Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer Unboxing, Usage and Review

Welcome to the Unboxing, Usage and Review of the Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer from Wizard Puff. Save 10% on everything at Wizard Puff with the code CANNABASICS:

The Nokiva is an almost perfect vaporizer regardless of the price, and at around $80 it’s one of my personal favorites. Amazing huge puffs, great flavor and includes the glass mouthpiece accessory, the Nokiva dry herb vaporizer hits the nail right on the head.
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jeanious2009 says:

I just got mine and am amazed on great the cannabis tastes and the clouds it puts out when over 375f.

Tyler says:

*ONLY* $79.99

Msdj Jdndn says:

So I have this same device and it was different than what i expected, I dont receive any amazing flavours, and the build isn’t mindblowingly good either, what I notice is how high this thing gets me with a little bit of weed, and how the process is easy and discreet. The thing is small and lightweight, with the long mouthpiece inhaling vapor is very easy (although it seems like youre not doing much) after a little while it just sneaks up on you and the high i get is like no other, its like being high while being high while being high, its incredible and lasts for hours. My parents dont know I smoke weed so i have to be cautious and discreet with smoking and usually have to go outside but this i can do in my room without a problem.

Cheap (35 from china), small, relatively well built, efficient, and super nice effect.

SirBongsAlot says:


diggs says:

how long did the battery last before having to charge it?

josealberto jose says:

Buenas, soy de Argentina que página me recomiendan para pedirlo con el mejor precio?Gracias

Swage Mastor says:

Hey guys when do you think you will be live streaming again. Great video tho

rasman1876 says:

woah, im definately going to get this…. nice. great review!

Uroboro says:

Wizzard Puff: can i copy your homework?
Nokia: yes, just change it a lil bit

Will Cowey says:

like the glass mouthpiece.

SuckYaMudda09 says:

My device turns on but the display is blank, as if it has no power? Do I have a faulty device?

#smokedoutpositivesquad says:

what a coincidence, I ordered mine and it will arrive tomorrow 🙂

It’s much cheaper if you order it directly from a Chinese reseller. I won’t post any links here but I got mine for $25 incl. shipping 🙂

The Wallaby Edits says:

I had mine for a while, good vape and I love the temp control. After daily usage it started to fail, first the Pyrex mouthpiece. It’s a wonderful piece, I just wish it handled the heat better, or at least I’m assuming that’s what happened to it. Later went the ability to turn it on, and once I got it on I couldn’t turn it off. Now I can’t charge it at all. It is a great starter vape, especially if you’re just starting to vape your herb and aren’t sure if you’ll like it

David Junior says:

why are your hands allways shaking

Justin m says:

is this a rip off of the atmos vicod or vise versa? lol

Sovereign Sentience says:

thanks for this video Matt. my storm died last week and I need another dry herb vape . I hope the sale lasts until the end of the month, because my disability is all used up but for a few grocery dollars.
from $70k a year in the mining industry to existence level is no joke. thank christmas for cannabis .

jose jose says:

can you smoke the left over weed??

Home Grown says:

Mine is weak! It doesn’t get much output in terms of smoke volume and intensity, maybe I didn’t use the mouthpeace,but I got me a buzzz,
I set it it 435, I did everything- set temp to 435 until steady blue light, then take a slow deep long big breath in – with a breath hold!
But very scant amount smoke barely visible??? But I got a buzz though-:)

Rafael Fiori says:

Does that hide the smell?

James Henderson says:

how would you compare this to the boundless cfc?

Dank Budz says:

I got mine for 40 bucks on amazon. Had it for 5 months now still work’s like a beast.

Taylor Banks says:

Most good products all have short battery life

Andrew B says:

Looks awesome, I’m going to look into getting one of these things!!!!

KingBarley says:

is there a vape out there that’s like 40 bucks and works decent?

Yo Mama says:

another good one.

Oberfeldwebel says:

ww2 remember

gloom cloud says:

these Vapes are cheap ASF and break fast. it’s only a scam

Josiah Ferrer says:

When you realized the brand looks like *NOKIA*

Akashaheart says:

Just got this yesterday the red one I went in looking for a roller and ended up taking this baby home

Anime - Musical Videos says:

I want to buy this vaporizer in India.

Chris Keo says:

When you realize he smokin with his dealer

Lewis Campbell says:

Just received mine. Did anybody else have a burning plastic smell? I haven’t used it yet. Done THREE ‘Burn offs’ so far. I’m not feeling optimistic about keeping this. Anybody have any experiences?

Larsy from Marsy says:

What are the rings supposed to do?

AllWeAreBadKids says:

Thank you!

Josh G. says:

seems like a good deal at 80$

Yout Tuka says:

Do a drop test.

priyanaka bhat says:

Can I use this to vape Tobacco?

jose1041996 says:

lol you can order this directly from the chine factory for like 34$

HappySuperSales says:

hope it actually works better than the linx gaia. bought the gaia on your review and its worked about 3 total weeks out of a 2 month period. 2nd time on the return of it and if this 3rd one don’t work longer than a week this time i think i might try this one out.

ace the menace says:


cosycampbell says:

I can’t seem to shift a strange plastic smell. Is this normal for the Nokiva? I’ve done a fair number of ‘Burn Offs’ but it’s still there. Should I return this unit? With thanks

Chelsea yeager says:

Im having a problem finding new screens for this. I dont want to buy new mouth pieces.

jean kelman says: one for mothers day.. this video helped..

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