My Grasshopper Vaporizer Review: Hits Hard & HOT

My Grasshopper Vape Review – See my rating here:

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My re-edited review of the Grasshopper vaporizer pen.

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Marvin says:

No way, you showed your face!

Joshpwigs says:

good honest review, thank you

Woahimdead07 says:

i ordered mines in early march and got delay after delay after delay. still no hopper and they havent been responding to my emails for updates…WTF? the WORST customer service out there. you couldnt find worse shipping estimates if you tried, and im not sure what they claim they “work” on because it seems everyone has major problems and even overall defective systems when they arrive. im going to cancel my order this month if i dont get it because 235$ and 6 months later…this is past ridiculous. this is NO way to run a business. I was excited at first but its been disapointment and then some. and im a VERY patient guy. and if they dont reply to my refund email they will hear from my attorney for scamming me out of 230$.

Yor says:

Honestly the edit made the video so much better. Definitely makes the video sound a lot more reasonable. Nice job! I honestly hated it before but now its much better.

h445 says:

lmao oh god man you were fucking riipppped in this one Bud, made me immediately want to buy it.

Oxygorjia X says:

This thing is so disappointing!!! If you read this can you PLEASE do a review of the 7th floor (ssv) sidekick!!!

bRiMaTiOn says:

Was there a VapeRating or did I miss that? Also I like your reviews.

Kal-El says:

Where do you find temps on these? Does it say anything on the manual? Do you have a temp list?

Dizzle Mizzle says:

I use it with silicon on tip on all time. it gets hot but it’s not that bad.

joe fresh says:

Do not buy. Won’t last you more than 1 mbth of use before you have to send it back for repair

Tre G. says:

I honestly think you’re too hard on yourself

Jake Burkeroe says:

Is this nigga faded

Greilzrasdanth 1 says:

Have respect for what they were trying to accomplish with this but the mouthpiece needs to be tweaked. They came out with a pfe that cuts out the discretion aspect and really, all solutions do. Would still buy having knowledge of how to use it without burning myself.

Trent Walker says:

I want that hoodie!

Josh K says:

Alright, don’t tease. So what other portables would also work well through water? I am hoping to find something I can walk around the house with, but also use on the go. Main thing that attracted me to this one was the powerful heater, and the discreet design. Thanks!

Ralph says:

Thank you for taking your time and not rushing through. Nice and thorough. Good Job!!!

juicy olbas says:

great review. Clip and temp adjustment great points.
Heat of vapour I suspected b4 it came out. I don’t mind this but I have VG coil technique down to a science so for warm vapour I will stick with that :-).
Efficiency is imo very subjective. Largely because it ties in with controlability. A vid on this would be interesting. 🙂

J.M B. says:

Terrible vape. too hot and gives off taste of internal metals. it is not a clean burn. the company also needs an attitude adjustment. Bad product, bad business and for the price terrible value. Took 3 yrs to arrive after ordering! Don’t let the other reviews fool you. this product is premature.

joe arrowsmith says:

One thing that makes me kinda uncomfortable about the GH is the batteries. They say the GH has a 45 watt heater, now I really find it hard to believe that those tiny batteries can safely provide the sort of amperage required to produce 45W.

I mean, I don’t know the resistance of the heater, or how much the GH boosts the voltage, but still, speaking in e cig terms the idea of running 45W from something like an 18350 or 14650 battery seems pretty crazy.

I dunno, I’d assume they’ve properly done their research and made it safe. At least I hope they have… I’m not aware of any horror stories surrounding the GH, aside from the quite high failure rate.

Still, it’d be nice to see the technology scaled up into an 18650 compatible device in the style of a small torch/flashlight. Grasshopper plus, anyone?

renji2792 says:

You didn’t say anything about the magnetic charger

Neomaya Davila says:

definitely high with shooting this lol

R. D. Sandman says:

@The Vape Critic–I thought your review was pretty much spot on–no, one can’t cover every little thing or even a few not so little ones either, time can be limited for what needs to be covered. It does get hot & the glass add-on is THE best route to go.

flo_worsnop says:

Whats the difference between the titanium and the stainless steel?

freigeist says:

Unbelievable this hype.a low quality vape for high prices.very bad batterylife.becomes hot at the mouthpiece and so on.

Ertylol says:

Well this is a brilliant review if I ever saw one. The lords have at at last delivered us something this portable, this discreet, this convenient, this powerful, so you complain it’s too powerful*, and in the end just turn it into a fucking bong.
*use the temp dial, turn it down, stop burning your lips, go the fuck outside, chuck the silicone tip i don’t even know where mine is,, stay outside, and puff on it constantly as if it were the world’s classiest and tastiest e-cig or some shit, because it basically is. Seriously, it’s a glorious taste, savor it… you fuck. Here’s a fun little parallel:
The alcohol equivalent, in a sense, would be like some wine&spirits reviewer discussing the latest in future portable backpack microbrew IPA wondergojizmos maybe, then just going “FACK NAH, CANTS, LET’S STAY HOME AND DO SOME SHOTS HEY, if I crank it this will turbocharge my moonshine setup”*
Then I realized this is youtube and that’s probably almost certainly exactly what beverage reviewers on here do as well to be fair. so nevermind man, u kool.
*that’s totally what an alcoholic would say

SeanTron says:

Love all of your videos, great job. Need some new ones though, maybe one for the Vivant Alternate :P.

Phuck Hugh says:

The clip acts as a roll stop. I like it. Your review was spot on. Too hot for the mouth. Amazing with a water pipe. Excellent vapor quality and production. Waited 10 and a half months and I love mine.

Jason L Bourne says:

I definitely agree with your honest review, and you’re pretty funny. On-the-go is not this thing’s strong suit. Put it in a water bubbler, and this thing destroys. I haven’t met a man that can clear a bowl in one go, much less half a bowl. Also if your meds is dank enough, you would swear you just took a dab after a big rip. On a 14mm female, you do not need the silicone adapter/mouthpiece; it would simply sit deeper than a 13mm and you actually don’t have to hold the hopper at that point. Just be gentle and not break or crack your glass when removing it, as the suction can make it fit a little snug. Enjoy

Me says:

The little condom thing LOL

TheGreatUtopiaCat says:

watch in 1.25 speed

Kyle Thomson says:

What vape do you recommend as best for vaping herb through a bong? Doesn’t need to be portable

Colm Magner says:

The heat at the mouthpiece is a major flaw. To say nothing of the problematic nature of a bespoke 750mAh battery!! You likely can’t charge the damn things in your charger because they are an odd size; you’re obliged to purchase them from their company at their price; and the battery only lasts for about 6 or 7 draws according to another reviewer; For all the hype about being designed by engineers, there seem to be some major issues. The Space shuttle looked cool, too. But it also functioned relatively well, but for the sad accidents.

Andrew Stedra says:

Where did you get that bubbler?

Kyle Nebrigich says:

Do you recommend letting the vape heat up without any material in the chamber in order to burn off the “factory oils” in there?

Dewayne Lindsay says:

Don’t buy a grasshopper. I’ve had to return mine so many times.

peter deng says:

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