/firefly-2-vaporizer-review/ Check out the latest news and reviews on e-cigs, bongs, pipes, vaporizers and more at http://vapesterdam.com/ Thanks for watching, and leave us […]

A review of the Yocan Explore 2-in-1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer. Reviewed in August 2018. To buy this unit: https://cityvaporizer.com/product/yocan-explore-2in1-vaporizer/ And for the best prices and deals on all brands of vaporizers: https://CityVaporizer.com

Yocan NYX atomizer with choke and massive air flow. A powerful portable dabber designed for mod box. Launched January 2016. Become a patreon and get early access: https://www.patreon.com/STONEDay Buy me flowers / support future content: https://www.paypal.me/stoneday Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STONEDay.today/ @YocanTech You need to make these with Ni/Ti coils for temperature control!!!

Second pen review from Yocan and i can honestly say this shit is crazy good, this video was recorded over a month ago, i use this pen daily with my oils and have only had to change the coils once so far with a 6$ fix, very cool, very efficient, super cheap, super stoney.

Buy one here… http://www.hookahshisha.org/wax-vape-pen-vaporizer-yocan-magneto-wax-vape-pen-p-1786.html?cPath=88_75 or here… http://www.hookahtown.com/product/yocan-magneto-wax-vape-pen/ Released Spring of 2017 the New Yocan Magneto is the most convenient, easy to load vape pen on the market. It’s incredible airflow makes each puff tremendous even after many uses as it does not clog easily, and the built-in silicone jar and dabber ohhh the dab tool, […]

Buy one here… http://www.hookahshisha.org/wax-vape-pen-vaporizer-yocan-hive-wax-and-cbd-oil-vape-pen-p-1785.html?cPath=88_75 or here… http://www.hookahtown.com/product/yocan-hive-vape-wax-and-cbd-oil-vape-pen/ The New Yocan Hive is a great pen for both wax concentrates and cbd oil. The tank is concealed within the mod, offering stealth and privacy. The easy magnet connection and 510 threading allows for you to use both tanks on any variable wattage mod to customize your […]

NEW VIDEOS MON – FRI | DREAD HEAD | STONER | #KNOTNATION | Product Link – http://www.yocanonline.com/product/yocan-hive/ Official Website ► www.KNOTLOCKSNATION.com #MOBBsquad Gaming Channel ► https://www.twitch.tv/mobbmedia Check out The KNOT NATION Store! HERE ► http://goo.gl/QvGShA Episodes Include: Marijuana Monday Dread Review Tuesday Smoke Session Weednesday Dread Review Thursday Freeform Friday LIVESTREAMS Mon – Fri 4:20PM […]