Mighty Vaporizer Review [2018 Edition]

Today we are taking a look at one of the best vapes on the market – the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. The 2018 edition comes with 20% more battery life. This handheld portable vaporizer packs a serious punch!

You can get £30 off the Mighty with the code MIGHTY30 (while stocks last) on the Namaste website https://www.namastevaporizers.co.uk/products/mighty-vaporizer

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fernand gauthier says:

the model from 2016 is selling on amazon . aliexpress. ebay . for around 150$

Jayden's Channel says:

I find that I get a much better buzz when I load the bowl with crack vs dried herb. You should try it out!

Brendan Minish says:

I have had mine for 3 years and it’s been a great bit of kit, with no issues.
I Highly recommend the dosing capsules for solitary use. The capsules hold about 0.1gr each and are very convenient.

morgan1985uk says:

Looks like a sound bit of kit. How much is it?

Msdj Jdndn says:

How does this compare to the miqro?

Garret Fletcher says:

My flowermate v5.0s battery last alot longer than 90mins

E L says:

You really should factory oil burn this stuff. I had to with all me electronic devices

Smooth Groover says:

Great video mate!

1sub10 says:

The Mighty will not combust even at 210c.Hooking up to a bong is the way for next level vape

Tom101010 says:

I remember looking at this and wanting to try it out went for the Flowermate though as I was strapped for cash at the time, seems like a really good product from what I’ve heard!

bobby griz says:

That’s massive lol. But looks effective cool. Peace out

Car men says:

You idiots w that stupid accent sure do love to say that “lit-euwle peece of kit” line

Vndz says:

ive had my mighty for about 3 months and absolutely love it, it’s the only way i’ll smoke now. Fast and easy to clean is a bonus also!

Monumentum616 says:

Nice review, thanks man. Kicking the baccy so will definitely purchase this. Subscribed!

Chawncy Jenkins says:

The Mighty is by far the BEST VAPORIZER of it’s kind! To be able to truly taste the unique FLAVORS of this plant,consume cannabis in a Much healthier way, and Save herb is Amazing!

Bruno Gomes says:

My mouthpiece gets hot after some exhales ..is that normal? also..i only see vapour(like smoke) the first to third exhales..then i see no vape color

TheHundeMensch says:

The performance from Mighty products seems damn good. But everything else like plastic housing/design/non usb-charger is completely outdated. That’s just a deal breaker and not what i expect from a high quality product in 2018.

NathanWilson says:

That thing is huge! :O

John Ryker says:

Mines about 3 years old now. Heard the newer 2018 version has a few updates like better battery life, boost mode and shutdown warning. I’d like to be carcinogen free by next year… But I do like bong hits and the occasional spliff.

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