Nokiva portable vaporizer by airistech review

This is a dry herb conduction based vaporizer from imo this is the pax killer, its cheaper much more durable, taste and battery life is outstanding plus 20 second heat up time you can’t beat that. The body gets hot but not so hot where you can’t hold it but the taste is amazing the to that glass mouthpiece. Stay wavy my friends


Franken Peter says:

Thank you! I got it in my car for $39.99 and debating whether or not to cop it. My flowermate 2.0 is starting to die so this will be perfect!

eefazar123 says:

If there was some high quality dank in here woud it smell just in there, even with the cap on tightly and in my pocket? I had a gpen and you could smell it and it smelled a whole lot more while heating it up. Because of the ceramic chamber I belieive. Also does it smell heating up?Could I posbilely vape in a public area with people close without the smell if it was mids and I used a smokebuddy too or even would loud work that way? Sorry I just have alot of questions because I recently ordered one and I got red because of you calling it “sexy”. I really liked your review early and youve earned yourself a new subscriber c:

BlackenTheSky6 says:

So no wonder people laugh at me when I’m asked if I dab….

charlotte pon says:

wich is better nokiva or viva?

joel Rodriguez says:

Just bought this vape because of you.. if you are bullshittting me i will troll your channel till the end of time.

milesgrant says:

I’ve have 4 of these. The negative on the Nokiva is the mouth piece. They are not durable and break easily. I can not find an option to purchase separate from unit itself.

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@JT McMahon nice!!! is this your first vaporizer ever? if it is then u haven’t seen or felt nothing yet. this is a conduction vaporizer so u gotta try a convection vaporizer. There’s some really great conduction units like the arizer air or cfx by boundless vapes couple other ones as well but if u truely want to get the full spectrum of the plant and never waste your medicine then u need to invest in a convection unit. I have a bunch of reviews on convection units you just gotta scroll threw my reviews. Firefly 2 , sticky brick or sticky brick junior, grasshopper, there’s alot of great convection units. I’m glad u like it though. don’t forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe. stay wavy my friend

Adrian Garza says:

do it smell alot

N.D. Jackson says:

Question. Does the display light up on the initial charge or once it’s fully charged for the first time? Thanks!

Teddy V says:

Hey guys, just want to ask you, can it be comparable with flowermates mini or 5s or any similar vape, does it have isolated air path? better said does the plastic get heated up ? did you tasted some plastic/after some use? _I just dont want to inhale plastic, and very last question does it contain one or two batteries? thankx much

Mateusz Sieńko says:

Have you tried # from it ?

Gerry Gendron says:

Dude thanks for the info,just started for pain(had cancer twice)pain meds are death! Nature is the only way to go.

Stéphane Durand says:

what is the best between Nokiva and Herbva??

Jota says:

Hey dude, can I fit this glass mouth piece in a 14mm down stem to take a bong hit it hit?

Gypsyraingoddess says:

Love your honest reviews. Do you still recommend the Nokiva, as a good priced, good quality vape, or are there others now, you recommend?

Conservative Kiwi says:

Great review my bro – Love your style – bought one and can’t wait to try it.

Eufrance Andrea Gutierrez says:

I found one on the bus stop earlier…and searched about this gadget cause at first i thought it was a flip phone …so this is what this gadget i found…hehehe….but i don’t smoke this stuff anymore though…hmmm…anyway…nice video!!Thank you so much for the clear,simple and brief info!More power to you!God speed!

Nafiul Ahmed says:

Haha you are funny dude ! I liked the vid i think ima get one. Thx

Wesley hare says:

bro can you help me out im just about to buy one these of aliexpress. They good yer. ….or could you recommend me a good one from china. vmax , hebe ,wave, black widows. thanks in advance bro

Cameron Barros says:

Do you press a button while you hit this or do you just wait until it’s temperature heats up and then rip it?

XantiaD says:

After having a Viva (and loving it for the three whole weeks it lasted), I’ll never waste money on an Airistech product again.

ΓΛBIПθΓθJθ says:


James Tetreault says:

Had this vape for three months of heavy use, I love until now. the pyrex mouthpiece has broke and the small is starting to fail.Airstech sent me a link for new ones at over $20.00 not including shipping, you kidding me.

Eufrance Andrea Gutierrez says:

Response to 8:08 Or while they are inventing or making the holder as you mention,for a while i would probably use some tacky or those putty that they use for posters or to stick a picture on the wall that doesn’t hardened like a cement or whatever…that could be a good holder i believe…just an idea,hi hi hi hi…peace!

LB says:

Kandypens is selling something just like this claiming it’s true convection , lifetime warranty for 150$

Not Just Tube says:

I’m planning on getting this vape since they sell them for about $45 at a store near my house. What temp do you recommend vaping at, so that either mouthpiece doesn’t melt? I don’t really care about cloud production, just effects.

Esteban Montenegro says:

Hi! what do you recomend me for charging the device ??

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