PAX 3 Vaporizer Matte Finish – Unboxing & Review – Still best vaporizer in 2018?

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After more than a year of using the PAX 3 vaporizer, we’ve finally decided to make a video review of it and we still love it, hope you enjoy our video review

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Travis Mandel says:

Isn’t this thing like over 100 bucks

No Show says:

Can you just buy a replacement concentrate insert and use it in the standard edition?

lazer tag says:

fucking over priced…

Eduardo Sanchez says:

is the high as potent as hitting pipes and other glass pieces ?

Black Africanboy69 says:

Stop at 3:45 .. she says “280” when she meant to say 380

Cartmania says:

This is a fucking excellent review, I’m surprised this doesn’t have more comments. Exactly why I was looking for, thanks!

Cgase Zimmermagan says:

3:48 280?…

Top Cat says:


Fuבלr says:

Isn’t it supposed to come with 3 screens too?

GasNBullets says:

Absoloutly love my PAX3. Allows me to use dry herb in the house or anywhere at any time.

Clay Bodybuilding & Fitness says:

Wow will have to try at some point probably next year after tax returns lol thanks for review!

Carlos Ramirez says:

Pax 3 vs Dynavap m.

Sara Jetlag says:

The one thing I like about Pax is how great the customer service team is. I had my device for about a year and unfortunately it stopped charging. Sent it in and they quickly sent me a replacement within a week so the warranty program is a big factor if anyone is considering purchasing (10 year warrant just make sure to register on their website). But it’s honestly my favorite vaporizer.

linkinduck94 says:

Awesome review.

Marcus Cohen says:

The Mighty. This is garbage.

DarthPepe says:

Crafty&Mighty are better

Justinoid says:

G pen is better

TheBandwagon ExoticShip says:

I love my Pax3

James Massey says:

No demonstration?

Cru2000 says:

I was the 421st like. Good day.

Dont Takenythinfrgrnted says:

I thought this was convection

Georges Mougharbel says:

No replaceable battery ,is it a joke ?why a ten years warranty on the other parts ,when you won’t be able to use it after few years depending on your usage …due a battery end life not able to hold its charge …

hahah54 says:

Whats concentrates?? Is it hash?

Aerospace Engineer says:

That one person who disliked it is fucking poor to buy this shit. It is awesome

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