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C Stilwell says:

do you know the price range on these nowadays?

Raul Gonzalez says:

If you had to pick between the volcano and the mighty, which would you choose? -Thanks

Mehmet Kuguoglu says:

Hey vape critic
I was just curious on what your thoughts are on using the crafty to vape tobacco… Besides other things I would like to use this vape to replace my tobacco use

Anxious Andrew says:

Can somebody tell me if the crafty chamber is smell proof? For example could I pack the chamber with herb and without using it just carrying it around with me could you smell the herb? Thanks

Ben Kingsley says:

Hey Vape Critic, i’m a newbie with the Crafty as my first vape. I noticed you say your sessions last 12 to 15 minutes. Are you refilling your bowl during these sessions? I feel like I can only toke off a bowl for a max of 5 minutes before needing a refill. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks – b.k.

Richard Powell says:

I have the volcano vaporizer, and I’m looking for a portable vape. Looking to upgrade from my arizer solo.

Will D says:

I’ve tried/experimented with a few different vapes over the years. Not great experiences to date; there are a lot of people who have given up on vapes due to bad early generation vapes on the lower-mid ranges.. A few years later, with mixed results from one of those wooden boxes attached to a whip that I had to modify to get erratic results that were sometimes good, I graduated recently to a couple of second generation mid-range portables that were anywhere from 0 to 2.5 bongs out a possible 5 in terms of effectiveness, with aesthetics to match. Sometimes worked, but frustrating and unpredictable, even trying different things to try to get them to work.

Finally spent the extra to see what’s up with these “higher end” current generation portable and home units, while trying the high-end for the first time, hoping for better. After years of waiting, using a Crafty for the first time…he knows his shit it’s on a different level. It gets a full 5 bongs. I notice also that he’s stayed with this company from the beginning. Crafty is simple, easy, effective. I’d say just go with something from their line, spend the extra. There might be other 3rd generation pipes that are effective, but at this point unless you have some patience and want to sample what’s out there (staying on the high end my not be essential with good mid-range vapes like the Solo, but it also might help), I’d say the easy end game is just get something from their line. Like anything, there might be some problem units that have to be sent in, but most comments reflect my own experience that it’s problem-free, easy to use, takes care of business.

Tristan Fisher says:

Great review.

Cale Hutchings says:

Watching this with my brand new crafty

Cheryl Phelan says:

I always turn to you first for a review of whatever I’m looking to purchase. I’m loving my new Storz & Bickell Plenty and now looking at the Crafty to replace my husband’s Pax2…I have a 2 & 3 as well. I’ll have to check your comparison of the Pax3 & Crafty if you have one, and the Pax2 & Crafty that I know you have. Thanks for your honest and no nonsense reviews.

james billings says:

my oven is basically black and i cant get it anywhere near the silver like yours what should i do i use iso and heat it up using cotton buds

Jerry Charm says:

When using the app to control the temp,does it stay at the chosen temp with next use or does it need to be reset before each use?

adramelk44 says:

I so should have got this over the Firefly 2. I dun goofed.

Big John says:

had this for 2 mths, sold it and bought a arizer air,never looked back!

Forechecking says:

Battery life SUCKS!!! I have to charge this thing every 5 f-in mintues. Worst decision ever!

OFFdaHeazy says:

after a few mintues into my session with the crafty, it stopped producing any vapor! help guys.. cheers in advance!

Joseph Casarez says:

use a better battery. that honestly will change everything.

Bauer Nast says:

Sick glasses lol

Makanek Malek says:

The design is: Nostromo.

Colby Narramore says:

where u get dem shades man lol

Jeannette Kleimann says:

How long does it need to cool before repacking the bowl?

ductrung3993 says:

Hi all,

Could anyone tell me how do I use the crafty with hash? Thank you.

Mikey K says:

I love the crafty so much

tia glanding says:

vape critic, what website are you recommending to buy from?

nibuoj says:

can’t decide between this or the pax. have had my eye on the pax for awhile, just going by the design of it. But would want the best quality if I’m spending this much cash

Ben says:

Yeah so mine turned on in class at the start of a test (I could hear it vibrate) and made the immediate area smell like tobacco. Funny, yes, but don’t keep this thing in your bag or it may turn on

Jakec088 says:

Deciding between the Crafty and Pax 2. I’m looking for big but non harsh pulls. Is crafty worth the price difference??

Jeannette Kleimann says:

I notice that a long draw makes the green light turn red… Does that mean it’s getting too hot & to stop drawing? I just stop when it turns red. I just want to make sure that doesn’t mean its getting too hot… Or is it the battery? It’s fully charged. Thank you for the great review by the way!

Camps Withafury says:

great review

VBA Scripts says:

battery doesnt last a crack….

great smoke love med weed in it.

gets u high as a kite bit like lsd but its so addictive. i go through 7 grams in a 4 hour sesion easily with this vape….

Bat Fink says:

Thanks man, good job, you speak really well.

John Baxter says:

Just don’t try to carry this past TSA boarding a flight. It looks like some kind of advanced hand grenade lol :).
Or could be converted to that use…

Amir Khani says:

very good review. best review out there… I just got mine. about to light up now! oh yeah!

Reggie Watts says:

Excellent eloquent intelligent review!! Thank you.

Cabrone94 says:

Your videos are amazing man thank you!

Ped Enator says:

Thank you for all of the crafty presentations that you made. Based upon them, I bought one. And I am very happy with it (with the same observations that you made about the battery).

james billings says:

i thought u fill the spacer up with bud then just tip it in like a bucket or something lol i stir my bowl after about 5 min with the orange thing at the bottom. i lost it so i use cocktail sticks now my grinder and filling chamber are all broken off and cracked and the teeth on the grinder snapped off and i smoke sometimes and i was grinding some bud and noticed a orange bit of the grinder teeth in my joint was crazy and lucky i saw it hte to think im smoking plastic from the grinder

Alex Galvan says:

So I cannot slap dabs inside of it ?

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