Haze Square Vaporizer Review // Quad-Chamber Portable

My review of the new Haze Square vaporizer with FOUR ovens! This one is a portable convection vape for both dry herb and concentrates.

Read review: https://www.vapecritic.com/haze-square/

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I will also be adding this one to my Top Picks page as one of the best portable vaporizers under $200: https://www.vapecritic.com/best-portable/

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The Vape Critic


VaperDreamer Official says:

Nice one! it makes me want to get one

victor bow says:

looks bulky to me

To the Cloud Vapor Store says:

Thanks for the great video, excited for this one and really like the price.

TickleTrunks says:

Is the battery removable like the haze v3?

John Matzelle says:

I may have missed it, but I don’t believe you stated concentrate compacity. Would it be .2-.25 grams as well? Also, how many concentrate “screens” come with the unit? And would you be able to load all four chambers with concentrate if desired??

NoOneLikesMyUsernam1 says:


Art Ist says:

I currently have an IQ but I’m looking for something that I can draw harder with more vapor. Do you have any recommendations?
I really like the butane powered style like the vapcap M, however I’m looking to get a deeper inhale on the draw with less draw restriction. The volcano bags have me spoiled I guess lol I’m thinking the ghost may be a good decision but not sure how the airflow compares to the IQ with the 10mm wpa.
Or if there’s any I’ve missed with great airflow I’m open to suggestions. Been watching your channel & you do an awesome job, keep up the good work.

Calam Transgression says:

Can you please review the 7th floor side kick and the super surfer.

You’ve previously done the SSV the LSV and dbv. Why can’t you do their flag ship model which does bags and whips and they’re true portable unit??? PLEASE

alwaysopen says:

I don’t understand the need to own a $$$ science lab to smoke weed these days. $$$ portable vapes, $$$$ oil rigs.
WTF?apers or a bowl is all that is necessary, it does the exact same thing and has for millenia.

ShuckMeOff1 says:

Upgrade from the already great V3 and cheaper??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! INSTANT PRE ORDER

David Green says:

Bud, where do you get these wonderful toys?!!

Greilzrasdanth 1 says:

Cool, most convenient vape already.

Acid Skies says:

Bloody hell, it’s like a portable plenty

SteelRain says:

Love the review very detailed and informative. I’m pretty excited about this vape I think it’ll be perfect for me and my wife to use together. Thanks for the helpful review

Derek Walde says:

Good reviews homie !straight up to the point honest and always keep it real !! You have a HELLUVA vape collection and I hope you make it to the title of world’s best vape collection! !and biggest! Be easy and I’m always “UP”

Jimi Schmidt says:

37 draws for 4 chambers…does that finish off all 4 chambers w one charge then?

Buysome Bitcoin says:

I was thinking about something similar, like a revolver. This is well executed. I might need one!

foliage practice says:

whats the promo code? lol

the beav says:

I kinda want one now. I’ve been using wax and shatter more lately and if it’s got your approval I’m for it. Thanks bud stay up.

Maguroni says:

Sad there was no live stream this week. Great review!

Hubs88 says:

Way to complicated! I just want to get buzzed not solve a Rubix cube. Nice review though.

Ya Mon says:

Bud, how did you find the form factor? Seems kind of bulky to palm or place in a pocket. YaMon

bonez269 269 says:

It has been talked about for so long , now it is here

EvanCG Productions says:


Nismo says:

Could you vape a bowl with just herb at 450°F?

tv321123 says:

Four chambers one heating unit.

GameBoy says:


Phuck Hugh says:

Do they have a longer mouth piece? Is there a water tool that can be used with it?

Addison Tharpe says:

So if I had this baby I wouldn’t need to bring any ore ground herb with me

Artemisia Absinthium says:

Can I ask what’s the catch with high temperatures in USA? Do you realize that most of the terpens and compounds that we use and want from the herb (THC, CBD, CBN…) can be inhaled at 178-190C(ideal extraction temp), only two strains in the whole world from Africa contain so called THCV which can be inhaled from the herb at higher temp like 210C – 410F, So what is the point of over burning the plant? I see most of people in USA use high temps, lack of infos or habit? By the way what is your opinion, can you compare this to Mighty in quality and performance? Thank you and greetings from little Croatia……

Big Mike says:

Sounds better then the mv1…..THIS is the one you’ve been waiting for.

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