MTL Pod System Vape Showdown – Choosing the Right One For You – Pod Systems for Beginners


Choosing the right MTL starter kit can be overwhelming. In this video I break down multple different devices to help you figure out which one is best for you!

My Recommended Pod System Starter Kits:
Von Erl –
Suorin Drop –
Suorin Air –

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My goal is to provide all the information you will need so you can start building awesome coils for yourself and make your vaping experience so much better. Which is why I started this coil building / vaping tutorial series. I will be consistently posting how tos about anything vaping, but mostly about building coils. Whether your’e using kanthal, nichrome, stainless steel, titanium, or nickle, these same basic principles apply. The cleaner the build the better the flavor and vapor production. So regardless if you’re a cloud chaser or flavor chaser, mastering the basics of building your coils will step your vape game up! Know your atomizer, do your research, know ohms law and battery safety!! Each and every vaper is responsible for their own safety! If your “vape pen” or “e cig” explodes, its no ones fault but your own. Build at your own risk.

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Lazluz says:

Hi Sherlock. Can you pls review the joytech exceed edge starter kit? Thank you!


How about Eleaf Icard???
Is it great??

brandon b says:

Dude I didn’t even know about this channel. You should mention it on your other videos. I was all like this dude looks like Sherlock ohms! Damn…

Taylor Long .Rezistance. says:

i dont know if i should get the new smok fit i think its called, or the suorin drop

richard tobon says:

Can someone please tell me which one has the bigger hit

ProfessorOak says:

Good video tho, perfect category;) I just order the breeze 2, do you think the sourin air would be a waste if I’m already getting the breeze 2

Ramsey Haney says:

I have found the Rolo Badge the best because the starter kit comes with 2 pods, good juice capacity, and the smoothest hit. Air is a close second.

bleegh boy says:

Refilling my juul with 55 mg pod juice, fat dome

TTH GetRecKeD says:

you can pop the rubber off of the juul and put ur own juice in very easily

Abdelrahman Mohamed says:

You’re very boring

thatspineappletastic says:

Great video man! A lot of helpful info that I wasn’t aware of!

Joseph Smith says:

I just don’t know about these new salt liquids and pod systems. I thought the whole idea behind vaping was to get off cigarettes and eventually lower down the nicotine but these new salt liquids are like to an extreme level of high nicotine. Why would you want to be putting that much nicotine in your body. I have read several reviews where people have reported getting sick and nauseous from so much nicotine intake. And another thing, those of us who have taken on vaping as a kind of hobby making our own coils and juice this is only going backwards because we will have to buy pre-manufactured coils again and no option to make our own juice if we want. I don’t know about the rest of you but I found it to be a cool hobby making all the different cool looking coils and for twenty to thirty bucks you can get a few rolls of wire and a bag of cotton and make hundreds of coils that would cost you a crapload of money if you were having to buy pre-made coils at around twelve to twenty bucks for a pack of three to five coils. Heck, you end up paying as much or more vaping than you did smoking cigarettes, lol. I make my own coils and I can buy a 250 feet roll of wire for about five bucks and a bag of 180 pads of cotton for about 8 to 10 bucks and make a hundred coils and wick them for less than twenty bucks. Go out and buy about 50 ready made coils and see how much you spend, hundreds and that isn’t even counting the liquid.

mmanda515 says:

I enjoy a lot of these systems/devices, even as a near 7 yr vaper. That said, any/every one I’ve given to a smoker to use/try… they’ve ALL said the draw is way too airy/loose for them. For that reason, I just wish there were more that offered a true… cig-like, golf ball through a straw… type of pull. To help convert more ‘smokers’ & to have something they are familiar with. (thinking back to the days of the original Kanger Pro tank w/ its teeeeeeny tiny holes. Nearly every vaper complained it was too airy & “unvapable”. We searched for anything to cover some of its airflow… hair-ties, rubber bands, even scotch tape (lol) Enter the beginning of the ‘vape bands”. 🙂 We made it work, but I think many have forgotten or are just SO used to the much more open, DL style (myself included) that we’d consider any of these…. MTL. The JUUL comes close, but…… yeah. =/ lol Live long(ER) & vape on!

* Berishaj says:

I have the suorin drop I love the flavor I get but I hate that I have to suck so hard sometimes just to get a good hit. I want to upgrade to something that gives me better hits. What should I get? Plz answer back

Jesse says:

I’m liking these simple pod systems that are refillable

Elizabeth Howard says:

The Breeze is the worst one I’ve purchased. Dropped it and broke the glass. No replacement available. Pain in the ass to screw and unscrew coils. Rounded bottom so it won’t stand up. Leaks terribly on it’s side. The plastic top won’t stay on. I purchased the SMOK Badge and love it!

Datalus Kazan says:

I can appreciate the amount of work it was to make this video and If it helps someone fantastic but I still don’t like pods I think they are wasfull and silly but I usually even stay away from stock coils for the same reasons but you explained it well

John Strong says:

when u go to refill the juul pods twist the mouth piece off instead of pulling it.

Marcus D says:

His parents brought him into world, and he grew up being a vaporing addict!…Feel so sorry for his mom and dad…! Sounds like that’s all he’s really good for…!

michael610_ razer says:

what do you recommend for just flavor?

Molly Skittles says:

Freebase nicotine is NOT ‘normal’ nicotine. Tobacco plants naturally synthesize nicotine SALT, and that salt is extracted THEN converted into it’s freebase form.

Jeanniellys Sanabria Ojeda says:

This video really help to difference them

Joe Kassin says:

the aspire breeze 2 has interchangeable coils so you can use both salts and regular juice

HiddenEclipse says:

Im not a pack a day smoker and the JUUL is stated to have a pack of ciggerets worth of nic. I have had pods last me up to 3-4 days

James Eden says:

Ego eco my favorite

Everything Jonas says:

I have vaped a 18 mg juice in my mod since I started vaping and anyone that has tried to hit my mod has gotten nauseous so I think it depends on what level nicotine you started vaping at and how it will effect you

Henry Chadbourn says:

I’ve been using a sourin drop with 50 nic for a while now and I’ve only been taking lung hits because that’s how I’ve always done it. Are there any negatives to doing this?

Michael Mojica says:

Lol! When I had a blue e cig way back in the day and had it in my pocket while riding my motorcycle the wind activated it and burned the hell out of my leg!

Phillip Goodyke says:

Have you tried breeze 2?

¡amCloud says:

where does he go over the phix?

Guinea54 says:

finally a guy who likes m2l.. hard to find these days… I usually use a ego one or 19mm battery with a kayfun mini v3 as my main ecig… I recently bought the kanger uboat.. What is your favorite small pod system these days.. the myjet? and i gotta check out ur m2l tank reviews next.. So far my favorite has been the kayfun mini v3

taxation is theft memes news & more says:

What’s the best for cbd vaping

Matthew Scoggins says:

the penguin is ugly AF. looks like something my granny would use to quit those Virginia slims..

ProfessorOak says:

You haven’t really reviewed it because the pods in the Juul the cap is so easy to take off and put your own juice

bob jones says:

Aaron Rodgers?

Bradley Dishner says:

smok fit kit is the best pen I’ve tried. my aspire breeze 2 is the best part of my life. quit smoking in 3 days with these two devices

maria silverman says:


lastsilverking says:

i liek the breeze

Elijah Isaac says:

The juul can be refilled

hennessybaby says:

i’m getting a suorin air soon 🙂

Gwendolyn Forsythe says:

im new to vaping, im on a hunt for something that can be used more in the time frame of cigs, smoke for five or so mins, then take a break for an hour or two, rather then the drop i have(even with 36 ml salts, i find my self smoking it nearly allll day and i really dont have time for that. appreciate some advaice! really leaning twords that last one! the exeed, can u swap the juice without alot of effort like in the drop? is the glass peice replacable?

Joe caponi says:

The juul you can refill the pods.. pop the cap and when you refill it change the cotton at the top of the mouth piece.

ProfessorOak says:

Ordered with some Mr salt E juice

TheVoltageVixen says:

Great review! What is your absolute favorite pod system for salts? I’m in the market for my first and I really want to get the best one!

Tyler Reis says:

Juul pods can be refilled bruh

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