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Mark Lagunas says:

You should review the Atmos LiV

Eugene Shteyngarts says:

thanks for doing this one, i asked you about reviewg it and you did, ur the man

Krizzle Sizzle says:

Just taken delivery of my Crafty and will be puffing away whilst I watch your video 🙂 Peace & Pot brother.

DallusDaPwnage says:

Next level review keep up the dope work

Robbe1984 says:

I have a few few questions. Does it smell like weed when you exhale and is the effect the same as smoking a joint?

Tom Bola says:

Nice review my good man.

g0py says:

been waiting forever for this review. I agree with all point brought up. it is really a fantastic vape, and after owning a pax and a solo, i can say without a doubt the haze blows them both out of the water. the only downside is that mouthpiece, i usually just put something inside of it and push up on the mouthpiece and pull it out. 

chen xiao says:

Hey, I just want to start out by saying that I love your reviews.
I found you are doing a review website and our company have some really interesting products, could you kindly enough to have a look?

Noah Clark says:

So how many hits can you get from this vape

Lucas Zambrano says:

Hey i love your videos man could you do a review on the Flowermate V 5.0 soon i would like to know your opinion and thoughts on it thanks!

Shotokan07 says:

Question, how would we clean the pathways inside the chamber? I’m guessing those areas will get sticky and clogged in time.

Kevin Reynolds says:

Thank you for the review, I ordered a pax online and there was a distributor issue so they upgraded me to the haze at no additional cost, score.

BinCam59 says:

Sorry, my perspective. HELLZ with your herb vaporizer. We’re trying to save lives with Vaping. Your dual use devices are DEFINITELY muddying the waters of Harm Reduction, and Gettin High. DaF?!? Go underground with your Junkie bullshit…

correa81 says:

this shit is stupid fucking crack pipe lol
i stick with my g pen

c0pyimitati0n says:

What is your overall favorite, portable, vaporizer?

Spc Bitcoin says:

do you have a trick carrying case for your preloaded cans? that would be great!

EagleLogic says:

I am essentially made of weed. Would this be a good addition to my lifestyle?

QUIX says:

Can you take out that extra piece and fill both with herb ?

BoogieDownProduction says:

Im pretty sure I remember seeing users use the concentrate container for dry herb. I think it preforms better

TheLowsofSolipsism says:

Can someone tell me how’s this better than the Pax. I want to buy one of these.

Keegan says:

You are hands down the best reviewer on youtube for vaporizers! Watched so many reviews of products and man was this above and beyond any review! Thanks for all the great info.

MrJimodoom says:

Interesting piece – how did you find the concentrate part of it compared to dedicated concentrate pens like the dr dabber or any of those other similar devices?  I find the pens great with wax, but have found vapes that have wax screens/mesh bricks (even the volcano) to be a little lacking.  Think I’ll be saving my money for either the mighty or the crafty.

HankthePropaneTank says:

This looks confusing as mess.

mbaxter22 says:

If you had to choose between the Haze and Mighty and stealth wasn’t an issue, which would it be?

Colin Brown says:

This guy slays pussy guaranteed. .

Mike Hughes says:

Does this leave oders and does it burn the herbs quickly

C W says:

Just wondering how well does this hide herb smells? I live in a apartment and am trying not to cause any problems with nosey neighbors.

ggolds5 says:

Great review. However, you didn’t really share on this one what your level of satisfaction is with the Haze and where it stands in ratings compared to others like the Pax. Trying to make a decision. Where do you think this one stands on the recommended  list?

SpAcE MOnKeY says:

Thanks for the review Bud. I guess this is next on my list. It is cool looking and has nice features.

Sharif Sourour says:

I think you way underrated the convection screen option. It may not give you clouds, but it has great flavour, smooth vapour at higher temperatures. I actually find I can get light smooth vapour from either screen on the 2 setting before ramping it up. Nice tips about the stem though! Peace.

xlifewritex says:

that’s a whole lot of fiddly shit. terrible design

Justin Fell says:

lol.. finally got bosley?

Sam Durran says:

Haze is a step up from Arizer Solo and Pax in my opinion. I have all 3 vapes and love the Haze due to its portability, removable batteries and ease of use. In the video, cans were not mentioned for dry herb but you can pre-pack dry herb in those cans and it works like a charm. I have 12 cans, i pack them all and when I get out, no need for grinding loading/unloading. These are the features which makes Haze stand out the most I think.

TheIrishEnigma says:

How did you close the battery case so easily? Mine won’t close if the battery is in there, the battery is too large.

Charly Cummings says:

Just received mine 4 days ago. Perfect little device. I heard on FC forum that there will be a water tool attachment soon. Cant wait for that. By the way, I really like your videos. They are always right on the money. Stay Up 🙂

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