Marijuana Product Review: Apex Portable Personal Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

Bogart reviews the excellent Apex Dry Herb Vaporizer pen for use with marijuana.

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blaghist says:

That looks exactly like TheForce by OrganicVapor. I have one exactly like that one for a $100. (-_-)

kopes28 says:

does it take away the smell? I’m trying to do this in my room and well now let anyone know what I’m doing

mitchsfarm says:

They call this vape the SPARK now. It’s 100$ Canadian that is.

j b says:

i am looking for a vape that i can smoke dry herd in and that dose not smell that bad a good quality one that is not going to brake any suggestions?

Qwentien Mead says:

how do you know when you need to change the herb.and whats best way?

bravebeing says:

I like how all these dudes get high while reviewing a product like this one

jordan vandenbosch says:

Check out Grow thumbs Automated Nutrient delivery system. Growers Be heard

imbasedcantHD says:

what’s the difference from this and the g pro

Teabaggins69 says:

Has anyone bought this recently? How did they find it? Thinking about getting one!

kcaz says:

um this is the k vape and the G Pro lol they are all the same thing

Mjollnir Man says:

Can I smoke other herbs in it, like tobacco, etc.?

Marco Polo Guzman says:

Does it smell while it’s heating up?

Der Metzgermeister says:

Probably the best instructional video I found for my kind of pen (Zebra Pro-Z, same thing really) and I’m like “this CEO is showing me! Awesome~” lol. But thanks! Great review!

Alter Ego says:

dude is totally toasted. I’m buying this right now

Miami Real Estate News Channel says:


RedMenace917 says:

They must’ve lowered the price since this video came out, cuz I just ordered mine for 99.95

FCtheMC says:

G pro knock off

celene santos says:

Thanks for posting I am from Brasil and I looking for some safe way to have it imported, any tips are more than welcomed , please.

Young Nasty says:

Haha the “highest” temp is


I just bought one and it really works but with a couple of problems. It takes forever to get a full charge and it doesnt last that long. You’re constantly cleaning the screen from residue and once the device is on it keeps baking the herb so you’re constantly having to hit it or it goes to waste. Do your homework before purchasing because if you want to send it back you have to pay for the postage and they suggest you send it insured.

bolsón rodríguez says:

Mine turns off by itself after a minute of heating up, anyone know how to fix this?

Şük B says:

U got some plastic smell on this device? I got the Titan 1 and it smells a lot!!!

Your Imaginary Friend says:

dude you are baked.

The Speed Of Smell says:

But does it leave a smell?

KasperVirklund says:

How is the smell? Does it smell like a normal joint, or is it more discreet? I am considering getting one.

Dylan Barnard says:

This dude is awesome!

ricardo delapena says:

I’m getting my first vape pen, how do you feel about vape pens opposed to smoking a bowl?

Bryan Vergara says:

shit is weak

s2601d says:

Author drug addict

Ryan Isaiah says:

Cloud Phantom Look better tho

Locksmithbjj says:

That guy was  sooooooooooooooo baked.

Jonathan Jackson says:

is it me or did he get kinda lit after he hit it a couple of times lol

1craigmt says:

Haha, this is great.  Just bought the Randy’s version of this.

Cleostabtra says:


Grammer PoliceTrainy says:

Picked up a Titan (same thing, different box) today for 100 euro’s, mouthpiece broke about 6 hours later, returning it tomorrow, getting some use out of it :p 
It’s nice, some good vapour on the highest heat setting, which i like 😛 
Also, i put hasj oil in there, worked like a champ, but the resin was gone… maybe it seeped into the thing? meh, it works :p got high

Zach G says:

Lmao this guy was ripped

ghanaman11 says:

great product

Safari Lovee says:

I have the Eon Smoke Falcon vaporizer dry herb my battery is fully charged but when I turn it on to change the temperature the light keeps blinking through all the colors red blue and green and I’m trying to get it to stay on one temperature so I can smoke it how do I get it to stay on one temperature

Jinclops says:

Exact same as the Grenco Science G Pen Pro. wtf.

Ramled Mas says:

check out the 1990s video game background music tho

brenden walker says:

don’t get more than 420 likes!

joecyclewarrior says:

Thank you for the review l purchased this today not knowing how to use it but after watching this wow omg this has amazing taste not use to the heat. l was using a snoop g dog vape coil is problematic burns gives no taste l will rebuild the coil keep it as a traveller in my pocket happy vapes.

iamnotuberchile says:

the song sounds like the M.bison theme from street fighter.

0680496 says:

is this an actual vaporizer?

bootlegger2750 says:

Same unit as the K-Pen? Sure looks identical. K-Pen costs $120 with a lifetime guarantee.

esther west says:

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B Johnson says:

Is it better than the pax?
If so what are some things that are better but still sleek

Steven St4mmk0s says:

Hello can someone or you bogart tell me wath is the best vaporizer in apex imag + k vape or flowermate 5.0s and why is the best please write me fast !!’

J Highs says:

“gently fill up the hole… “

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