Mighty Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic

My review of the Mighty vape – See my rating here: https://www.vapecritic.com/mighty/

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Crafty review:: https://www.vapecritic.com/crafty/

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Admin Assistant says:

How do you shut the thing off? The LED is always either Red, green or blue…

h7opolo says:

I almost went with the daVinci IQ, buuut, brand-loyalty… I know what I’m getting with S&B, which is durability, functionality, and safety. woot!

Self-transforming machine elf says:

It’s for you to learn Celsius without realising it!

matt pooper says:

strange tastes after cleaning?? I used 99% iso but I swear I can taste something weird. Will this fade over time??

micromantis says:

Keen to know if S&B will be releasing a version of the Mighty that is not made from plastics? Do you The Vape Critic, or anyone else, know if this is in the pipe-works in the near foreseeable future?
I’m drawn to the new Firefly2 for this reason, but I’d like the Mighty to make a product with the same sensibilities in mind regarding guaranteeing no toxic vapors released as the unit heats, nor for them to disintegrate – in some way from use over time – and potentially emit harmful vapor the longer its owned. Plastics are known to change over time through heat and wear in a totally different way to ceramics and certain metals. I want to know these things given the price asked specifically for the Mighty.

Richard Powell says:

This vape can pass as a portable charger lol awesome I’m thinking of this or the firefly 2

N8uil says:

I like your reviews, very informative. I already have a vaporizer on the way though. I finally had the courage to go to a coffeeshop here in my country, the Netherlands, and pick up some weed to ease my (social) anxiety (I don’t like the ideal of chemical pills). The problem is though that the tobacco to fills up the rest of the joint is irritating my lungs. Thank God for these devices that make it possible to vape the weed instead of smoking it.

Kyle Tidrick says:

Ok it was my first time with my 2 friends and another guy and the guy brought the mighty and Fuck it gets you hello high I was like flying a fucking space ship through space

Mike B says:

You should say “Say hello to your Mother for me.” at the end of every video.

Leigh McMullen says:

would love to see a tips and tricks for the mighty like you did for the firefly, thanks! Loved your review of the firefly2 made me buy one, can’t wait until I get it! thanks

Taiyo Matsumae says:

Dude do you actualy own all of these vapes? are you getting government funding or something like that? lol I’m envious

raziel372 says:

Why can’t anyone spellcheck before posting??? Anyway I know he’s married but without the shades this dude is fine!!!! Good video! Just leaving this here, Marijuana has never ruined someone’s life, it’s the people that believe you should be punished for nothing that ruins lives.

Eliot Storms says:

would you say that the crafty is as cool in temp, tasty, and as even in vaping material as you say the mighty is? also i didn’t catch your recommended source for this purchase ? thanks!

Jonathan Parker says:

I just received a Mighty. I’ve been using a Crafty for quite awhile now and love it. My only question about the Mighty is the booster temperature, something I use all the time with the Crafty for the last couple of draws. In the Mighty instruction manual it says it has a booster setting, but 2 taps on the power button do nothing. I realize it doesn’t matter because I can set the temp directly with the +/- buttons, but I just want to make sure my new Mighty isn’t defective. IMO best vapes on the market, despite their higher price. And, I ended up with the Crafty battery issue after about 1 year of use, and I was sent a complete replacement (new in box), so I consider my first runaround with customer service a good one.


how long will they endure ? any problems in the long term?

peter deng says:

Hi friends

do you know the black mamba dry herb vaporizer? can you help me to test it?

Richard Streeter says:

Can’t work out why you haven’t collapsed in a psychotic heap the amount you consumed in this demo, does THC do anything to you at all?

Keemstar Love 420 says:

I just got the mighty today, tastes like plastic.

Marcus Godo says:

I vape everyday all day long and want to smoke weed using this device.  will the vape be the same?  no hard hit or nasty taste?   it’s the only thing holding me back is to know if this is exactly like vaping nic juice.  thanks for the great, thorough video

Daniel Felder says:

I’m pretty much on the fence between this vape and the haze v3. Which ever of the two i do get i plain to use everyday, on the go and at home. which would you suggest? or would you not recommand using one of these at home?

giulio farina says:

beautiful electronic cigerette

bluefeather505 says:

Great video, one question though, I am a neophyte at vaping, but have been indulging since 1965.
Ok, my question is, when vaping, I had been told that you shouldn’t be seeing any visible smoke on your exhale. I* notice in the video, the fellow is blowing out large clouds of smoke. Is this right?

Equalist Spirituality says:

This product is German therefor its celcius.

stimpson ket says:

Thanks, VC! I’m thinking of getting a mighty for my birthday. Just fyi, Volcanoes in canada also have the switch between F and C – it’s pretty common to have that in countries where there’s more than one official language. =) They just want to make all of us happy, I guess.

Eddie Strike says:

marijuena ruins lifes

ChinoFire710 says:

So can I vape while it is charging? do they make a car charger for the mighty? thanks ordering mine today!

Joseph Kendell says:

Which one would you honestly recommend is the better buy with the crafty or mighty?

Will D says:

I’ve tried/experimented with a few different vapes over the years. Not great experiences to date; there are a lot of people who have given up on vapes due to bad early generation vapes on the lower-mid ranges.. A few years later, with mixed results from one of those wooden boxes attached to a whip that I had to modify to get erratic results that were sometimes good, I graduated recently to a couple of second generation mid-range portables that were anywhere from 0 to 2.5 bongs out a possible 5 in terms of effectiveness, with aesthetics to match. Sometimes worked, but frustrating and unpredictable, even trying different things to try to get them to work.

Finally spent the extra to see what’s up with these “higher end” current generation portable and home units, while trying the high-end for the first time, hoping for better. After years of waiting, using a Crafty for the first time…he knows his shit it’s on a different level. It gets a full 5 bongs. I notice also that he’s stayed with this company from the beginning. Crafty is simple, easy, effective. I’d say just go with something from their line, spend the extra. There might be other 3rd generation pipes that are effective, but at this point unless you have some patience and want to sample what’s out there (staying on the high end my not be essential with good mid-range vapes like the Solo, but it also might help), I’d say the easy end game is just get something from their line. Like anything, there might be some problem units that have to be sent in, but most comments reflect my own experience that it’s problem-free, easy to use, takes care of business.


idk if to buy this or get the air (for occasional outdoors) and a home vape like the plenty ssv or q how does it compare to home vapes?

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