My DaVinci IQ Review: Conduction At Its Finest

My DaVinci IQ Vape Review – See my rating here:

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Matt Beck says:

better than Crafty?

gottadurrie?6 says:

you’ve gone stale..

Delwyn Garcia says:

The Davinci IQ or the Mighty/Crafty?

Addison Tharpe says:

I was going to get this and I went with an e cig mod instead. Boy this is so different from smoking/using an e cig mod. All of this just to smoke weed. I clean my e cig mod twice a month. I just got it 6 days ago and I have 200 puffs on it. It’s like all of these do is one thing. Set temp, and that’s it. I’m never going back to weed. Fucking expensive compared to this. This is fucking time consuming. Man! I’m saving so much more money by not smoking or vaping weed. You barely get any vapor out of this thing.

Troy Amadeus says:

how does Cleaning is cleaning on this? is it easier to clean then the crafty?

Gerardo Contrera says:

Can someone explain me please the difference between e-liquid, oils, concentrates, and why a vaporizer that use e-liquid last longer than a herb vaporizer. Thanks

xmarvelman99x says:

What kind of joint can the Da Vinci use, for example I heard it can definitely be used for a 10mm Female joint and a 14mm Male joint. But can it also be used for a 14mm Female joint or a 10mm Male joint? I am trying to look for the best water pipe(that also has a Flower Bowl) to use with this.

Richard Powell says:

At first I totally overlooked this vape. Clearly I was wrong. Compared to the firefly 2 which vape is better? I hope that in 2017 storez an Bickel will release a new portable vape.

Red Eye says:

WARNING: unreliable product from a company with bad customer service

Dov Tov says:

I have this vape due to your reviews. 5 months hundreds of uses like brand new. The features and performance make this the best dry herb only vaporizer that is made. Period! The Davinci I would classify as ULTRA portable. I think so much of this vape it is better than vapes twice its size. It is made of solid metal that is very durable. This is the gold standard of dry herb only devices. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I love The Crafty but the IQ is the most up to date high-performance vapes.

Dewyze Gamer says:

Davinci IQ vs Boundless CF. Lets do it!!

M says:

I cant decide between this or the mighty!

Flash fielding says:

I’m new to vaporising what would everyone recommend to buy as my first one

uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝʇoɹ ǝuop ᴉ zlol says:

I just had a freakout with this thing. I was using it, and it was going forever, but I didn’t think much of it because it hadn’t happened before. Suddenly, I took a drag, and it had the taste I used to get from my Vapor Genie when I used a torch lighter really close to it- mild combustion.
I realised the thing had been on for like a half-hour, and was probably the hottest it had ever been to the touch. Even scarier was that the controls locked up, and I COULD NOT TURN IT OFF. I tentatively took the battery out to kill it. It was scary, because if the heat was burning the weed, then I figured fuck knows what it could have been doing to the battery.
I had also been having problems with the lights not turning off when the power turned off, and I also have been using a different charger on it (eleaf iStick 30 Watt ecig charger), because these stupid micro USB chargers are all so fucking flimsy, and my Da Vinci one is dodgy. I don’t quite remember, but I think I had it plugged in when I used it, so that might have had something to do with it (Even though it shouldn’t, right?)…
Anyone who cares, bump this comment for updates. I’ll keep using it regularly…. for science. I’m also gonna try and use it exclusively with the davinci charger too, even though it sometimes does weird things (glitch where the battery display stays on when device is unplugged so I pull the battery out, have to have it in ‘just the right spot’ for the charger to work, etc.)

Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore says:

app too fuck me the accent does this without an app

OhItsGee says:

Can anyone recommend me a legitimate website to buy medical marijuana? I live in NYC and I always buy from local dealers in the block but I want quality marijuana. Help please!

Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore says:

that battery sucks 3 hrs get the fuck out of here the accent is way better they fucked up

Pat Leaf says:

I noticed my IQ gets very hot. Not enough to burn but certainly not comfortable and I wouldn’t touch it to my face. Did you notice this or is my unit defective?

Alexandra Nash says:

im wondering if there are any tools you recommend for this lil vape other than what it comes with? specifically the lil shovel tool i saw being used in one of these video? or is there a preferred way to get your dry herb into the oven? thanks!

morgando2 says:

Any silicone sleeve for the iq I could use. It gets pretty hOT!

Wolf says:

hey question. if I didn’t want to pack my iq to the top and I wanted to fill it half way just for a small quick smoke session, how will it smoke? I know it’s suppose to be nicely packed that’s why I ask. also how much herb fits in one grinded? thank you!! can’t wait to hear back

Roberto Rios says:

how would I maintain a device like this (cleaning etc)

Ralf_Wrexx says:

just ordered one. can’t wait to try it out!

MrCoolyken says:

Thanks for doing this! Based on your vid I opted for the Davinci IQ. Today I bought mine and am so happy with it.
Great job!

T Di says:

Hey Guys,- I just received my IQ- and it is making a ticking sound, coming from the battery- is this normal?

Elena Olivares says:

I just bought one, so in love, can you recommend what to use in the flavor chamber?

Terry Buckhart says:

Whats the risk of this thing exoplodin? I have seen kids get all their teeth blown out from explodin vapes…

DementedEX says:

What’s the best portable dry herb vape out there rite now?

primaledge says:

Dear Vape Critic, should I buy this or the CFV?

Alexander Arceo says:

Why do I feel like the audio is off? What you’re talking about is completely different then what I am seeing on the screen causing me to read something different then what you’re saying.

Rich Glenn says:

A lot of us have complained about cracked oven bowls and being ignored by DaVinci.
Just sayin’.

Psychedelic Fox says:

Would there be any point in using the flavor chamber for cannabis? It doesn’t heat up and seems like it would be a waste to put anything in there if it’s going to catch a lot of your vapor as it’s pulled.

dry herb vaporizer says:

Great review bud!

Tehan Mclachlan says:

you’ve gone stale

Jim M says:

Is there any way to use concentrates with it I don’t care if it voids the warranty

Voguefairy88 says:

I bought this about a month ago after owning and using the Haze Vaporizer for about two years. There is absolutely no comparison. The IQ is easier to use, easier to clean, easier to fill, stealthier and heats up twice as fast. They are only the same in terms of flavor imo. And the clouds from the IQ are immense whereas with the Haze there wasn’t much vapor at all. The Haze was never really satisfying to use but I’m VERY satisfied with the IQ and I can’t see myself wanting to use the Haze again. The IQ is super stealthy. I can walk around NYC in 30 degree weather using it and it will stay hot. I couldn’t do that with the Haze. I don’t really know much about other vapes but the IQ has got to be the best portable one out there.

jakethefatman333 says:

is it easy to clean?

Soje * says:

i just bought one and i must say this is the best portable vape on the market right now…i had upgraded from a Atmos Jump …and man the difference is phenomenal…plus the 10year warranty

TheInsanityofGab says:

I think you should change your rating on this vape. The build quality is sub par as issues have cropped up with my units within days of receiving them and it often gets way too hot to hold. Not to mention when I had to get it replaced, it took a month to get back to me and I actually had to remind them to ship it back. The vapor quality is great, but it is too expensive to be this unreliable and uncomfortable to use. I will be returning mine for a refund. I’m on my second unit and neither have lasted more than a week without issues.

Desi Jones says:

The app is absolute garbage for this device. It doesn’t even work on my phone.

alejandro reyes says:

whats the best vape pen for weed? need something top quality low key and portable (something that i can smoke inside the car house without worrying that it smells too much like bud)

Caleb Chavez says:

this or the crafty vape quality wise and best bang for your buck???

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