Vaporizer Review x Positive Smash 420 || Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

We teamed up with Positive Smash 420 to review of one of our favorite new portable vaporizers, the Pulsar APX.

Head over to the Positive Smash 420 channel for awesome strain reviews, vape reviews, how-to tutorials, smoke sessions and stony stories.
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Random dude says:

I dont have that dabbing thingy…Did it come with your vape?

Chera Longfritz says:

i want a purple one wtf

stannislove says:

Can i smoke hash with it?

paul456 says:

Can I charge the pulsar apx with any adapter?

Sam Hogan says:

This is the only video I can now find besides a couple of sims 4 ones oh positive smash 420 is definitely by far my favourite you tuber and pretty much only one I watched said to see her hard work deleted damnnn

rocco muriale says:

Looking for a safe one to smoke in a hotel room without the odor of pot ?

J Chavez says:

She knoweth NOT what the F she talketh about. She seems to be unclear re CBD/THC and also confused about (vaporizer) combustion/convection/conduction – she also has her vaporizer way too hot as she is burning the herb to a black crisp (should be at lower temp as taught in Vape101). Not to mention her obnoxious cat who’s butt dominates the video frame.

D Moneyz says:

hi, did yours have a chemical smell out of the package?
and.. mine gets really hot without inhaling.

Daniel Becker says:

Well WTF now her channel is canceled…. Smh

K Jones says:

This lead me to wonder why the pax is so expensive when this performs just as well

孙伟 says:

so good

valveman12 says:

Is there any benefit to heating the vaporizer first before putting in the herb?

imp PerlerArt says:

So I’m really new to CBDs I have had the oils but whatever. Anyways my question is: would the apx be better with vaping cbds or thc?

treble1200 says:

This is my first vape and it performed awesome. Yes smoking herb is so pure and traditional, but vaping is so much better for you and the flavors of the herb is more pronounced over smoking it. Highly recommended this unit for anyone on the go or someone new to vaping like myself. Enjoy everyone!

TheNew Guy says:

do you remember how many sessions you got out of each charge?

Jordan Tauber says:

What happened A ???? MISS YA. JT from AZ.

Gianpax Xapnaig says:

You are cool! And not much about technical stuff, just smoking and enjoying the little thing… ‘Tonight I’m smoking OG from Cali’ 🙂

michael bressette says:

The APX pulsar is really amazing, I cant wait to medicate from this for the first time. 😀

michael osullivan says:

Lovely gal, info limited

Austin Black says:

Can you use herb and concentrates at the same time?

That High Couple says:

Cannabis collaborations all day! Love the new Positive Smash logo too, sending good vibes!!

Random dude says:

Mine heats up within 5 sec

michael bressette says:

I have a question, are you suppose to draw on the mouthpiece like a straw or like your smoking a cigarette
or like you are inhaling air ?

Jessica rodriguez says:

Does it smell it all ?

Random dude says:

What about the temperature settings? Do you recommend one specific temperature?

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