DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review (The Mini IQ)

My review of the new DaVinci MIQRO portable vaporizer for dry herb, read more on the forum: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/3421/new-davinci-miqro

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Stay up!
The Vape Critic

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voidremoved says:

when is your vaporizer coming out? do you have a name for it yet? what about the critical hit? or is that too cringe…

Hypolaristic says:

conduction = slower but more efficient? am i right?

liu metivier says:

Comparison to pax 3 please .

Wisky2Frisky says:

Looks good to me, thanks for the review.

Aaron Todd says:

FYI the App has never ever worked on Android so if you have an Android and want to use it check out the reviews on the Play Store. Pax3 with some adjustments is WAY better than the IQ.

This seems like too little, wayyy too late

Moon says:

It’s cool that it’s smaller, but the different battery size than standard 18650, come on, I don’t need to be buying more, different shit. Still better than an internal battery. Also, are those T-shirts on the wall? What did you use to them up like that? Looks cool like how all the stores in the mall hang them up.

Big City says:

@The Vape Critic is the draw resistance the same as the iq or

fafadfasfa says:

Can you review either the pax era or vape cartridges?

richard abraham says:


Donald J. Trump MAGA says:

Honestly, my favorite “at home” portable is my firefly 2. Flavor is soo good, and I’m also the kind of guy who only takes a couple of hits… So the firefly is nice with the single hits and instant heat up. Not exactly a real portable though.

I’m gonna get a DaVinci IQ to try out. But I also have the Mighty, old DaVinci, Pax 2, and a Herbalizer. I’ve had many others, like volcano, but sold them over time.

I may be alone. But I prefer the Herbalizer to the volcano!

JXFIT says:

What are your thoughts on the Pulsar APX v2

Sir Dylan says:

When is the release date of this Vaporizer?

PuffitupTv says:

Great video, interesting to see you have to use it at higher temps.

FoxBearNinja says:

2nd. Stay Up!

RBR MCC says:

Why don’t you vape over 400 degrees? I like mine on 420

Gene Padilla says:

The size of those holes scare me better not grind it too fine. To me it sounds like if you have the IQ with the glass spacers then you really dont need the miqcro.

Kinda disappointed davinci. Also the iq is already freaking small why would you go smaller? Love the price point but I’ll stick to the iq.

dmac2903 says:

I like the smaller bowls. I dont always want to vape .3, so .15 is a good midpoint. There should be a 2/3 bowl size for that too.

Forest Flanigan says:

I took the pearl deal out of my IQ. Works better now. The restricted draw is a bummer.

Mysterio2243 says:

Ahh yes, after 2 years this is what they come up with. I guess you really need to be the one to do something new for portables.

Rocky Falcoa says:

@The Vape Critic is the battery life on this better than The Ghost MV1? which vape is better?

furnish says:

firewood 5 soon plz

Huizelogica says:

And your video review is appreciated sir!

Gargoyle Jizz says:

How do u get such large clouds off your vapes

VomitRainbow says:

Is their a specific release date for the MIQRO?

rk3000gt says:

Why did they leave the mouth pieces the same!!!?

xapoliz vieira says:

Man, was missing your videos!

Rich Glenn says:

My experience with their support department has forever soured me to anything DaVinci makes.   Seriously, they don’t answer requests for information or honor warranty claim requests.   Firefly 2 replaced my IQ and I’m not looking back.

frogthefrog says:

Very comprehensive review as always.

Mengeling X says:

Hey can you review the AroMed 4.0, i’ve heard this vaporizer is very good. Thanks!

kalistalev says:

Why does draw resistance affect the potency of the hits?

Nanuuun nu says:

Dude change the strain already, it always makes your head nod while exhaling.
jk nice review as always
Picked up the dynavap xl ti because of you 🙂

Tavon Fenwick says:

When is this available

B L says:

and we appreciate everything you do for us, bud!

parasiteve says:

i cant decide between this one, the arizer air II or the davinci iq. any suggestions?

TK says:

does this work with the app?

Romeo says:

This guy smokes it like he’s in love with the vape

Robert says:

DaVinci calls that ball a pearl.

Robby S says:

Hey buddy. What do you think about taking the ceramic tube out to reduce draw resistance?

Manny DeLeon says:

Question: I have an Extreme q. Awesome vape. However, I am looking for basically the same vape but portable and around the same price less than 200$

Provocation4 says:

My davinci miqro has battery problem. When I use it 1 or 2 times and leave the unit for 30 minutes and turn it back on again it says that the battery is empty. When I put it in charger it starts charging at 3 bars full while it was empty. I contacted where I buyed the miqro but they say this problem is with all the davinci miqro units. Can someone please say if they also have this problem and if this is with all miqro units?

Derek P says:

So what is your favorite vaporizer

XBOXandMINT says:

You should review the firewood 5

Sam Sung says:

Minivan vs mighty vape please!

Philippe Collet says:

Best product reviewer on YouTube.

Maverick says:

i totally called this, davinci was going to release a new vape

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