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Evelyn, Spike, and I make some E-juice out of wax insanely fast with one of the Social Weedia Hempfest sponsors, Wax Liquidizer! Use Code AREND for 15% off – https://www.waxliquidizer.com/ EVELYN: http://bit.ly/EvilEvelyn SPIKE: http://bit.ly/StoneySpike AREND: http://bit.ly/TheGayStoner Use my Amazon referral link! – http://bit.ly/SA-AmazonLink MY FAVORITE LIT CAMERA GEAR- https://kit.com/StonedAlone Support Me On Patreon!!!! – http://bit.ly/SA-Patreon […]

Easy Valve – http://vaporizersreviewed.com/easy-valve-for-volcano-breakdown/ The Easy Valve System breakdown for the Volcano.

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*NOTE* The Volcano bags come in a roll, so you’ll need to cut it down to a size that’s to your liking. Tie the other end of the bag using the thin strips of plastic that come with the official Storz and Bickel Volcano Bags. How to change the bag on your Volcano Vaporizer Easy […]

The herbalAire vaporizer is the easiest vaporizer to set up. Ready to go in seconds! Watch as the herbalAire goes from direct inhalation to whip to bag fill.

I think I fucked up, it was really hot. i didnt’ wait to put the vaporizer to cold and it was really hot lol. it almost burn the weed, it didn’t guys.. but yeah it was really brown…..! some suggestions? the taste is like brand new like pop corn lol.

Hope you guys found this video useful. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe if you would like to see more Vaporizer specific informational videos. To jump to a specific section of the video, click the time below: Package Content 0:18 Sterilization 0:44 Filling the Heating Chamber 4:00 The Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Easy […]

👍🏼 Please like and subscribe for more videos 👍🏼 Visit our website – www.sneakypetestore.com Today I do a review and comparison on 3 portable electric grinders – The Chewy, The Mamba, and The Easy Grinder. These grinders use battery power to grind your favourite herbs for on the go convenience. They also serve to replace […]

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It’s only been a short time since we made our last Volcano Easy Valve vs. Solid Valve video, however, Storz & Bickel recently announced some changes to the Easy Valve system. The Easy Valve starter set now includes a replaceable balloon option and will now come packaged with the Volcano by default. The Solid Valve […]