Crafty Vaporizer Review: I Think I’m In LOVE!

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Awwww yeah… it’s time for my Storz & Bickel Crafty vaporizer review!

This portable vaporizer is actually one that I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while now and the reason is because it’s actually made by the same guys that make both the Volcano Vaporizer and the Plenty Vaporizer which both happen to be two of my favorite all time vaporizers.

However whilst awesome the Volcano and then Plenty are both ‘at home’ vapes and aren’t very portable at all.

But now Storz and Bickel have finally come out with their own portable offering called the Crafty which promises to give you all of the high vapour quality that we’ve come to expect from their desktop devices but in a more sleeker, portable unit.

And in today’s Crafty vape review I’ll be letting you know how the Crafty stacks up against it’s older brothers!

My first impressions of the Crafty were extremely good. The packaging is high quality, the instruction booklet is well laid out and the device itself is ridiculously lightweight and compact.

And although it’s made out of plastic it actually feels extremely high quality and well put together.

One thing that you really can’t fault these guys on is their ability to make ‘rock solid’ units with insane build quality and I was glad to see that the Crafty is no exception.

But the build quality is just the start because the vapour quality on this thing… oh my.

I really didn’t know how the vape quality on the Crafty vape would compare to the Volcano and the Plenty considering that this is both a portable AND made of plastic however I was extremely pleased to find out that they have totally nailed it.

I really have no idea how they managed to do it but I think the vapour quality is even comparable to their desktop units and what’s more is the vape consistency on this thing is amazing because you don’t need to do a bunch of ‘tinkering’ and ‘adjusting’ to get it to work right… it just hits amazingly right out the box the first time and every time after that.

What’s also cool is the Crafty actually comes with it’s on Crafty vaporizer app for your phone too and although at first I was a little curious as to whether this was really even necessary – after using the Crafty for a while now I’ve come to see it as kind of clever.

It basically allows you to have all of the same apps and features that you would have on say a Volcano vape but without the need to have extra screens and buttons on the Crafty which would ultimately make it a much larger device.

In fact the only real downside I can see to the Crafty is that the battery life is not the longest at about 45 minutes. It would be nice to see a longer life considering there are other portable vapes that are smaller than the Crafty and that give more batter life but I do feel this is kind of counteracted by the ‘auto shut off’ feature that comes with the Crafty so that it turns itself off after one minute of inactivity making those 45 minutes last as long as possible.

And all in all – no kidding – I seriously think I’ve found my brand new favorite portable vaporizer.

And for that reason I’m giving the Crafty a near perfect score of 9.5/10.

This thing is amazing!


Cantidio Fontes says:

I heard a lot of people saying that we can use concentrates, wax in the crafty but I haven’t found any video/tutorial on how to use the crafty for other stuff than herbs, is it really possible? how? Thanks brow. Nice video.

peter ullman says:

my mighty has broken 3 times within the first year of ownership. im done with it…quality very poor compared to my old volcano.

Forechecking says:

dont buy. the battery life alone isn’t worth it. gotta charge the thing every 5 min.

Tim Mochaelis says:


eddy1367 says:

Is this the kid from One Direction?

Oxygorjia X says:

I have MFLB, vapor genie flowermate v5 pro, pinnacle pro DLX, arizer solo DLX, arizer air DLX, Firefly, and the Mighty.

S c r e e n f r e a k says:

45 min of vape time?! mine barely makes that. although it’s like 200$ cheaper

AndrewCantSnipe says:

cool and all but 300 dollars?? ……. no thanks

1337fraggzb00N says:

What kind of animal died on your head?

leon Pulik says:

Du siehst reudig aus!

Guido Fillmore says:

you lost a lot of weight in a short period of time… and you look older… plus you’ve gotten more jittery. are you on meth?

Drank Lucas says:

can you use it with wax and concentrates?

Bat Fink says:

I’m also in love, could not be happier. I’m using far less than when i used a bong, and the high is so much smoother and more enjoyable that i will never go back to a bong. Battery life could be better, but it is so good that i don’t care. 10/10 from me.

Speedmat says:

Hi, I’m a new user of crafty since yesterday. Cool for me, yeah I know^^ When I turn on the crafty I wait for the green light, I use it but after a minute the device make some shorts vibrations then it turned off by itself. Is it a normal thing or is it an issue? Thanks in advance for your answers

ckboy221 says:

do you guys vape an entire bowl in one session? I still haven’t done an entire bowl. one bowl usually lasts me 2 sessions.

Learned Wolf says:

Damn you look like a brain washed leftie…

Joey Hyun says:

vapeing is bad don’t do it

Upper Aarie says:

Far better than Pax 2?

Inti Khan says:

stop moving your hand so much man. you freaking me out.

Danny Garvin says:

I have a 1g

Joey Hyun says:

vapeing is bad don’t do it

asb0man 11 says:

this kid sounds like loyd grossman

s0mthingz says:

Dude just made me spend mad $$ ^-^

Betcha Sorrie says:


Trumped says:

Take a shower you dirty looking bastard

Joey Hyun says:

isn’t vape just water

Bart Kania says:


Mathieu Clement says:

cum… corner of left lip bro… not against gays… but have the decency to swallow before reviewing ahahah thanks for the killer review though ! Ordered mine and its on its way 😀

GeekTechZone says:

They say they are really defective. What’s your opinion?

forest greenwald says:

looks great, but no mention of how carefully it is made to not prevent added toxic chemicals related to heated plastic or other such things… what i liked about volcano is that it is supposedly the purest least toxic vaporizer for home use… what about this crafty’s design???… how toxic free is it from outgassing toxic chemicals while vaping???…

Weed Sumo says:

Hi Jay im interested in sponsoring your youtube channel.

DJ DankDude.avi says:


Ronathon 69 says:

ciggy butt brainnn

lilsam2889 says:

i was wondering about the battery. i charged my crafty fully and didnt use untill 2 days later and it was at half charge. so im wondering if i leave it for a month without charge would the battery be completely dead to the point of it wont charge anymore

eggwaffle says:

Didn’t you used to make SEO videos?

Pras GRG says:

have a shower.

Weed Sumo says:

Jayyy youre the man!

whocareforealakilla says:

Check vapor brother home unit they rock!!!

John K says:

Are you breathing in a lot of heat?

Dakin Real says:

i like this guy! he is a good reviewer and a chill stoner but damn he look dirty

Michael Badame says:

If you aren’t vaping out of a mighty or crafty, you are not experiencing quality at its finest.

King Monarch says:

If vaporizer cause that much fuck it I’m not spending 200 to 300 dollars on that shit o rather roll me up a blunt

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