Hebe Titan 2 Review (Portable Vaporizer)

In this review we will be taking a look at a portable vaporizer called the Hebe Titan 2. The Hebe Titan 2 ascetically is very similar to the Pinnacle Pro I reviewed a while back. Having said that which device is worth your hard earned cash?

Pinnacle Pro Review : http://goo.gl/CZf9vx

Order the Hebe Titan 2 : http://goo.gl/PEbCY0

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TheDoobiesnatcher says:

great review just ordered one my first Vaporizer can you buy a mains charger for it or could you use a phone charger as it’s USB?

nick riddell says:

Can you smoke shatter with this vape

Francesco Verrengia says:

GRAZIE sei il migliore.

Toxik Prophet says:

THIS IS ABSOLUTE SHIT. Ive got scammed frist with fake g Pro and now with fake Titan 2 from actuall vaporizer shop… Please help me what to buy and dont have need to already kill someone over this shit…

8psaras5 says:

plastic smell don’t buy

Dark Sky says:

It does have celcuis. Press down the turning on button and the plus button together.

PandaGamer408 says:

I was looking for a nuke made from America called titan 2

Weed Ger says:

Nice Video!

Richard Rawson says:

Am new to vaping. So do excuse my ignorance. The LCD screen remains blank, no readings till I plug it in then everything comes alive and ready to use. It does not retain its charge, even after hours of charging. Any suggestions, the operating instructions were written by a non-english speaking writer and are not too clear.

troy ramson says:

it does display in Celsius too. press the big Button and the – button together to switch to Celsius. press the big button and the+ button together to switch back to Fahrenheit.

edgar rivera says:

the Hebe titan 2 is now 25 bucks on ebay, you’re welcome


yellow is good for dry herb because its 420 degrees

Ray E. says:

all these people who do reviews do not read the manual first. there is a setting to change reading to celsius.

The1968zigzag says:

dont waste your money ,these are crap

Jack Irving says:

so what are the much better options

Mat San says:

Shitty mouthpiece, mine broke after a couple of weeks. The problem is the bad quality plastic.

mc gaming says:

I got the same one for $30

PussyWhisperz ! says:

I got it brand new on amazon for 27euros… might just be the first time ever that something electronic has been cheaper in Europe than in the US, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collin Smith says:

can you put keif in that thing?

John Doe says:

Hebestars is selling counterfeit vapes. I have documentation from mfg. don’t buy anything from or by this company

rpavlygg says:

Died in a week. Junk.

jamie howes says:

if you hold down the power button and lower heat setting button hold them down at the same time it will change from F to C

Jason D says:

Awesome review!! You should be on tv!! Thx for your time!!

name says:

Little force to reveal the herb chamber? Nigga please

maurice mckinley says:

just started using one of these and am new to vaping but I enjoy it. not much flavor but a smooth easy way to medicate.the price on this unit has dropped dramatically. I payed $16.80 for mine and found several sites selling new units for under $20. seems like a great and inexpensive way to get into dry herb vaping

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