Pax by ploom Vaporizer Review

Pax by Ploom – An awesome portable vape.

We’ve bought vapes all over the world. We’ve never been happier than when buying from an authorized retailer.

Beware of FAKE PAX’s! Always buy your Pax from an Ploom Authorized dealer!

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Kevin Alexander says:

Synthetic weed is shit

libbidy2010 says:

This was a great review. I dropped mine on the pavement pretty much right away too and it survived. Has the same scars. Easy to clean once you find a routine that works for you. I use rubbing alcohol for the unit and grunge off for the screen. Love the long life and the ease of use.

Tony Ballesteros says:

Awesome review! Thank you.

Erik Pye says:

This is a great review it really highlights the pros of the Pax as well as the flaws. Overall very good vid!

wilbur Cost says:

I just bought one and still do not know how much smokes should come out of my mouth.I never used one before and didnt smoke pot until prescribed for my arthritis
I have so much to learn and when to use it

Benjamin Lebona says:

accelerometers o.O, seems a bit much – but appreciate the techno innovation…

thomascampr says:

Sucking on a plastic vaporizer is not good. Releases toxic plastic. Estrogen . 

Hadsatriani says:

Awesome review!

Only thing i wanted to see what the burnt substance looked like when you were done smoking as i have a pax comming and have never used a vape

But still cool review

George Ortega says:

You ruined this review you needy bitch

Shane Herman says:

To vape right.. you need the right music …check me out!

Sprsae says:

just use a goddamn crack pipe.. worked fine for me!

trevor mead says:

there is 3 settings for how much heat it will produce i used 1  it does not taste like plastic it taste amazing and then at the end i taste like popcorn if you vape to long lol

Polecatt says:

The Pax is the best on the market. Don’t be fooled by seeing the videos that say the Solo is better… The Solo was handed out like candy to anyone that does reviews, I mean hell if I got a vaporizer for free I would recommend it. Pax was only released in Canda and the USA so it limits the reviews. I own the Solo and Valcano as well & now they both sit collecting dust. 

NOBOX7 says:

i dont no i advise putting your mouth or lungs on any thing made in china, we need to boycot there high speed manufactured crap 

Grandpaonfire says:

look how shit your weed was

Klara Gyldenløve says:

… shows “exactly” how much power is left: low, mid, high. Well, that’s as exact as it gets 😀 haha

x9x9x9x9x9 says:

SOOOO many sexual innuendos!

Carmelina T says:

lmao i dropped mine too when i first got it

zac talks a lot says:

great review thanks so much. nailed all critical points including discretion. cheers.

zara semmes says:

bought mine 8 months ago… kept it clean and stored in the original box.  now, the temperature switch does not work and the battery does not charge to full capacity (I tried to lube it).  I sent a message to Ploom and hope to hear from them.  this Vaporizer cost a fortune… $300 +, so it should work forever but apparently it has problems.  there has to be a Vape out there worth the money.

jcsmooth70 says:

Can you use oils in the chamber or is it only for dry goods?

sdfgsdgsggserdfsh says:

he said the fresh load tasted amazing

Wayne says:

thank you

DummyDingusRex says:

The vapor only ever passes through a medical-grade steel pipe. It never “runs over the electronics”. How often do you clean your Pax? That’s likely the cause of you issue. Also try packing it a little fuller and tighter. Cheers

THChannel says:

MFLB… All that needs said.

Betzalel Goldman says:

If you turn the heat down do you get more draws?

Crazyfvckenelephant says:

lol is that tabaco?? Where the weed att

Natalie Fleming says:

nice check out my review!
love this vape

Vaporizers Reviewed says:

Those are Aerospaced, I think you can get them at vape world dot com. Very Nice grinders.

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