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Full Grasshopper Vaporizer Review with pros/cons, vape session, & tutorial. I also have a demo video available below. The Grasshopper is currently my daily driver and most used vaporizer next to the Mighty. Pick up the Grasshopper directly from Hopper Labs here – or you can get the latest Grasshopper updates directly from my Grasshopper review article here –

Full Grasshopper Demo:

Nitecore i4 SmartCharger:

Currently the Stainless Steel Grasshopper vaporizer is $200 and you can pick up the Titanium Grasshopper vape for $250. Hopper Labs are now caught up on pre-orders and shipping units on demand! You can get one in under a week!

Thank you for taking the time to watch my Grasshopper vape review. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions and you can check out the link to my full grasshopper review above.

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joe fresh says:

Do not buy. Won’t last you more than 1 month of use before you have to send it back for repair

madsue11 says:

this was an awesome review. thank you so much. can’t wait to get mine. Are you still happy with yours?? Any new tips etc?

Sir Sebastian says:

Woah! The production value of this video is off the charts.

Great editing!

jack van lierop says:

lol had to re-watch the way you write the number 5 then a third time in slow motion, trippy shit

Mylo Tv says:

pax, grasshopper or fire fly?

Valerie Esposito says:

Does it leave a noticeable smell especially on the lower temp settings?

Cadillac Smith says:

Don’t buy this product. I’ve been waiting for mine since January, and STILL nothing. Very frustrating.

shesdoinit says:

Wow, fantastic video! Gave me everything I needed to know to make a decision on this unit. Thank you!

madsue11 says:

hey VW …. did you see the Vape Critics review of this thing he just posted? what are your thoughts? you guys have such different opinions on this. I have my order in and tell me … can I really not put this thing to my mouth?!?! please give me clarity here .. . thanks so much

Ninjanoodles78 says:

Are the batteries standard size?

Kyle Dennis says:

can you update the prices you have under the review

phillip davis says:

i ordered mine in may 2015, even went a year before that as a preorder waiting on them to tell me i could order. now it is april 2016 and they keep telling me how production rate is growing and they are adding workers to their assembly line, well i haven’t received my titanium piece yet, WTH is going on with this company

Kaine Kerrick says:

does it not use wax

Taylor Wood says:

You deserve more subs bro

Du Jour Buddha says:

Is a real pax 2 for $85 a good price? It is used but It comes with the receipt.

Seba Thomé says:


Dear all,

I do not enjoy doing this but Hopper Labs has treated me so poorly as a customer, that I have no other choice than to share my very disappointing experience with both the Grasshopper and their ‘customer service’.

I received my Hopper one year ago. Right from the start, I had the feeling something was off with the temp sensor. I had been having some trouble finding the right temp for several herbs. Sometimes they got burned really easily, as did my lips on some occasions. Then it broke down altogether, it wouldn’t heat anymore, temp sensor malfunction. This was not even 5 months after the purchase. At that point, I was sure this would be resolved easily because of the lifetime warranty. I thus spend $ 40 sending it back from Belgium for repair in the US. At this point the Grasshopper cost me $ 239 (purchase price of unit and two extra batteries) + $ 80 (import tax) + $ 40 (shipping costs for repair) = in total a whopping $ 369. This bought me not even 5 months of questionable use.

My vape has been confirmed to arrive at Jan 18, 2018. Almost six months ago. In that time, I have not received any updates on the repair process nor an estimate on when my Hopper (or a replacement, for all I care) will be returned. This doesn’t feel at all as good service to me. I’m quite sure you understand my opinion.

I’ve been working in customer service for a major European webshop for several years now. We are able to handle 90% of the returns for repair within 3 weeks, whether this means actual repair or replacement of the product. If the process exceeds that duration, we offer a full refund.

The Grasshopper is pretty expensive and is described ‘industry leading in every way’. I must say I’ve experienced quite the opposite. To offer lifetime warranty is a bold statement. The fact that I’m already waiting SIX months for my expensive ‘high-end’ vape to be returned to me, tells me that I am not at all the only one returning his vape for repair. Or that repair is tedious. Both cases indicate errors in design and the inability to handle the subsequent demand for repair.

I really feel duped and cheated upon. I’ve communicated this to Hopper Labs on several occasions in my customer account, but do not receive any answers. These people are frauds. I’ve completely lost my confidence in this company. All I want, is a full refund of $ 369, so that I can spend that money on a real high-end vape, that will not die on me in only five months.

To be clear: I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!



Patrick Gragg says:

Question: did you say it can only light up 4 bowls per battery? Thats not a good charge!

Cris Swain says:

great review! the knockoff Mobius ion makes me sad and cringe but China isn’t rly avoidable I guess. thanks for all the info!!

indica 777 says:

Don’t get too excited. I ordered mine in July 2015 and it’s now April 2016 and I still haven’t received it. That’s almost 9 months I’ve been waiting. They’re good at sending out false promises about every other month or so. I’m seriously wondering if this isn’t just a fraud.

Liz de Lisle says:

Great video! Can’t wait for it to be available!

Frederick Röders says:

The grasshopper seems to have defects. I heard they are currently halting production as to solve these issues, because they simply had too many defects. Give it time, they seem to be working on it continuously

Ray Henders says:

what a piece of shit review and product. Thanks for talking me into buying this shitty vape! 

Damon D says:

I’d like to see how the heat is with the performance front end, says on there website it eliminates heat in the mouth Piece which if it does than I would for sure buy this thing!! Possible review?

Kimtar SonofMogh says:

they suck…. their batteries suck, their company sucks, their vaporizer sucks, and most of all their customer service….holy shit it sucks

Kristopher Keith says:

Notice that the water doesn’t move…. So why the green screen though? AND the jacket?! Dudes in his moms basement wearing sunglasses and a jacket while standing in front of a green bed sheet handing from the ceiling haha…. It IS a very majestic background though

Cindy Maricic says:

You always do a great job in your reviews thank you. I currently have the DaVinci IQ and love it but want to use another vape at home and keep DaVinci for on the go. I do not want to spend $350 like for the Mighty but definitely tempting. What would you recommend for home use with little draw resistance. I was looking at the Boundless CFX right around what I want to spend but seems like you aren’t that crazy about the draw resistance. Thanks and keep the reviews coming.

Steven the Seagull says:

Can I vape pipe tobacco with it?

JyAR z says:

I can’t wait to get mine and there’s a freakin JyAR in the review – I love it!

TNP'R sheepodog says:

Great review bruh! You pretty much covered and question’s or concerns i had about this product. I gotta get one asap

Jessica Matonovich says:

This vaporizer has been a lot of hype and no follow through. I waited over 6 months for it and it arrived non functioning. I had to pay to send it in to be repaired, waited another 2 weeks, to have it returned exactly in the same state. (Non functioning) Very disappointed, waste of time and money.

marxxmann says:

Thanks for this review Pal – most grateful indeed! 3 questions from a newbie please….
– How do you know when you’ve used up your chamber’s worth of herb?
– Can you buy this battery anywhere, or ‘must’ you always order it from the company?
– Is there still up to a 1 year wait to receive it after ordering?

Thank you so much again for your kind consideration. 🙂

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