Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Dry Herb Vaporizer from Cloudious9: Blazin’ Gear Review

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Cheryl Phelan says:

Great vaporizer…smooth, flavorful vapor…dark brown ABV…imbedded stir tool is awesome.

Mike Ledebrink says:

that thing is crazy

Abraham Garcia says:

Hi , i have a question , i’ve seen some comments about this product and people says the it is only for flavor,taste. My question is Does it get you high?

wavyheat305 says:


Phuck Hugh says:

is it difficult to clean?

RypeDub says:

Does this work with oil/concentrates? Is there an adapter or can I just load up my product?

ThatOneStuff says:

When squidward curls up into the fetus position, and cant say anything but the word future.

chevyridin86 says:

Nice idea with the water.. but what’s up with all these vapes that cant fit up to one gram.. I don’t want to keep packing.. I will never buy a vape unless I can fit at least a gram in it, it’s 2017 wtf.. these small ass bowls, we not smoking crack we smoking weed,, WTF.. if anyone can make a vape with water and can at least fit a gram (that will sell like water) I would buy it… everything else is shit and I just would rather use papers or a regular bong.. simple.. good video tho ✌

SwekkedPvP says:

This guys voice kinda makes me uncomfortable

Dario Hall says:


Pablo Ortega says:

seems like a lot to just smoke flower.. just roll a joint and blaze.. but then again this is the new age of marijuana consuming, I guess. Don’t get me wrong.. Vaporizing seems to be the new way to consume MJ but if your gonna do that E-cig liquid is just as great and and it does not give up a nasty MJ smell.. I make them .. its good stuff not too powerful but just as fun to enjoy especially when I flavor them to my preferance.

Higzy Teflon says:

$349 CAD. No thanks!

scotsman121 says:

Nice im gona get one looks cool a bit expensive but I think its worth it hopefully

Shroom Sorcerer says:

Whats the 1st tune in the background called

It reminds me of gran turismo

XXXUchihaIRL says:

Another con it’s so much effort to replace the weed every time and you’ll look like some posh twat if you pull that out in public

Er n says:

How the hell am I gonna bring this to a concert? Lol

HolyDead SL says:

nice jazz soundtrack, where can I find the artist?

Gary Rios says:

Waste of money. I got mine 2 days ago. It leaks and I get only one session out of it. I want a refund

Euzifyy says:

Question; what is the most efficient, stealthy and overall best performing flower vaporizer on the market, that doesn’t come with an insane price tag? I’ve tried the pax 2 mini and I thought it was decent, but it broke after a few weeks.

Haydenjett420 says:


mrdylpickle says:

for a 5 star vaporizer you didn’t seem very excited Matt, but maybe you were just blazed

Warren Paul says:

Dame in want that one

Bakka Karriem says:

Wow! I have never seen an e-bong before. I’m loving this one. This will be my house warming gift when I move. Lol awesomeness! Loving the name too.

Dell Snooze says:

I’d buy that

xapoliz vieira says:

No comments on battery life, draw resistance etc?

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