Review of the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer – Mini Solo

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Inspired says:

Pax 2 or the Arizer Air:
Which has better flavor & efficiency?

AttunedFlux says:

The Air comes with 2 rubber caps for the stems now so you can keep them pre-packed for quick use! Very handy!

Chris B says:

Also: heard you can use the after-vaped grounds in cannabutter. True?

Harry Brown says:

is it possible to use a battery with 5800, 9900 mAh and more?

timspellman47 says:

I am fairly new to vaping. I bought the extreme q and so far I am very happy with it. So I decided I needed a portable so I bought the air. It is weird because the Q seems to get me more buzzed and makes my herbs go further. So far though I can’t say the same for the air. It gives me pretty big clouds for a vape. In fact the amount of vape is more than my Q but I don’t feel it as good. Any thoughts?

Flash fielding says:

I’m new to vaporising what would everyone recommend the arizer air or the pax 2.

purple holiday says:

Does anyone know what size mesh screen I could put in the glass stem to stop fine weed particles from being drawn into my mouth at times? Thanks…

videogameland says:

Hi the Vape critic, I just got my Arizer Solo few days ago, and after following first use instructions to set temp to 7 and cycle for 12 minutes until auto turn off, i packed a bowl and it tasted contaminated with chemicals, like a funny plastic taste.. coming from a ROAR glass bong user, these vaporizers do not taste clean, whats your thoughts?

MrRocksmith101 says:

You sure seem biased on your opinions. One would think you were paid by a competitor to rate it lower

undrachevr says:

if considering a cordless vape for the home… air or solo?

Higzy Teflon says:

Medically speaking, picking up this device has been a game changer for me. I rarely smoke joints anymore and my lungs already feel better. Also, using smaller amounts to medicate far more effectively than smoking is a win-win. I was a bit surprised at the vapor quality – it’s phenomenal! After a months use, it has become my go-to when I need to medicate without the wait. Loving my Arizer Air! Your review vid convinced me to go out and get one, so HUGE thanks for that.

lolipoppornbitch says:

Arizer Air or Airvape XS? Looking mainly for flavour and taste. Like that the arizer air seems easy to clean, 2mins heat up seems a bit longer that airvape xs but i am not impatient. I also like the fact that you can controll the temperature to a precise degree on Xs… hard one man, .. would be grateful for some help. Thankx tomas

kalistalev says:

efficiency is v good but with the slow heat up time its a sesh vape only unlike firefly, elevape, Daisy etc. I think the ‘instant’ heating will become increasingly popular as it offers more versatility and hence efficiency. 🙂

Ronny Clagg says:

What’s up buddy, just ordered my air from aromatek for only 150! Dunno if it’s a sale or what but it was only 20 more than the solo so I thought hell why not. Now my concerns are, is the vapor warmness a breaker? And how does it hold up with vapor quality and taste compared to the original solo, which is now considered a finished and complete model.

Jorge Potyguara says:

Great review. What do you think for a first time user of vapes: Arzier Air or DaVinci’s Ascent?

prozacania says:

I love your reviews. Very professional, not corny, no bad jokes or poor attempts at humor. Your review on the Extreme Q helped me decide on that one. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your recommendations.

Chris B says:

Hey, Vape Critic; nice review. Can you use concentrates on any of the Arizer products? Or are they only for flower?

Gene Parmesan says:

Hey would you rather this or the gpen elite? I’m looking to buy a dry herb vape that’ll make some nice clouds and get me the highest so if you have any suggestions of which of those 2 or another one that would be good to get let me know

tskitz says:

is it worth upgrading to the new Arizer Air from the previous Arizer Solo? Thanks for all inputs in advance

VioletPine22 says:

You wish it were more, ah… FLASHY!

John Border says:

pax2 or arizer air? I am very torn between the two. portability is not a huge factor. looking for the best vapor and efficiency.

william Russell says:

Comparing it to most vapes on the market, I’d have to go with the air solely because it does a great job with vapor production and taste. Something most vapes today lack. I’m willing to sacrifice the “pure” portability in exchange for a durable working unit that kicks my ass. Plus, it has a replaceable battery. GENIUS. Especially considering the size of batteries on portables today. Had mine for about a week now and I take it just about everywhere I can go with it. Solid. A bit pricey. Definitely cutting it close.

The only negative is the price (not a big deal considering pax’s price and the fact that it does a shit ton better) and that it has 5 heat settings rather than 7.

EhCanadianGuy27 COD says:

what a shit review. fk u for ur lack of effort

Håvard Gerhardsen says:

Thanks for your awesome reviews! Keep it up 🙂

I have a long time experience with the Air, and want to supplement this review with some (perhaps) overlooked details.

One major difference between Solo and Air is that the glass stem falls out when holding the Solo upside down. The Air has a tighter connection between the chamber and the stem, which is an important improvement. Downside is that one must warm up the chamber to be able to get the stem in place.

Another important fact that you (perhaps) overlooked is that the glass stems can be preloaded and sealed with the Arizer Stem Caps. It is also simple to load the stems by just digging them into a jar of grinded herbs. I even manage to do this while bicycling, but that’s not something I recommend doing.

I have experienced problems with high draw resistance (that actually led to an inflammation on one side of my neck) because of a stupid failure in the design. Luckily there is a simple solution to this. By pulling the stem 1 mm out after pushing it to the bottom of the chamber it reduces the draw resistance. This is because the stem itself can block the four air flow holes in the chamber.

Some people say that the Air is not stealthy enough. I actually find it to be more stealthy than pens because everyone knows what’s inside that pen anyway and the smell is the same. The best way to use Air stealthy is by holding it in your palm and cover the draw hole of the stem with your index finger (use short stems). This way you also stop any leakage, and keep cold air from coming into the camber. Even better is that the Air is covered by your hand and inside your sleeve. In my humble opinion, most pens have poor vapor quality. It’s mostly combustion. My advice to people who by any reason can’t stand up for their right to use cannabis is to use tincture instead of vaping the goodies.

Cheap vaporizers often come with some health issues because of active materials that radiates toxics when being heated. I encourage +The Vape Critic to focus on health. I guess that Storz & Bickel (Volcano, Plenty, Mighty, Crafty) and the Hermes (MiniVap) are the only companies that are seriously about health. Correct me if I’m wrong, the vaporizer industry has an double moral going on in terms of health.

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