My PAX 2 Review: Small, Sexy, Serious.

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Ian Smith says:

What is the ideal temperature setting for this? I ordered one because I want a healthier way to get high, so I definitely don’t want combustion, but I definitely want to get a lot of thc out of the herb.

Pandabearmadness says:

this review made me pull the trigger on buying the pax2 in 2015, I was using the magic flight box and I love that product overall it’s a beautiful product it’s just with the mfb it takes more technique and nothing wrong with that but just a little more patients when vaping. the cleaning pax 2 is probably my only complaint but it’s very minor and is heaps easier than other devices. ive found the easiest quickest way to clean it is either to have the bowl either warmed or on depending on what step I’m on. it gets really stinky while you are scrubbing the bowl while it’s on but holy shit it comes right off. I’ve noticed when the pax 2 gets clogged up with resin the button is harder to press. after clean the button seems to work easier. I’m confident with a 10 year warranty that they offer I’ll be covered. I thought I mite need to send it in bc the button but started notice the button became easier after a clean. I love my pax 2 I hope whoever is thinking about buying it that they give it a try. it does scratch easy I have one right across the front. i recommend getting a cover skin or a protective silicone case. sorry for my rant I really high

MrJimmypoopoo says:

cool glasses – you look like a German DJ from 2003.

Jose Pescador says:

I normally change those flat screens with pipe screens.

Mikel526 says:

In theory it is great!

In practice: Sometimes you definetely know you’re hitting something sometimes not… weekly cleanings is a must…. Have been using it for around 8 months… battery lifetime definetely decreased by a lot compared to the beginning…

Knowing then what I know now, I would get the vaporizer that looks like a beer can….

Billy Bogart says:

You might be disinfecting the oven/screen with the alcohol or almost buffing the residue with the pick. However that’s not really going to clean the residue which is resin. Resin is fat soluble. Any fat soluble substance will clean resin by melting it. This can include butter products, oils etc. I wouldn’t pour olive oil into the unit but you could rub down the screen that comes out with it and to remove the oil from the metal baking soda could be used. Make sure to rinse the baking soda. There’s nothing particularly healthy about alcohol. Even if you were to use Bacardi 150 or even Everclear. What’s worse as mentioned is there’s nothing particularly effective about those substances. Pick your fatty substance and use baking soda to clean the oil off and rinse. If there’s resin in the machine I suppose it’s possible you could use a Qtip with some oil but not dripping wet and don’t rub too hard that the Qtip falls apart. Remember you’ll be heating that area up and don’t want to leave any cotton. They also sell swabs that are not lint like. Only alcohol I might use on such a device is Listerine on the mouth piece.

Unknown Host says:

Have you gotten the pax 3 yet? If so, when can we expect a review??

Michael Hunter says:

where do i get one of those cool needles for my pax2?

Webster says:

What would say is better, crafty or pax 2?

Rusty Shackleford says:


GOODGAME's With Acko says:

stop taking vallium u tit. theres no other reason for youre stupid indoor shades and spiceboy hair cut.

nicougrikify Pelletier says:

Quick tip dude; wearing shades inside a house or car or generally where there is no sun is EXTREMELY douchy. but hey, if that’s what you’re going for then more power to ya.

Logan Miller says:

i dont get NEARLY as mush vapor as these videos im seeing

/'Cypheir says:

good review dude, hope you get more subs…

Demian Termen says:

Hi! I love your channel. Have you ever used pax 2 with tobacco? Any comments or advice? Thanks! Love from Italy

Robbie Richard says:

did he mention a coupon code? and has anyone seen any videos that have given discount prices or anything? im looking to buy one but 270 is quite a lot for me.

snake172 says:

Weird glasses bro……. You look like a gay german dude who’s into schizer videos and stuff. Good review though.

Hannah Chynoweth says:

i always had issues with the stupid mechanical parts, the mouthpiece and temp control. I’m sending it out a 2nd time for the stupid temp changer getting “stuck” on one temp. I decided to take their $100 offer to upgrade it to the PAX2. I also felt the cleaning the original PAX was the same, it would also get build up on it, and if you go a really long time with out cleaning it the thing starts acting weird. oh no.. a 3 hr charge. I also liked the hour charge, sometimes i’d forget and leave it on my desk over night. I am a sipper as you say i like that term. I slam my wine and sip my weed

PuRqL3Haz3 says:

looked more like a make out session with that thing to me

imad sulaiman says:

pls. help me. which is the most convenient and easy to use vape. and the best quality

Media Nerds says:

so what is better a pax 2 or a g elite from gresco science? want to get the best for the buck and the one that is the healthiest / sturdiest model 🙂

Samuel Ritchot says:

just bought my first pax 2 today. only used it a couple times b4 charging it. seems pretty good tho. great video btw

RedDiamondCrew says:

Are you doing a PAX 3 Review?

Lida Walsh says:

Hey there! Very helpful video. But I am curious about the smell after exhaling? Looking for something to use in the car and be less smelly….

Chris Yeager says:

your glasses are gay, but cool video

Cheryl M says:

Is this fella blind?

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