Top 5 Portable Vaporizers 2016


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Max from Australian Vaporizers is back with our top 5 portable vaporizers of 2016! If buying a vaporizer was on your list of New Year’s resolutions, then this is the video for you.

Max breaks down our top 5 portable vaporizers of 2016 (so far!) and gives an in-depth look at the features, pros and cons of each, and why we think they are the cream of the crop. If you’re in the market for a new portable, make sure you don’t miss this video!

0:39 The Flowermate V5 Pro
3:09 The Arizer Solo
6:04 The Arizer Air
8:27 The Pax 2
11:30 The Mighty

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At Australian Vaporizers we care about quality and want you to make the most informed decision possible. Please keep in mind that all reviews are based purely on our personal opinions and anecdotal experiences, as well as those of the many customers we interact with on a daily basis.

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Kwabena Asare says:

So pax 2 or the mighty? Hmmm

V K says:

cheapest vape is 150 fuck my broke ass

Roger Baker says:

I have a Titan, a Launch – Box, a da Vinci, a Crafty and an Air. If I could only keep one, it would be the Air; no question.

Huw Penson says:

Haze V3 ?

Ddbksbd Nddndb says:

lul i have the same grinder 😀

george lafflin says:

Firefly 2 is great. It’s newer so I’m sure that’s why it didn’t make list but it’s as good or better than pax 2

Da Ca says:

Dude how are you going to say these capes aren’t ideal to use all day everyday ?! That’s the entire point of these devices it’s the fact that you can go out and vape THROUGHOUT the day and you’re here saying they’re good for once a week to once or twice a day. Nonsense. I’m fairly sure people who use these use them multiple times every day

shaolindreams says:

liked but now watching 2017 update 😀 n1 bro

funbucket09 says:

What about the hazetech? You guys don’t like it?

Bryant Allen says:

Have had the solo for about 2 years now. Works like its brand new still. Definitely worth it for anyone who is thinking about buying one

Darran hanlon says:

I was expecting the wisbr to be included in this review??Didn’t make the cut ? Oh well

Nameis SteveProgress says:

What are the top 3 pure convection dry herb portable vaporizers?

MegaScreugneugneu says:

For discretion buy the flowermate v5.0 pro mini …. not this one , seriously …. i use it every day at my work.

Charlotte White says:

Thanks for this vid, really helpful. Have you tried the Q7s? seems to have good reviews on Amazon

SDB Montréal says:

Thank for the reviews. do you have test The DaVinci Ascent

GMT says:

can’t go wrong with devices who use 18650s

Apostolos Barbataf says:

might is not reliable !they break so easy

iammetcash says:

V5 Pro really? how can you rate that in a TOP 5 for something you cant use daily?!

5huprix says:

This is a really high quality video, thanks

Jalen Proctor-Ford says:

Great video!

Gamzee Makara says:

What bout the gpen elite? That thing should be in the top 5.

Kobepac says:

what about flowermate pro Mini?

biddlybongwong says:

Got the solo getting delivered tommorow

Animaciones PR says:

And what is the name of the vape you uses for real everyday? Thanks for the video.

Jeremy Hall says:

If discreet is what you’re looking for use the Solo with a straight tube put in a cup with lid on it looks like your drinking a soda with a straw

Eric B says:

V5 pro looks like a zeus i have in ,Canada

Delores Bright says:

what is the best portable vapor for the travel & most use?

John Brown says:

Which is for oil and wax? Sorry, Thumbs Down… I’m looking for a wax pen and this video didn’t help..

McChips McG says:

+Australian Vaporizers Hey damb kewl video! i need the mighty except, that is a fair bit of money!? can you recommend another vape from your website that can provide some discretion and about 5 sessions a day?

MASS Aquariums says:

Great reviews. I’m basically looking for a never ending one hitter. I like a mild buzz and im not a session guy. I usually take 1 or 2 hits every couple hours. What’s your recommendation?

Alan Ocampo says:

You need to give the cfx vape

J.D. Whited says:

Man, your Mighty looks new. I clean mine very regularly, but it’s just beat.

ApatheticEuphoria says:

your using the liquid pad wrong man…it’s called a liquid pad for a reason…you put liquids and concentrates on it man…

Six Three says:

twice a week for over 50 dollars makes no sense

Humberto Neto says:

Top 3 portable convection vaporizers?

Jorge Huerta says:

top 5 economic vaporizers!

rush4130 says:

will you ever get the lotus butane vape in stock?

Winnie W says:

Nice review! BTW, do you know the Black Mamba dry herb vaporizer? Heard they are very popular now, but i can’t find anything about it on google. Can you help?

Travis Bickle says:

I almost don’t wanna give you a thumps up cause its at 420.

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