Mighty Vaporizer Review! [4K] Tutorial, Demo w/D020-D & Pros/Cons

Mighty vaporizer review with tutorial and demo session. The Mighty is my daily driver along with the Grasshopper. See my full review of the Mighty here – http://www.vaporizerwizard.com/mighty-vaporizer-review/ or you can buy the Mighty from my recommended retailer -http://www.vaporizerwizard.com/mighty-price

The Mighty is the larger sibling of the Crafty which are the two portable dry herb vaporizers produced by Storz and Bickel, the creators of the Volcano. I personally really love the Mighty, and use it more than most of my portables due to the ease of use, consistency, flavor, and overall enjoyment during use.

Mighty vs Crafty: http://www.vaporizerwizard.com/mighty-vs-crafty-vaporizer-comparison/

Mighty and Crafty WPA/Bubbler/D020-D Tutorial: http://www.vaporizerwizard.com/crafty-mighty-water-pipe-adapter-tutorial/

Music: soundcloud.com/guggenz/this-love-ive-met


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Steve Maina says:

I just wanna say i really like your reviews !

Konstantin700 says:

please speak in future slower!!!

Yor says:

I just discovered your channel, and your content is amazing. The quality of your videos is astounding. It always feels like you have a team of produces or editors that review every video, because they are all such high quality. Great review, and great video. Keep up the amazing work!

dabtronic says:

Thanx for the video. I already got the herbalaire elite for 1/2 year which i like much. now i want a little more mobile one (but not too small, for not loosing it and more power…) is the mighty even any better than the boundless cfx? cfx is way cheaper.

Richard Powell says:

Looking to upgrade from my arizer solo. What do you think of the fire fly 2 over the mighty?

madsue11 says:

Great review. Thanks!

facuvaldez says:

hi mate! i ve been trying to decide between the firefly 2, the mighty and the davinci IQ. but i am missing your review for the last one!! an overall ideaa? i definetely dont like the size of this one, but firefly isnt super comfortable either to use during sports or in a concert. neither of these is super easy to charger on the go either. some input? also any recommendation to buy them in the netherlands? cheers!!

DJ LaMar says:

Thanks, that was a great tutorial. Do you happen to know the lifetime of the batteries?

Jennifer Lowndes says:

Hi Vaporizer Wizard, I have some question about the Mighty. Is it necessary to use the plastic mouth piece if you are using it solely for yourself? How often do you clean the screen on the cooling unit or do you have to replace when when needed? Sorry I missed that in you video. Thanks for the informative video.

VaporNation - Vaporizer Superstore says:

Excellent review!

Rob Lawrie says:

I hear your preferred quantity in a bowl but is there a minimum ? Also can I vape a full bowl over a day or is it a one session deal ? Nice vid btw

Most High says:

Is there a way to turn off or lower the LED light or the vibration?

rossvegas7 says:

love your videos mate keep them coming

Max Carter says:

awesome video. prices for these devices are just outrageous though

supralex1 says:

Just got one for $296 with a free grinder and stand, thanks for the video!

zmozony says:

Just got my Davinci IQ but thinking about returning it to get the Mighty, thoughts?

unitram says:

Good video mate. I have a question thou. I saw that your mighty doesnt have a serial number in the back, where it should be. That is one of the indicators of a fake product. Can you tell me if you are sure that it is an ogiginal and how you know that it​ is? I dont want to look like a troll or a hater, i am just buying it and there are a lot of fakes on market, like the one on amazon, for 125 USD. So i am just wondering how to spott one and maybe how a fake one performs compare to original. Tnx.

karolis karolukas says:

just bought one, still the best one out there lol and only 250eu

Jesus Christ says:

isn’t the Mighty the best on the market though?

ArcadianGenesis says:

My favorite vape.

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