X-Max V2 Pro Portable Vaporizer Review

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Buh Nanners says:

I loved this review my guy. Your outfit is fucking amazing too. I just ordered this and you made me more excited for it even. Cheers

beyondtheclouds95 says:

soundtrack sounds like a james bond villain is going to pop out

Kamiel Sadien says:

LG Chocolate battery. Sorted.

Snoeebi says:

how can you use this vape for smoking e shisha liquids?

Mr Douglas says:

Thanks, got me one, q: how does it come apart to replace or clean bottom screen in chamber??? And….where can get replacement or better battery as ppl say to upgrade it??!!

Bugs Bunny says:

music sucks

REM lag says:

Nice vidéo, the storm has an excellent price / quality ratio, Cheers !

REM lag says:

video very nice, the xmax V2 pro is a very good vaporizer for people who adept to stop the combustion
, it is very thick and thick vapor resembles the joint, cheers!

Carlos Henrique says:

I have a question, the X Max V2 pro is better than XVape? Thanks!

Sukruth ranganthan says:

420 views lol

Rysiek says:

good shit !!! thanks meeeen

what is the name this music ?

Jacob Wilson says:

I loved this review. Voice overlay and chill music makes it pretty fun.

Superkoopatrooper says:

throw away that dangerous no name 18650 and buy an lg hg2 3000mah 18650 for a couple dollars. its a powerful 20amp battery.

nekecha says:

Get mine tooday in gold)Very cool device,but not cool air from it.For me who never smoke siggarets or anything.I need bubbler)what the bubbler’s brand and model in this video and where i can get one?Thanks

mightlife says:

Very good with the accent, but slipped up with ‘glas’, ‘last’, and ‘much’ 😉

indica 777 says:

Nice vaporizer and good video …but no vapor?

Oisterboy says:

How do you know when it’s up to temp, and do you need to hold down a button when inhaling?

Dayne Demmer says:

do the xmax mouth pieces fit the storm? all look the same?

Bongibrother TV says:

Storm is the Original !
x max is only one copy

or they belong together!
in fact, the storm is the original brand

Curry Moonshine says:

Does this vaporizer use medical quality pieces?

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