Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer Blazin’ Gear Review

The Launch Box is a portable dry herb vaporizer from Magic Flight that features a very unique wooden design and a trench that holds about a half to 1 gram of ground marijuana that is covered by a pyrex sliding cover. The battery is external and is inserted manually by the user into the box for contact. There is also an optional glass mouthpiece stem.

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elmo b says:

does it have a lot of odor when used? and how high does it get you, more or less than a bong?

Evan Hoffman says:

no offense to matt, hes awesome, but what the hell happened to bogart?

Tom F says:

Sorry Matt but you’re using it wrong you have to grind your herb really fine but not dusty. Then load it in the trench level to the bars. DON”T PACK THE HERB says exactly that in the manual. Then press in the battery for three seconds or until vapor forms gently pull the vapor out of the box for about 8 seconds BREATHE slow then let the battery out and continue to breathe in for 3 seconds hold in the vapor for as long as possible and breathe out slow. Then take the box and hit it against your knuckle to mix the herb if some sticks to the screen shake the box and it will get knocked off the screen. Gently shake the box and level the trench. Then just repeat. Its not one bit as hard as it seems Research really helps. Remember never to combust its not made for that. Vape the bud until it is a dark brown and save it to make firecrackers i really hope you guys try this method and reply i watch your videos all the time! also gently brush off the abv with the brush and keep brushing until there is nothing left in it. You can also boil the mouth piece to get honey oil out of it that builds up boil it in milk or with tea. i got one less than a week and its rockin hard i haven’t combusted once! in the manual my technique is called the long slow draw. Check out this website for lots of info on it hopefully this helps and a new video would be awesome.

patio87 says:

I give it 5 bags of popcorn and 2 little cigarette looking chillums

CannaKilla says:

Honestly, with just the batteries I find the mflb produces too weak of vapor to get me comfortably high. Like It wont even make me cough because its so weak. I HIGHLY recommend the power adapter 2.0! It will give you MASSIVE thick vapor clouds every single hit, and you can adjust the power level to control the size of your clouds and how hot the vapor is. It eliminates all the little problems that come with using the batteries, and turns the mflb into a BEAST of a vape!

Another great review guys, cheers!

Tinyjb0 says:

Did you read the manual? It says explicitly NOT to pack down the herbs AT ALL, and that the herb should be loose in the trench. You packed it, probably didn’t inhale right, and combusted, then blamed the mflb?? Next time read the instructions before blaming the performance on something that’s your own fault.

Bob George says:


Happy Hippie says:

The reason why I love your reviews is because you’re honest. I’m not feeling the MFLB to be honest. It’s definitely a conversation piece but isn’t worth it when you can get a cheaper hand held vaporizer that never combusts and is easier to use. I got my flowermate v5.0s after I saw your review. Used it every day since for pain management and it has never disappointed me. So thank you for pointing me in the direction of the Flowermate. I now feel so much healthier since being converted to vaping. By the way, where is Bogart? It seems like he’s been gone forever. Will he be returning?

Pedro De Jesús says:


Jay R says:

so no smell or odor? i dont want people able to smell it

Adam Boatwright says:

that guy is so high

W. H. says:

great vaporizer for those wondering…team magic flight !!

gammafreak says:

there is a learning curve with this box. even wen i first got mine, i never totched the bud as bad as u guys did!! once u get it, its a great vape. only con is it is battery operated. more than occasional users will find it frustrating when u forget to charge your battery or have to wait till its charged to take another hit. that being said, they offer ac power adaptor, which negates the portability of the device, but still makes it an awesome home device. all in a) it gets a 9.5/10 in my book. especially if u are new to the herb, a trench would last a fort night.

TheBobwatermellon says:

dislike it’s called CANNABIS

hick says:

Sorry to say it but it seems like you guys didnt really know about how to use this vaporizer.

Bruce Lee says:

I swear I can’t get high using this. And Im usually blown off two bongs hits

Equility says:

Definitely my favorite vaporizer on the market! Thanks for your review guys, always love your vids. If it helps any, the magic flight site recommends engaging the battery for no longer than around 8 seconds, as temperatures can climb to the point of combustion. I also noticed that you said that the vaporizer did not produce much of a cloud, which is why you decided to hold in the battery for that extended amount of time. The website’s online manual states that it was created with the intent of conserving; exhaling large clouds is wasteful and not the intent of the product

Joey Pereira says:

over filled

Carlos Hernandez says:

I’ve owned my Launch Box for almost a year now and it’s the best! Of course with anything, there is ALWAYS a learning curve and I disregard people’s opinions (until they try it). If they do try it and can honestly tell me “Yo Los, it’s cool, but I can’t fuck with it”, (which has happened) I’ll respect it and use that info to tell others. Be safe & have a fun Happy St. Patty’s Day for those that will be out! Peace.

terminator529 says:

I’ve owned this device and I can honestly say that it works great. The amount used in the video is a little too much I would say. This device is really portable and really discreet. Unfortunately I got pulled over and the police took my launch box. But the police asked me how this device worked first lol!

Mr. Hedgehog says:

Wow, where to begin. First off, you need to grind your herb a bit finer, and use less of it. The herb should never be above the height of the trench. That’s RTFM territory. You need to flip the grind after every hit so it doesn’t stick to the screen and combust, and take several small hits rather than trying for milky lung-busters. The AC power adapter is useful to regulate the temperature, giving you longer hits with less scorching, but you still need to flip or stir the trench after every hit. You can also combine the AC adapter with the concentrate trays to get weak hits of wax or shatter, but it achieves maximum temperature too slowly to simulate a nail. The warranty process is unique; they don’t want the device back, they want proof of its destruction. An email exchange explaining my problem (torn screen) accompanied by digital photos was answered promptly with detailed instructions on de-commissioning the Launch Box. When I sent photographic evidence I had truly demolished my Launch Box, they sent me a new one. That alone makes this device worth the money.

Daniel Mello says:

and about the smell?

Nathan Sokoloff says:

Totally awesome vape the guy using it as a pipe hasn’t a clue… It’s discrete, pure vape taste and feels personal to use. I’m hoping USB-rechargeable batteries will hold enough MhA in the near future to be a viable power source. Until then, the included AA batts work fine I reckon more expensive 2600mhA+ batts might work great instead of fine.

Rey Rey says:

A great conversation piece indeed. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t pull out only that glass stem by itself because it looks like you’re about to smoke crack. And crack is bad.

This review was the best review I’ve seen on the MFLB. I’m looking forward to watching all of them and seeing new ones as well!!

Werewolf says:

Great review. Bad unit. No way to control temp.

Zach says:

dafuq. This doesn’t combust the weed. You don’t know how to use it

Verdenomics says:

Señor Cordero, no me gusta. Cool review though!

Rick Harshman says:

how does someone get a product sent to you to review?

Carter Nichols says:

it’s a vaporizer. you don’t smoke the weed, you vape it

Tobin Brenard says:

Well done.

Thrashaero says:

You can avoid combustion by pressing on the battery less or otherwise using the potentiometer on the power supply unit to dial down the temp.
Combustion doesn’t bother me but what does bother me is that the combustion will wear out the screen pretty fast to the point it gets brittle and holes start to form, then you’re filling the bottom with herb and breathing it through the stem.
And of course, the fucking screens are impossible to repair yourself apparently.

ALazyAssNinja says:


Aaron bort says:

i just got it whynisnt the back light showing n why am i not gettin much vapor

Rick van Steensel says:

Your doing it all wrong lol

Alex Serrano says:

So can I use this to stealthy smoking in the bathroom or my room or is it going to stink up the whole floor? My family doesn’t approves and I want to smoke more healthily without having to go outside. I’ve never vaped before.

Shawna Zupfer-Snyder says:

I’ve own this vaporizer and can’t use it. It wastes dope & the batteries get very hot and don’t last long. No thank you

IdyllicEnema says:

Been using this fine box for some years now and I have to say that it worked out very very well for me. Nevertheless there are some drawbacks with this vape.
Like stated before this one is not easy to operate when you are new to vaping (like I had to find out myself). But if you know how to properly use it this vape is really powerful and two hits out of this thing are enough to get you toasted. Of course this depends strongly on your personal THC tolerance and most importantly the quality of your herb…
If you get combustion on this vape you are using it the wrong way. MFLB support recommends to vape your herb until it has an even brown color. You wont get much vapor out of your herb when its already brown unless you heat it up some more and thats exactly when combustion occurs. Combusting your herb inside the box messes up the whole thing and you may not be able to clean it anymore.
I’ve never had strong combustion and my box looks almost the way as when I bought it. So if you are doing it right you wont combust but you will get high!

Tyler says:

Over a hundred bucks for a cheap price of crap

Paradox Shift says:

I don’t understand why people like this thing so much. I use a volcano and mighty and they absolutely blow this thing out of the water. Showed multiple friends this device and they thought it was terrible. Sold it to my mom’s friend and she quickly offed it herself.

hank soles says:

Does it smell ? Like how bad

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