G Pen Elite – Portable Vaporizer Review

My review of the G Pen Elite vaporizer for dry herb – See my rating here: https://www.vapecritic.com/g-pen-elite/

Referral link to buy: https://www.vapecritic.com/shop/gpenelite/

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Jrock007ish says:

Killer review bro..in your opinion Gpen Elite, X Max V2 Pro, or Arizer air? Not gonna lie this one looks pretty damn sick.

Sages604 says:

I’ve been smoking Herb for about 3 years. I just recently ordered the G Pen Elite because I’m curious. If I pack the bowl in this Vaporizer, how many draws do I get out of it? Because I’ve never tried vaping, how do you know when the herb is done? I’m assuming the herb isn’t all black and charcoal when it’s finished because it doesn’t combust? Thanks in advance.

Mason Stenehjem says:

so this will also work with a water pipe with a 14mm male connection? Any recommendations on water pipe rigs for this then?
Or has anybody else tried that already?

VidWatcher says:

This dude seriously reminds me of Andrew Reynolds. Appearance and manorisms. Edit: Oh also great review! Influenced me to buy. Solid Vape. Realized first comment was useless.

Midnighter 95 says:

Weed stupid. Thought it was for wax

Víctor Andrés Tous Casamitjana says:

Hi! Between the G Pen Elite and the Pax 3? Which one do you prefer and why?

Ariel Hall says:

do u vape to it all gone it turn brown

Pedro Chaves says:

5:47 Can someone convert this to grams please???

Alejandro Gabriel Rojas Valdez says:

i know you are not satisfied with this G Pen Elite , i can notice by the tone of your voice .

Jeremy Carter says:

lol “set it to 410 for the bud to kick in”

Jack Torrance says:


Alejandro Gabriel Rojas Valdez says:

Ceramic bowls tend to smell and taste like plastic , i though you were a master on this.

TheInsanityofGab says:

I would not recommend this vaporizer to anyone. I have been through 3, and had to kept sending them back because they broke in under a month. it has great vapor quality and taste, but the build quality is just awful.

high onTech says:

what do you think about this vs the vapor blunt 2.0

Jay James says:

is anyone elses main button on the front wiggly? like can you rotate it a bit if you spin your thumb on it? mine seems to wiggle a bit and sometimes it wont click if its not pointing straight. not sure if its like  safety, or my buttons fucky.?

Chris O'Brien says:

oh for sure!

Addison Tharpe says:

Just tell us everything on the video but ok I guess I have no choice but to go to your website and read the rest of your review so you can get paid more

The Great One says:

The real question i have is does it get you high like if you smoked a bowl or does it get you higher?

Mancoriur says:

Duude you really looks like Sean Hayes for real ! With all respect.

datanerator says:

looks like a personal massager lol

fullofbaddassness says:

how many times can you hit it?!

Pierce Thompson says:

how do I change the screen

VWest Beats says:

is that a beard trimmer

Bettina Bair The Biology Teacher says:

could you take the bud and roll a joint with it after and get high?

Alejandro Gabriel Rojas Valdez says:

wathsupp with the leatter gloves under the sun , looks like a slut with her black dildo .

Collin Simpson says:

Finally a person on YouTube who reviews weed who isn’t a strung out hippy! Thank you sir!!

Dov Tov says:

I am a big fan of the Vape Critic, just not of G Pen or Grenco Science. “If it’s not Vape Critic reviewed, then it’s not Vape Critic Reviewed”

Jay James says:

what temperature do you guys blast it at? i just got it today and have been going 350-375 just like my volcano. not sure if that’s too hot seems to be working perfectly so far.

Priority Pass says:

it seems a bit camp doesn’t he?

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