Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review –


My review of the Vapir Prima portable vaporizer:

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The Vape Critic says:


Juri Gagarin says:

Which did you like more. the PAX or the Vapir Prima? 🙂

Frumble Foot says:

You seem very excited.

heinz abednego says:

hey bro, ur amazing. btw, im about to buy this right now online.
even though u kinda dissaprove against it lol, i realy love this look
it was either this or the vapium summit.

Liam McCarthy says:


james douglas says:

Is it better than the arizer air?

Romano says:

This reminds me of the Vapium

ShuckMeOff1 says:

If you’re gonna pay around that much for a portable then just get a Pax 2

Jared Young says:

Hey man would you say this thing performs more like a PAX or more like a Firefly?

I know it’s supposedly conduction and convection both but I want to know if you can get vapor for your whole draw or does it kind of trail off and get super whisky towards the end of your draw?

richard abraham says:

Bud, can you review the grasshopper ??

ufanisoneetze says:

sup Bud. I don’t wanna nag, I just want you to know that there are people out there in the world that are aching for your e nano review. could you perhaps invent a time machine that takes me to the future when this video is published? thanks.

Smokin J'S says:

Crafty Or Pax 2…Let Me Know Plz VC

Liam McCarthy says:


Orlando Cande says:

Doesn’t look good. Like if he is in Pain, Mental Stress or Depressed…….. We here for you Bro……..

seaofgreens says:

Would be cool to see your take on Grasshopper, Zion, and Daisy/Lily. Just saying. 🙂

Phuck Hugh says:

For the price I am not sure about this one.also the website sells a flat screen. It should have been included though.

Luthfi says:

i just see this things so new, is this thing is same as common vaporizer like el*af or anything like that?

Tyler says:

Should I sell my volcano digit unit for a vapeexhale hydra????

SpAcE MOnKeY says:

Thanks Bud. I got antsy waiting for your review and bought the E Nano.

Vlog Hog says:

Vapir is my favorite vape company, I own the N02 and Vapir One (bag vape). This vape looks good, but it doesn’t sound like it would be worth getting.. hope they make a beefier flagship portable.

Sungodv says:

I assume, based on price, you prefer the Summit? You sounded more enthusiastic about it versus this Prima.
Bought my Vapium based on your review and I still love it. Wish the battery was better, but it charges fairly quickly.

Fraser Marr says:

is it lead free brass? (naval brass) cannae wait for the nano review

Legend Schaffer says:

would you prefer this to the flowermate?

jamesjamm79 says:

got 2 one for me one for my son.WELL RIPPED OFF ! hard to suck BLUE IN FACE BEFORE YOU GET A TOKE works for 20 mins them 6 hour battery charge. Very very disappointed

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